Chapter 151 [Sponsored]

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Chapter 151: Representing Everyone in Seven Lights to Beat The Shit Out of You!

Inside the manor on Planet Zafia, Kirk barely had some free time to lay down and get some shut-eye after spending much effort to wrap up the matter.

The incident this time gave Kirk a wake up call. He had underestimated a tamer’s ability all this time. It didn’t matter how much limitations were applied on a lone tamer’s abilities, because it was a fact that the Feniers Family had been forced to fight passively this time at least.

The crabs and prawns that were supposed to be served on the dining table had paralysed their defense shields for a dozen or so minutes. A dozen or so minutes was enough for a lot of things to be done, and for the defenders who were fighting against the shoals, even a second longer was pure torture, much less a dozen or so minutes.

There were also the matter of the three crabs inside Tobo’s rooms. No one knew the full extent of the damage that could’ve been caused by these three crabs. It was fortunate that the young Hunter girl had killed them all in the earliest moments.

Another thing that was fortunate was that the person the Binger Family sent over to help them was Warsaw, the ‘Mermaid Princess’. Otherwise, they might have no choice but to use WMD to conclude the battle against that number of shoals plus a dozen or so deep sea giant beasts.

No family would normally be willing to use such WMD on a planet that they had set up as a base in a major Sector. Who would want to fire cannons at their own doorsteps if not as a last resort?

Sector H was a Sector where that relied mainly on sea. It could not be measured by the standards of other Sectors. He would have to perform a full upgrade to every aspect of the defense system in Planet Zafia, and rethink their strategic deployments. While thinking, Kirk continued to relax and rest.

But just as he entered a state of restfulness, his communicator rang. It was the communicator dedicated to official businesses no less.

“What’s the matter?”

“Boss, Berzett from Andrea requests to talk with you.”

Kirk felt his heart jump. Berzett?

Kirk knew that there was no one in Planet Ouroke who did not recognise that small and seemingly unremarkable old man. He was a smiling tiger* in the Andrea Family, and god knows how many people had fallen prey to his fangs.

*a person who appears amiable on the surface but harbors ill intentions on the inside

To be honest, Kirk really did not want to get tangled up with the Andrea Family right now. The Andrea Family’s influence in Sector H was among the top three of major Sectors. They were bigger than the Feniers Family and the Binger Family who first prospered in Sector H. However, previous attempts at to collaborate with the Andrea Family had all failed, and nothing good came out of them at all.

But what was the meaning behind that old man Berzett come looking for them of his own accord now?

Anyway, Cillin had not awakened ever since he returned to the guest room and fell asleep. In his dreams, his consciousness was performing an in-depth dissection of a tamer’s control methods and spectrums while controlling the analysis of data. He was impressed by how extraordinary they were. Every change in frequency was an order, and this order needed to be received and understood by shoals, or form an inclination for the shoals to follow. These spectrums of sound frequencies transmitted information like codes, and were extremely complicated. At the very least, right now Cillin could not decode these codes with the amount of information he gathered.

He opened his eyes and stretched his body. He looked at the gray cat who was curled into a ball and sleeping soundly beside him before he turned over and got off the bed.

He was hungry. Time to hunt for some food.

After he had placated his stomach, Cillin went to Tang Qiuqiu. However, it would seem that Tang Qiuqiu wasn’t feeling any pressure at all. She continued to play her game and ignored Tobo and the others even though they tried to talk to her by their own accord. She was busy getting through a stage; where would she find the time to bother with unrelated people?

When Cillin returned to the guest room, he discovered that Castella was already waiting for him inside. The gray cat continued to sleep and ignored Castella entirely.

“What is it that needs you to set out personally?” Cillin smiled and asked.

“There’s something I need to explain to you. We are going to head to the capital of Sector H, Planet Ouroke. Kirk’s going there to negotiate a contract, and I have to go take a look as well. Once the contract has been negotiated, we will depart from Planet Ouroke and head directly to Sector F.”

“Sure, I don’t have an opinion on that. Might as well go take a look at the Capital of Sector H, Ouroke along the way.”

“That’s good. This matter is a little urgent, so we will be departing by the morrow.”

“Sure.” Cillin did not have much to pack anyway; he could leave at any time he was notified of. He had heard of Sector Ouroke’s reputation since a long time ago, but he had not gone there personally. It so happened that this was an excellent opportunity to do so. Plus, the Feniers Family would cover the cost for both food and accommodations, so why not?

After Castella left, the gray cat opened its eyes, raised its butt and stretched. It shook its fur and jumped up the table. The dried fishes Cillin just brought back was up there.

“Oh, Cillin, I just heard Kirk’s conversation over the communicator.” the gray cat said while chewing the dried fishes.

“Is there anything important?” Cillin sat on a recliner, opened his book and asked.

“It’s just collaboration. Nothing important. Although, I did pick up a new family name. This time, the partner the Feniers Family is going to discuss collaboration with is the Andrea Family. Kirk called the other guy on the communicator Berzett. Judging from his voice, he’s an old man.”

The gray cat was unperturbed when it said this, but Cillin nearly fell off the recliner. His face twitched again and again.

The Andrea Family…

Although he did not wish to meet them right now, Cillin could not leave Tang Qiuqiu behind. Plus, he had already promised to head to Ouroke with them.

Sigh. Never mind. It’s something I have to face sooner or later. Although, I may not necessarily run into them since. The Andrea Family had a lot of properties after all.

I wonder if we’d fight if we meet each other.

There was absolutely no chance it would occur to Cillin that young master Lung was already preparing his boxing gloves.

Seeing that Cillin was silent, the gray cat asked, “What are you thinking?”

Cillin smiled slightly, “I remembered a few friends.”

“Hmm? Friends? Which Hunter regiment? Are they as famous as Vanguard?” the gray cat cocked its head and asked.

It was no wonder the gray cat thought this way. After all, from the moment the gray cat had left the hunting planet T-H036 until now every friendly it had met was a Hunter. People like the Feniers Family was their bankrollers, and people like Poison Fang were all preys to be hunted. Therefore, everything that fell under the category of friends should be Hunters as well.

“No, they are not Hunters.”

“Not Hunters?!”

Cillin nodded, “Although I haven’t known them for a long time, they are very much deserving of close friendship.” while scratching the gray cat’s bottom chin, he slowly talked about the things that had happened at Seven Lights.

The next day, the group went on the starship and headed to Planet Ouroke first thing in the morning.

While looking at the data on Planet Ouroke in his hand, Cillin felt rather complicated on the inside.

The big business focused families such as Andrea, Douance, Binger, Feniers, Fei Lin and so on all had branches on this planet. There were a lot of familiar families.

However, Cillin was very different from who he was three years ago. They might not be able to recognise him even if he stood right in front of them.

There were several huge spaceports outside Planet Ouroke. All spaceships were parked inside the port, and all spaceplanes that were going into the planet were required to go through a strict inspection to prevent the carrying of infectious viruses, parasites and so on into the planet.

All spaceplanes who did not have a passport were not allowed into the planet. Big families like the Feniers Family had all applied for and prepared the relevant passports already. The people who did not have the qualifications to apply and prepare a passport could only enter by taking the public transport prepared by the officials.

The military had also set up garrison on the planet, so on the surface public security on this planet was relatively good. Of course, there were plenty of waves surging behind the scenes, and no one who could set foot on this planet was truly skilless. If honest means did not work, then it was time for the dishonest. There was no lack of bodies that were tossed into the sea to feed the fishes everyday.

After the starship was parked at the spaceport and left to the defense and management of the guards the Feniers Family had assigned there, the rest of them changed to spaceplanes and entered the planet.

The Feniers Family’s branch here had a spaceplane landing zone, and before Kirk and the others’ spaceplanes arrived the spaceplanes, airplanes and other vehicles on the field had already been cleared out for their arrival. Some of the high level managers belonging inside the Feniers Family’s tall building had already come out to welcome them, and bodyguards assuming their respective positions.

Under a grand welcome, Kirk, Castella and everyone else entered that tall building.

Just like before, Castella had ordered his men to prepare a guest room for Cillin alone. After some simple unpacking and the urgings of the gray cat, Cillin greeted Steele and left the building. He could not find Castella probably because the man was busy right now, so he had Steele to pass on the message instead.

In reality, Tang Qiuqiu really wanted to come out and have fun as well. However, she was on a mission and Tobo was informed that he was not allowed to leave the building. Therefore, she could only play games indoors. However, Cillin agreed to bring back some sweets. It was only then Tang Qiuqiu felt a little easier on the inside.

“Where do we go first?” Cillin opened the map of Planet Ouroke.

“Let’s go to Eternal Square. It’s the biggest.” the gray cat slapped at a spot on the map with its paws and said.

“Sure. Let’s go to Eternal Square first then.”

After hailing a flying car, a man and a cat entered the ultra highway and headed towards Eternal Square.

Eternal Square was the biggest public square on planet Ouroke. It was neither situated at the business-District, nor at the territory of many big business families. The building that was closest to Eternal Square was the sky scraping twin towers of Sector H’s coalition government.

If one had to choose the most eye-catching thing at Eternal Square, then it would most definitely be the statue of the sea god. Beneath the gigantic statue, everyone else looked as small as ants.

While standing on the square and looking at the big statue at the center of the square, the gray cat asked, “Why is the sea god in the shape of a human?”

“Because this statue is erected by a human. Humans have always been self-centered.” Cillin answered.

“The dolphins around him look so stupid.”

“That’s because those are statues and not living dolphins.”

“Why is he holding a fork? Is it to stab the fishes?”

“... That’s called a trident.”

“Let’s go to the statue. I want to climb on top of the sea god’s head!”


Cillin had been feeling a line of sight trained on his body for a while now. He turned around and looked.

There was a person sitting beneath the statue.

Singlet, beach pants, flip-flops, a pair of tawny colored spectacles that covered nearly half his face and a pair of boxing gloves the size of pumpkins on each hand… These gloves are actually for king-kongs, right?

The big boxing gloves on each hand banged loudly against one another.

Lung watched the person walking closer and closer towards him through his tawny colored spectacles. He wasn’t sure earlier, but when Cillin turned around to look, Lung immediately knew that it was that death faking bastard!

Cillin was a little surprised. He didn’t think that he would meet Lung here. Previously, he thought that he would encounter Lung at the business district even if they did run into each other.

“Cillin?” Lung uttered. Although it was voiced as a question, there was certainty in his tone.

Cillin did not deny it. He knew that Lung had already recognised him. He smiled and nodded, “Long time no see.”

Lung stood up and twisted his neck. Then, without wasting anymore words, he jumped and kicked towards Cillin, as his cracking knuckles beat towards him as well.

“Cillin, your daddy represents Knight, Ci Jincheng, BPT, Hard, Sird, Pride, Sir Mo, and everyone in Seven Lights to beat the shit out of you!”

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