Chapter 153 [Part 1]

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Chapter 153: The Triphibian Flying Car Racing Competition of Acallela [Part 1]

While Lung and Bezett were talking, the communicator in the office outside the lounge began to ring. Moreover, it sounded like it was going to get out of control.

Lung covered up his ears and rolled back and forth on his shell sofa, “It must be that Yu Linglung. I refuse to take her call even if I get beaten to death.”

“If you don’t, little princess Yu would probably come right up our doorsteps.” Bezette said with certainty.

“I don’t care, I’m not seeing her even if she comes here. Would I be suffering if she could summon one tenth of her courage to see Cillin?”

The second he recalled how Yu Linglung turned from a dangerous and highly intellectual woman to a gentle and harmless little sheep immediately when she talked about Cillin, Lung couldn’t help the goosebumps that kept falling off his skin.

Bezette sighed, “But the Andrea Family’s business would be affected like this. If that happens, who knows how long you’ll have to stay in this place.”

Lung had been forcefully dumped onto Planet Ouroke to manage the Andrea Family’s business, and the master had arranged some goals for him to achieve. If Lung did not meet the standards the master had set, he would have to stay here indefinitely.

When he heard Bezette’s words, Lung’s shameless roll of defiance on the sofa abruptly froze as he jumped onto his feet and rushed towards the office.

“You can take this opportunity to fight for the development rights of that planet between the H and the U District.” Bezette reminded him from the back.

“Of course!” only an idiot among idiots would not negotiate terms when they could.

Cillin had no idea about Linglung and Lung’s distress. After he left the Andrea Family’s building, he bought some sweets on the way back. He had promised Tang Qiuqiu after all.

Planet Ouroke was filled with money, authority and desire everywhere. High class flying cars could be seen anywhere he looked. People who dressed themselves in ways that were only neater and prettier than the others boasted their own capital* ostentiously. When he walked on the road, he noticed that the workers who were passing by him in haste were wearing expressions that were similar to a mask on their face. Their hearts were a blur. A high tempo lifestyle made the people too busy to relax as they grew more numb to the fact with each passing day. Before they knew it, they had already gotten used to putting on a disguise.

*meaning worth or value

When he returned to the Feniers Family, Castella and Kirk were staring at him with odd looks in their eyes.

“LC Cillin, you are… friendly with the young master of the Andrea Family?” Castella asked.

“Yeah, I became acquainted to him in the past. We haven’t met in several years, so we took the time to get in touch with each other today.”

Cillin did not hide this. He knew that the Feniers Family had sent someone to follow him, so they must have known what had happened on the public square. However, Cillin did not plan to explain more than this either. Cillin did not care about what Castella and Kirk thought, and Tang Qiuqiu’s current mission was more or less about to finish.

After conversing a line or two, Cillin then sought out Tang Qiuqiu and passed the colorful sweets and denture cleaner he bought on the way to her.

Cillin did not know that his status in Castella and Kirk’s heart had risen to yet another level, however. Not everyone could share such a good relationship with young master Lung, and even the discussion for collaboration this time was probably built on Cillin’s face. That was why Lung had given the quota for collaboration to the Feniers Family. It would seem that the discussion for collaboration this time would go a bit smoother.

In terms of influence in Sector H, the Feniers Family and the Binger Family combined might not necessarily match up against the Andrea Family still. This was also why Castella thought higher of Cillin.

They probably did not imagine that it was also young master Lung who had caused them the huge trouble they encountered on Zafia not long ago.

For the next two days, the collaboration discussions with the Andrea Family went rather smoothly as Castella had imagined. Both sides signed the contract, and whatever came next was under Kirk’s responsibility. Castella still needed to escort Tobo back to his home.

The gray cat was rather happy to leave this planet since it did not like it. Of course, the aquarium in Lung’s office was an exception.

They stepped onto the starship once more and left the most gorgeous planet in Sector H, heading towards Sector F.

This particular flight went very smoothly, and they did not encounter any other obstructions or troubles. When they approached Sector F, they immediately ran into the Feniers Family’s escort corvettes that were waiting for them under orders. With these escort corvettes around, Tang Qiuqiu’s mission could now be considered finished.

They did not follow Castella and his people back to the Feniers Family’s headquarters. When they were passing through the transit planet of Sector F, Cillin and Tang Qiuqiu rode the spaceplane Castella had arranged for them and landed on the transit planet.

After acquiring the two million remuneration of this mission, Tang Qiuqiu was so excited that she could not sleep properly for several days. She had been thinking on where to play next all this time.

In a restaurant on the transit planet F-C100, Tang Qiuqiu flipped through the materials in her hands repeatedly. The materials were all about the well known scenic spots of Sector F, and Tang Qiuqiu could feel her eyes spin just looking at them. If possible, she really wished that she could visit every one of them.

Unable to decide, Tang Qiuqiu pushed the materials to Cillin, “You choose, brother Cillin. I don’t know where we should go.”

Cillin took over Tang Qiuqiu’s materials and gave it a look. He paid primary attention to the distinguished planets between F-C District because one, it was closer to where they were and two, they were less involved with the Feniers Family.

“How about this one?” Cillin pointed at one of the introductions and said.

It was a relatively famous planet in F-C Sector - Acallela.

In Sector F’s Sector language, Acallela meant ‘flying car’. As its name suggested, Acallela was famous for its flying car competitions. Every year, there were many people who went to Acallela to watch its fly car competitions. There were plenty of places in Sector F that live broadcasted the contests, but if the circumstances were right, there were even more people who were willing to attend and watch the contests personally.

Unfortunately, the Acallela’s championship wasn’t due yet, so if they went now they would only be able to see the knock-out competitions. This was something that Cillin felt was unfortunate.

“That’s pretty good. But brother Cillin, what does the ‘triphibian’ of the triphibian flying car racing competition means?” Tang Qiuqiu asked curiously.

The gray cat who was busy struggling against the roasted fish on its plate had also raised its ears.

“The flying cars that can drive normally under the three conditions of water, land and air are called triphibian flying cars, and a competition where triphibian flying cars only are competing is called a triphibian flying car racing competition. The competition site ought to involve all three environmental conditions of water, land and air as well.” Cillin explained.

Triphibian flying car racing competition was a sport that was loved by many people in the galaxy, and it started many business activities; among them was car racing gambling. Back at Planet Brown Earth of Sector X, Old Devon had often gambled in car racing. Cillin had also helped him win some money through car gambling, thereby improving his life.

“It sounds very interesting. Let’s go to Acallela then!”

“Right now, the Acallela championship is far and away. If we go now, we would only be able to watch the knock-out competitions.”

“That’s fine too. I just want to see what a triphibian flying car racing competition is all about.” Tang Qiuqiu’s eyes were bright and yearning. The name ‘triphibian flying car racing competition’ alone sounded full of passion.

An exclusive race spectating tour group was also mentioned beneath the introduction of Acallela, but neither Cillin nor Tang Qiuqiu were willing to register. They preferred the freedom to act even more.

After finishing their meals, the two people and a cat roamed the transit planet at will before boarding on the passenger airplane to Acallela. The gray cat seemed to have gotten used to the pet’s cabin, and once it entered the cabin it switched into sleep mode right away.

When they exited Acallela’s port, the people’s first reaction was - there are so many cars!

There were all kinds and shapes of flying cars around, and there were even large electronic signs at the exits of the port displaying the news of the recent triphibian flying car racing competitions and replays of classic episodes. They attracted many people to stay and watch.

After they had stocked up on food and equipment, Cillin, Tang Qiuqiu and the gray cat rode on a passenger flying car and headed to a nearby city.

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