Chapter 152 [Part 1]

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Chapter 152: Three Years Time of Man and Things [Part 1]

Logically speaking, fighting or having a brawl at Eternal Square was a serious incident. Moreover, Sector H’s iconic government building - the twin towers - was not far away from Eternal Square. Wasn’t fighting in front of the government building’s doorsteps purely an act of looking down on the Sector’s political power?

Right now the time was midday, and there weren’t many people on the public square. However, there were still occasional passers-by, and they all stayed far, far away from the fight. No one was stupid enough to do something like mediate the quarrel, and even more people preferred to find a cool spot and watch the show. They believed that it would not take long before public security would arrive and arrest this people.

Unfortunately for these people, they were fated to be disappointed.

One minute passed, two minutes passed… more than five minutes had passed since then. The fight continued fiercely and in high fighting spirits no less, but not even the shadow of the security team could be seen at all. Even the so-called ‘one-track minded’ environmental robots did not react to the commotion.

In the past, anyone who acted rough or swore profanities on Eternal Square would draw the environmental robot’s violation ticket, and anyone who refused to pay would be electrocuted as punishment and forced to cough up.

But what’s with the current situation right now?

Two hundred meters away, an environmental robot gave a person who broke into a profanity just now and refused to pay a violation ticket, all the while pointing at Cillin and Lung and defending himself noisily a ruthless electric shock. The dark blue light of the electricity caused some of the bystanders watching the show to shudder involuntarily. After all, most of the people here had similar experiences, and they literally felt as if they were reliving their past, man!

Inside the security building beside the public square, a squad of soldiers watched the scene unfolding on the display.

“Captain, do we really need not to deal with that fight? Would it be a bad influence?”

“No need.” the public security captain pointed at Lung wearing a pair of beach pants and flip-flops, dragging around two pumpkin-sized boxing gloves and getting busy, saying, “This person. As long as he doesn’t bombard the coalition government’s twin towers (E\N: too soon), just let him do whatever he wants.”

“Oh~” the rest of the squad evidently understood what he meant, “The Outer Circle Plan!”

The reason the environmental robots looked like they were completely oblivious to Cillin and Lung’s brawling incident was because Lung was a member of the ‘Outer Circle Plan’.

There were several types of setup within the environmental robots program settings. On Planet Ouroke, a small number of people were considered under a different set of rules beyond the standard programming. As long as these people did not do anything that threatened the planet itself, then every other action they took could be overlooked. This was the ‘Outer Circle Plan’. Since this small number of people did not fall under Planet Ouroke’s normal jurisdiction, therefore they were called people ‘outside the plan’, so to speak. They were personages who enjoyed special privileges beyond regular jurisdiction.

Obviously, Lung Andrea was a member of the ‘Outer Circle Plan’ himself.

“After entering public security for so long, this is the first time I saw someone of the Outer Circle Plan brawling and fighting on Eternal Square. How arrogant.” a public security squad member said.

Normally, a personage of the ‘Outer Circle Plan’ wielded high status and enormous influence. Why would anyone like that come to blows with someone else in public for no particular reason? Plus, look at his attire. What self-restraint, what poise, what etiquette? They had all been goddamn tossed into the sea. Who could possibly relate such a person to a member of the ‘Outer Circle Plan’?

Meanwhile, Cillin and Lung were fighting each other enthusiastically. They looked like they want to brawl out all three years worth of brawls.

The gray cat did not pay them any intention. It jumped onto the statue and began to climb. Mm, it would sit on top of the ‘Sea God’s’ head and overlook all life in a moment!

An hour later.

On the stairs beside the public square’s fountain, Cillin and Lung sat there while holding a large cup of red wine ice cream each in their hand. The bill was footed by Cillin.

Both men’s faces were blue and black, and their hair was a total mess. Lung’s tawny-colored spectacles had long since died a horrible death and was currently lying inside the the robot cleaner’s ‘stomach’.

The pair of pumpkin-sized boxing gloves were set at a side and looking tattered. Lung’s slippers had also turned into something that looked like cotton wadding.

“You sonuvabitch… How dare you fight back!” Lung licked his ice cream very vulgarly while speaking.

“You said it yourself that you would represent Knight, Ci Jincheng, BPT, Hard, Sird, Pride, Sir Mo and everyone in Seven Lights… I pinched a count, and there were just eight representatives. So I conceded eight hits in total.”

“Fuck! You’re just as scumbaggery as ever.”

“Thank you for the praise, I feel just the same.”

Lung raised his leg and rocked the cotton wadding thing hanging off his legs and said, “This pair of slippers is my precious treasure, you know. I bought it from a babe with a super hot body. When I bought it she had even pressed a fiery red kiss on it. I went to get it back tirelessly even when Berzett tossed it into the sea. Look at what you did to it. How are you going to repay this, huh?”

Cillin gave it a moment’s thought before finishing up the remaining ice cream in his cup. Then, he tore the box that held the ice cream made of degradable fiber into a slipper-shaped thing and tossed it to Lung, “Here. There’s even the fragrance of red wine.”

Lung: “...”

Bing bang boom. Another spell of fighting noises followed.

“How are Knight and Ci Jincheng doing?” Cillin washed his face using the water from the fountain and asked.

“You have the nerve to ask that question. Knight nearly took apart the hospital back then…”

Lung slowly told Cillin what happened in the past three years.

When Cillin faked his death and left Seven Lights, Lung and Knight finished all of their credits in half a year and applied for graduation directly.

Knight was dragged back home by his father. He had joined the army and would often participate in certain missions, although Lung did not know about the details. The level of secrecy within the army was too high. However, during the last time they talked Lung learned that Knight had already risen to the rank of first lieutenant this year. He wasn’t satisfied though; Pride’s brother Ji Feihang had already risen to the rank of captain.

Rank promotions within the GAL army were not easy, and Knight had obviously paid a lot of effort to rise to become a first lieutenant so quickly. Knight’s plan was to become a ranked officer in two years, and in most people’s view this plan was extremely difficult to achieve. However, Cillin believed that with his abilities Knight could definitely achieve his expected goal.

And this was to say nothing of Ci Jincheng’s achievements. He was already a specially recruited student in the first place, and from the moment he entered Seven Lights he had already owned a research topic of his own and often ran back and forth between all sorts of research bases. In comparison, he enjoyed a larger degree of freedom since a specially recruited student like him was judged by different standards and was not limited by credits.

Although he had a deep background, Ci Jincheng had relied on his own abilities and completed several research achievements of more than seventy contribution points. One could see Ci Jincheng’s image in academic publications above seventy contribution points, and due to splendid results Ci Jincheng now held a post in GAL Research Institute under the combined recommendation of several scholars.

Exactly what Ci Jincheng was researching, Lung did not know. However, he heard that his achievement could be published in ‘Code’ if it was successfully researched. This meant that the achievement was worth at least ninety GAL contribution points. With Ci Jincheng’s current age, if he could show his face on ‘Code’ then he absolutely deserved to be called a genius among geniuses.

Seven Lights senior mentors and upper level practically treated Ci Jincheng like a treasure. If he needed anything, Ci Jincheng only needed to ask verbally before the permission was given directly by the university’s upper level. There was no need for him to go through the application process. Research funds, experiment equipment, base access. As long as Ci Jincheng asks, there shall be no obstacles.

“If the research finishes smoothly, I believe that guy can rise immediately as a one star scholar on the side of science and technology. In my impression scholars are normally small old men, but that guy is an exception.” Lung said while smiling.

A scholar was looked upon as the most excellent elites of science and academic authority. GAL Research Institute was the only body in the entire GAL that had the qualifications to confer the title of a ‘scholar’.

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