Chapter 206 [Part 1]

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Chapter 206: The Six Stars of Hunt, Lone Wolf Oskulos [Part 1]

Cillin had engraved the speaking duo’s voices deeply in his mind after he got rid of the hypnosis’ effects.

One of the two voices had hypnotised Cillin, and although he didn’t know to which faction the person who flew by belonged to, it would appear that they weren’t the person who hypnotised him. He only needed to listen to their voice to know that they hadn’t interfered with his consciousness before. This meant that it was the other person who hypnotised him.

Be it ‘Mist’ or ‘Merciless’, the fact that these people were flying here and there overtly on hoverboards in the neutral area but were noticed by no one was very scary. They were the two greatest hitmen organizations in GAL after all.

This was the military’s domain, and the satellites were all under their control. Cillin didn’t dare to ask Czedow to hack into the system because there were too many experts in this place. The consequences would be absolutely horrific if he and Czedow were caught.

After reordering his thoughts, Cillin extended his hoverboard and flew back to the base. There were certain things that he needed to tell his squad as soon as possible.

As Nata had said earlier, the latecomers would be arriving in succession as the date of the summit meeting of all leaders approached. His squad was among the first batch of follow-up troops, and the second batch was scheduled to swap shifts with them at a certain time. However, not all but only a certain number of people were sent over to the planet from each B Squadron. They would later swap shifts so that everyone had a chance to recognise the planet and familiarise themselves with its terrain.

The group Cary and Xiaoshang were in was succeeded by the Seventh B Squadron. Unlike Cillin and the A Squadrons, they had to return to the planetoid among the belt of moons. However, Czedow didn’t leave and continued to stay inside Cillin’s room. He was paying attention to a certain things without anyone noticing.

Cillin had sought out Cary and the others when they were about to leave. He told them to get some training in once they had returned to the base.

“Is there something to do, LC?” Cary looked very eager.

“You can’t go wrong being prepared,” Cillin might not have said it out directly, but this was more than enough.

“Alright, don’t worry, I’ll bring your message to the squad. We’ll even supervise the white fatso closely too!”

“Tell the others to keep their heads up.”

In reality, Cillin knew that the situation was even more complicated and severe than what Nata had told him. If it was just a conflict of resources then it was still manageable, but what if the Aurelios were involved?

Fifty years ago, one Aurelio alone had dragged multiple forces into a deadly war, and now everyone was gathered at this one place. If the resonance between Aurelios was found out, then even if a fight were not to break out at this place immediately, the war that would ensue after they left the planet would be incomparable to the war from fifty years ago.

After Cary and the others had left, Cillin couldn’t help but feel a little fidgety for some reason. He didn’t know if it was because of the voice earlier or some other reason, but he just couldn’t calm himself down. Originally, he was planning to research the parasite samples Nata had gifted him, but because he was not himself, he wasn’t in the mood the research them at all. His mind just kept wandering off into a daydream. In the end, Cillin got on a hoverboard and wandered around on his lonesome.

Inside the gathering areas determined by the military, a fully automated service points were evenly scattered in a small area. They served food, some basic necessities and even some minor entertainment. Some youngsters of different forces would be dragging their long-time friends they hadn’t met for many years for a visit, which was why every service point was very crowded.

Cillin bought an iced fruit juice instead of alcohol from a small shop that sold beverages. His mind was sluggish and fidgety already, if he were to consume alcohol then the symptoms were only going to get worse. Right now, he needed to calm down and think over certain things.

The surroundings were noisy, but there were still some empty tables around the beverage shop. They were in the open. Cillin sat down before a small two seat dining table and drank his fruit juice underneath the sunshade, observing the people coming and going around him.

Youngsters wearing different badges gathered in groups of threes and fives, shoving, chatting and laughing playfully with each other. Cillin even saw a young thirteen or fourteen years old girl with a butterfly tattooed to her arm. Unlike the ghost butterfly tattoo Ghost Butterfly Seventeen possessed, the butterfly on her arm was a swallowtail butterfly. The patterns on the swallowtail butterfly’s wings looked just like a tiger, and Cillin heard her companion calling her by the nickname ‘Tiger Swallowtail’.

She was a member under Blue Butterfly’s ‘Swallowtail Butterfly’.

When Green Swallowtail passed her fruit juice over to Tiger Swallowtail, she noticed that Cillin was looking at them. She returned a glance before withdrawing it. Later on, she left together with Tiger Swallowtail.

Cillin continued to look at his surroundings after the duo from Blue Butterfly had left.

The icy cool temperature of the fruit juice hadn’t calmed Cillin down. It wasn’t because he was irritated by the surrounding noise, but because he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to happen.

Cillin’s finger tapped unconsciously against the glass holding his fruit juice. Then, his movements came to a sudden stop. Nearly every hair on his body was screaming of danger.

Cillin saw a person. A very, very average-looking person. Neither his appearance nor attire attracted the eye, but it was this person who caused Cillin to feel as if he was surrounded by icicles. He felt as if they would plunge into him and turn him into a porcupine if he were to show even a bit of unusual movements.

It’s him. He’s the reason I’m feeling fidgety.

After the initial fear and trepidation, Cillin’s uneasiness subsided from his mind.

Step by step the man walked towards him. There was nothing special about him, and his steps weren’t wide or hurried either. Cillin couldn’t see any emotions hidden behind the man’s pupils. Although that man looked like he was wearing a slightly casual smile at first glance, a second, closer look revealed nothing at all.

Cillin knew all too clearly what such eyes represented. If he wasn’t a killer, then he was so unfeeling that he was almost completely numb to cruelty.

The rest of the people around Cillin weren’t watched by that man, so they felt nothing out of the ordinary and continued to drink their beverages or engage in conversations. They had no idea that a personified Death was walking towards them. Only those who had seen his eyes would understand just how uncharacteristic and terrifying this man was.

Right now, Cillin felt as if he was trapped inside a snowland. His entire body was chilly, and he stood there tense and unmoving, ready to make a desperate gamble for his life. Although Cillin knew very well that there was a 70% chance that this gamble would result in failure and death, he had no other choice against this person.

Cillin was even regulating his breathing carefully to ensure that he was always at his peak form, but under his gaze, Cillin knew just how wide the gap of strength was between the two of them.

Cillin had hidden many weapons inside his leaf-patterned ring such as guns and cannons, but he would be killed by this person before he could even get them out in the open. That was why Cillin had simply focused most of his attention on him and kept thinking for an escape route.

Surprisingly, that man had came to a sudden stop when he was just five meters in front of Cillin. Surprise seemed to color his eyes before he gave Cillin a smile that made him feel even colder. Thankfully though, the man withdrew his gaze and walked down a different direction.

It was a long time after that figure had vanished into the crowd that Cillin’s tense muscles finally relaxed. His back was completely covered in cold sweat. When he drank a gulp of fruit juice, chills quite literally crawled throughout his heart.

“Do you know who he is?”

The sudden voice caught Cillin by surprise before he reacted and turned around to look at the person who had spoken up from behind him. He seriously didn’t sense anyone behind him just now, but maybe it was thanks to this person that that man hadn’t tried to attack him, had he? Cillin was sure that the man was targeting him earlier. It was only later that he changed his mind.

“Hunting Blade Jiada? Were you invited to the summit meeting too?” Cillin asked.

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