Chapter 209 [Part 1]

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Chapter 209: The Flora Planet That Lacks Faunas [Part 1]

Right now the Sixth B Squadron was as busy as a bee, but it was work that they were extremely excited and delighted to do.

Originally, they thought that they would’ve to build a temporary base on either one of those two stunted Rank B planets, and had even prepared themselves to be ridiculed by the B Squadrons who had found their planets ahead of them. But there was light at the end of the tunnel, and their gains were bigger than anyone could’ve expected.

This amazing finding caused Cillin’s influence within the Sixth B Squadron to swell. When Cillin was brought up during the private conversations between the squad members they were all certain that Cillin was going to take over Shawton as the commander of Sixth B Squadron once Shawton left his post. That being said Cillin was still very young, and Shawton was still at his prime. Plus, Shawton wouldn’t be leaving for the A Squadron anytime soon considering the current situation in GAL. Therefore, the topic remained a casual subject during idle conversations.

Cillin had sought out Dias once to talk about this type of rumors. No one knew what they’d talked about with each other, but neither of them acted out of the ordinary after the conversation either. Therefore, they paid no attention to it.

Once Sigma had introduced and explained the general situation inside the base to the technical teams, it left them to figure out the ropes themselves.This robot with a child’s temperament couldn’t be bothered to spend the whole day with a bunch of technicians.

Everyone had an enthusiastic discussion about the construction of the defense network, and in the end they’d came to the decision to build a three-layer defense network around the base. The first layer would be set up by the technician team, and the second layer would be completed with the combined strength of Eudy, Beaver and Cillin. The third and final layer was the existing ‘one-track minded’ defense network in the base and was subjected to no one’s manipulations. Of course, this ‘no one’ didn’t include Sigma.

Eudy and Beaver had built a database based on the data Cillin brought back from the prisons of Sector S. They reformed, upgraded, and came up with a whole new defense network to protect their new base. However, the technician team had a disagreement regarding the new defense network Eudy and Beaver had created, which was why the base had a total three defense network in the end.

Sigma didn’t mind having three layers of defense network as long as they didn’t harm the base itself. As long as that rule was obeyed, the Sixth B Squadron could do whatever they wanted to.

As of late, the Sixth B Squadron was working hard to build a rapport with the guardian beasts, Lovage. This genetically engineered creatures might look savage on the outside, but they were actually relatively mild on the inside. They only had one bottom line, and that was that the base mustn’t be harmed no matter what. These seemingly ferocious beasts were in fact zealots of the base, and they would fight to their deaths if their home was invaded by outsiders.

This was without a doubt good news to the Sixth B Squadron. At the very least, they knew that guardian beasts would never turn traitor, and in a way these single minded fellows were actually pretty cute.

Cillin had observed the Lovages for a while, and he noticed that they were showing signs of reproduction after twenty or so days. If their food supply remained steady, then it wouldn’t be long before a second group of Lovage guardian beasts was born into this world. Sigma would then inject chips into these new beasts just like it did for the first generation of Lovages so that they would protect this base together.

Sigma was very happy as of late. Unlike the time when there was only it and the Lovages, it now had a large group of companions to play with. That was why Sigma could often be seen running wildly inside the base with Snowball and the others. This poor kid had been cooped up for way too long a time!

Strangely, the gray cat had been keeping a little more quiet than usual and would often zone off to dreamland.

Today, Cillin, Eudy and Beaver were performing one final inspection on their refitted second-layer defense network.

“Let’s rest for a bit. We’re all tired after working for such a long time. The last bit of work would only take about three hours, so we should be able to catch dinner with everyone today,” Beaver wiped the sweat on his face and said.

“Alright then. I’m hungry too,” Cillin took out some food from the bag beside them and spread it around. They weren’t able to grab any dinner as of late because they were busy inspecting the defense network.

“Say Wheeze, why haven’t you played with the others recently?” Eudy looked at the gray cat and asked. He knew that Dough had been missing a lot as of late because it was busy fooling around with Sigma, Snowball and the others.

“Wheeze has been blanking out a lot lately,” Beaver echoed in agreement. This cat had been crouching by the side and watching their inspection for several days already.

“I’m contemplating, okay! Contemplating!” The gray cat was very angry. Blanking out and contemplating were two completely different concepts, and while it was true that it was blanking out most of the time, it did sink plenty of time into contemplating too.

Cillin flicked the gray cat’s ears and asked, “Alright, spill it. What were you contemplating about?”

The gray cat flicked its ears and said nothing. The trio didn’t try to urge it either. Ten minutes later, the gray cat finally could hold it no longer and spilled its thoughts, “I was contemplating if I should change my name.”

“Your name’s pretty good, isn’t it? You’re the one who came up with it,” Cillin was aware of the gray cat’s narcissism.

“But,” The gray cat raised its paw and curled the nails, “Cillin, Czedow and Sigma all started verbally with a ‘C’, so I was wondering if I should add a ‘C’ in front of my name too.”

“There’s no need,” Cillin said, “It’s not like my surname is ‘C’ to begin with.”

“Yeah!” The gray cat’s eyes suddenly lit up. It was true that Cillin’s surname didn’t start with a C. Cillin once told him that his surname was ‘Gen’, so as long his surname wasn’t ‘C’ then it wouldn’t matter.

The gray cat had a simple mind, so it quickly got over its puzzlement. It was at this moment Sigma and the gang of animals came over to invite the gray cat to a game.

Snowball was currently lying on Sigma’s back. By now Tang Qiuqiu was completely incapable of carrying Snowball like she used to because this white fatso gained weight at a tremendous rate. No one in the Sixth B Squadron would carry it either, but Sigma could without any difficulty at all. Dough was lying on top of Sigma’s head and grinning with an open mouth.

“Come on, Wheeze, come out already! Cary says he wants to challenge us to a duel!” From a distance, Snowball turned its head and said to the gray cat.

The gray cat had just sorted out its feelings and was feeling good about itself, and so it asked happily upon hearing Snowball’s words, “That boy wants to challenge us? How?”

“It’s an air duel!” Sigma interrupted. The long, wavy patterns on its face showed just how excited it was.

An air duel?

Cillin looked at them and asked, “Is he piloting a fighter?”

“Yeah, Cary said that he’ll be piloting a fighter and dueling us in the air. Oh, Udoze might join in the fight too,” Snowball pulled its ears and said smilingly.

“How are you guys going to get up there?” Beaver asked.

“I can fly myself!” The bottom of Sigma’s semicircular ‘legs’ slowly took a different form, and the robot began floating in midair. It was able to fly very nimbly despite the small space of the workshop.

“Sigma can fly, but what about the rest of you? Are you going to lie on its back like now?” Cillin asked.

“Of course not!” Snowball lifted its head and exclaimed, “We have the Lovages on our side!”

The gray cat’s eyes flashed when it heard this, and Cillin thought: This cat’s up to something again.

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