Chapter 96: Destruction?

Volume 2

96 Destruction?

I smiled nonchalantly. “After all that discussion, we ended up in a stalemate? Nobody knows where the Western District is, and for all of you, protecting Si Luo is the main goal. I’m not involved in Si Luo’s matters and I’m not interested in protecting him either, I just want to save my friends and destroy this experiment of yours!”

I pointed at You Ji, and at the shadow which appeared behind her.

Ta Lai spoke up, “My goal is simple, Rong Jin, I want to stop Du Yue’s experiment. There has to be a base for this experiment of hers, so why not tell me where her base is?”

Rong Jin’s shadow quivered. “Kekeke, finally being forthright about your goal? What a pity, one of the larger bases used for Du Yue’s experiment was within the Western District’s Academy building. Now that the Western District’s gone, what are you going to do?”

I stared at You Ji in outrage!

You Ji met my eyes with a frosty gaze, and from that look, I was almost certain that she had always been in cahoots with Du Yue, exploiting those in the Western District and using their lives for this experiment! That man who fell from the roof of the Academy could just be another failed experimental subject!

How many more have been harmed that I know nothing of...

I looked at You Ji with gritted teeth. “Why must you do this? You can bear to kill so many innocent Western District residents?”

You Ji’s face looked like that of a crazed savage. “Just like you, I too have people I care about. I can do anything for him, even if it means taking others’ lives!”

Jiao S suddenly said, “All of you have gone mad. For your individual goals, you are willing to help such a witch in her experiment. Du Yue’s ultimate aim is to kill soul splitters, but in her quest to do so, how many innocent residents will she kill? Rong Jin, even if you say you are doing it for Si Luo, I’m sure Si Luo would rather die than see you indirectly cause the death of so many people!”

Rong Jin produced a creepy laughter, but before he could speak, Gaoqin Jiuye said coldly, “Jiao S, you think you know Si Luo very well?”

Jiao S gave a chilly smile. “Would I not know what kind of person you are, Gaoqin Jiuye? You don’t care about anything, much less the residents here. You don’t care even if the Split Zone gets destroyed. But I’m different from you, I have other friends, and an entire district of residents who need my protection! You think you’re keeping Si Luo from harm, but do you know what Si Luo wants the most? He wants the Split Zone to be peaceful!”

With a crazed, bloodthirsty gaze, Gaoqin Jiuye asked, “What do all of you know about peace in the Split Zone? There will never be peace here!”

He pointed at all of us.

My heart hurt a little when I looked at his cold-blooded and ruthless gaze.

As I stole a glance at Jiao S, I sensed sorrow and helplessness.

Jiao S, you must be in quite a dilemma...

I know that feeling, I understand it. You want to save Si Luo, but there are other things you have to consider, and you also have a kind heart.

Although I have never seen Si Luo, from all the effort he has put in to protect the Southern District’s residents, I truly believe that he will stand on your side.

Do not be afraid, Jiao S, and do not lose your way. Gaoqin Jiuye is wrong!

Jiao S felt my gaze on her, and she looked at me with tired eyes.

I smiled at her, before turning to look at Gaoqin Jiuye.

It is not my wish to go against you, but if Jiao S can make such a sacrifice, how can I be selfish and only think about my own feelings? There are still many awaiting my rescue!

I then laughed wickedly. “Gaoqin Jiuye, no need to put yourself on a pedestal. The fact that Si Luo is in such a dangerous situation right now is proof that you’re not able to protect him!”

There seemed to be a fleeting pain that passed through Gaoqin Jiuye’s eyes as I articulated every word.

Are you in pain? You deserve it. How could you be so cold-blooded and ruthless when you look exactly like him?

Rong Jin laughed. “Seems like nobody understands us, Gaoqin Jiuye. Although I hate you, let’s make today an exception. How about we work together to snatch that stone statue, and we’ll definitely find some clues behind the disappearance of the Western District. I’m sure you know that I, Rong Jin, won’t do anything I’m uncertain of, but I am confident that through Du Yue, we can find a way to save Si Luo!”

Gaoqin Jiuye looked downcast, and his icy gaze swept past all of us.

With an elegant smile, Ta Lai moved the ring on his finger, saying, “Gaoqin Jiuye, are you sure you want to be taken advantage of by Du Yue in her scheme again? I thought you learnt your lesson. I’m pretty sure you know this - that no one knows Du Yue as well as I do. She will not be able to save Si Luo.”

The words ‘Du Yue’ seemed like poison to Gaoqin Jiuye, and he looked like he was in agony every time these words were mentioned.

In the end, Gaoqin Jiuye compromised. “Rong Jin, I’m not interested in your experiment, but I’ll help you take the stone statue back today. However, I want you to go back with me and see Si Luo, this is his request. I’m not going to participate in your affairs.”

Rong Jin unexpectedly agreed. “Fine, you help me take the stone statue, I’ll go with you to see Si Luo. You know what to do next right, You Ji?”

You Ji gave a ravishing smile. “Of course, go with him. I’ll bring this stone statue back to Du Yue, don’t worry about it.”

I instantly snapped alert. Looks like Rong Jin is a stubborn old fool who is not letting go of that statue. Our negotiation was useless.

That annoying shadow, siding so quickly with Gaoqin Jiuye after seeing Jiao S arrive and the increase in our firepower!

I am all up for a fight. We definitely have more firepower on our side, and Jiao S even brought the bamboo hat trio. I am not scared!

In his bright yellow sneakers, Gaoqin Jiuye walked over to be beside the shadow and You Ji.

Two persons and a ghostly shadow were standing directly opposite the row of us.

With a wave of her hand, Jiao S’s bamboo hat trio moved to be in front of us.

Jiao S pulled me with her as we retreated backwards.

As for Jie Pa, he cleverly moved right to the back. He is not a coward, but his current condition is peculiar. If we were to fight, he had to be at the back, or we might have to expand more energy to protect him.

Nie Zun and I looked at each other, and I felt at ease right away as I looked at those starry eyes. He nodded at me and retreated to be beside Jie Pa. He wanted to keep Jie Pa safe.

A team battle formation was more or less formed. The bamboo hat trio in white were right in front, Jiao S, Ta Lai and I were in the middle, and Nie Zun and Jie Pa were at the back.

Rong Jin’s shrill and evil laughter rang out from opposite us, “Seems like we are a little weaker here ahahahahahahaha!”

Gaoqin Jiuye gave an unfriendly smile. “Not necessarily. Have you forgotten the last time we worked together? Do you think that a team made up of the Southern District’s Soul Snatcher and Persuader, Gaoqin Jiuye, would be beaten?”

Bloody hell, how preposterous!

Gaoqin Jiuye was practically begging to be thrashed with that face, and I suddenly really wanted to beat him up, pin him down, and ask him, just who are you?!

Jiao S looked like she could no longer stand to look at Gaoqin Jiuye’s ridiculous face, and her black hair started to fly up!


Strong winds started to rage all around us, almost as if a tornado was approaching!

My red hair was flying in the wind, and my eyes were painfully whipped by the strong winds. The wind was so strong that it was louder than all other surrounding sounds!

Rong Jin’s ghostly voice floated past amidst the powerful winds, “On such a dark night, you won’t win no matter what you do! Kakakakaka!”

Countless shadows shaped like humans came out of the ground right after that weird and creepy laughter ended.

These shadows moved like zombies, standing up awkwardly after lifting themselves off the flat ground with their black hands!

“Feng, Huo, Lei!” Jiao S shouted. The bamboo hat trio were originally as still as corpses, but they suddenly leapt into the air like quick hares!

Fire, the sound of thunder and gusts of wind surrounded them as they moved!

I was stunned at these natural phenomena that appeared, as I have not seen these in these in the Split Zone for a long time!

Ta Lai had also leapt into the air to be behind the bamboo hat trio, and smiled as he moved the jade stone ring on his finger!

There were more shadows coming out from the ground in front of us, and they were all coming toward us with their jet black, outstretched hands!

Without hesitation, I drew 10 arrows, activated my MF and let them fly!

Those arrows flew through the air like comets, and 10 of the shadows were shot!


As if loaded with electricity, the arrows burst into flames while still embedded in the shadows!

I smiled mischievously. This was a new attack of mine, where I coated the tails of the arrows with a flammable substance. Combined with the sparks caused by fusing my MF into the arrow, this fire cannot be extinguished easily!

Crackle! Sizzle!

Those 10 shadows were twisting and struggling, and it was a horrifying sight as the fire was blazing around their bodies!

However, the 10 arrows did not have much of an effect. Many more shadows continued to come out of the ground!

The wind roared around us. Jiao S looked enraged, and at the same time, Gaoqin Jiuye, who was opposite us, started to manipulate the air currents around him, ready to go against Jiao S!

As if to announce the start of the battle, the bamboo hat trio produced fire and thunder!

Just as I was about to brace myself for a big fight, the ground below started buzzing and quaking!

A blinding ray of light then came out from Old Man Fan’s statue, shooting up into the night sky!


All of us looked overwhelmed by the massive tremor, as it was obviously not the work of any of us. There was an impending sense of doom!

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