Chapter 92: Going into Battle!

Volume 2

92 Going into Battle!

Rong Jin’s ghostly voice rang out in the empty Western District, “I guess a fight is inevitable. I really don’t want to fight you Ta Lai, but since you are not willing to tell the truth, this is the only path we can take.”

I lifted Piercer and scorned, “Why do you need so many excuses to start a fight? Since you’ve travelled so far to reach my Western District to act like a barbarian, you should be prepared for a fight. Don’t regret!”

I did not want to remain passive anymore. Without further hesitation, I swung Piercer towards the three wolves in front of You Ji.


The violet blade whistled as I sent it out. It no longer looked stark and crude, it now looked bedazzling!

The shadow on the ground suddenly started to extend towards us, there was even a shrill laughter accompanying it!

Both Nie Zun and I moved back, away from the shadow, and Ta Lai lightly tapped his feet on the ground, before nimbly leaping into the air with that slender pair of legs!

After Nie Zun and I backed away, the three wolves had already dodged the violet blade and were charging towards us with a thunderous roar!

I smirked and flicked my left wrist!

The violet blade, now behind those wolves, turned back to attack them!


Blood sprayed everywhere!

Like a spinning razor, the violet ray slashed into the backs of the three wolves, tearing their flesh apart. The wolves were slashed into halves and their bodies dropped to the ground.

However, just as the wolves’ bodies touched the ground, two shafts of green light raced towards Nie Zun and I!

Swish swish!

You Ji, who was hiding behind the wolves all this while, whipped her head fiercely, and her green hair started to twist into two sections, resembling drills, coming straight for Nie Zun and I at lightning speed!

I swung Piercer, and caught one of the sections!

I pulled hard with my left wrist, but I could not yank that hair!

You Ji’s gaze was icy. Gritting her teeth, she tilted her head, and tendrils started growing rapidly from that section I just caught. The tendrils extended along Piercer and were coming toward my arm!

The other section of hair was still racing towards Nie Zun!

Concerned, I subconsciously looked at Nie Zun, only to see Nie Zun calm and composed as usual. When the section of hair was about to touch his face, a spark lit up in his eyes!


As if it was electrocuted, that vine of twisted hair was reflected and thrown backwards right before Nie Zun’s eyes!

You Ji widened her eyes in shock, and I am not about to give her an opportunity to retreat. Piercer was now entangled in her green hair, and after the tendrils extended all the way to my arms, I concentrated a large amount of MF into my left arm. As I pulled my arm back, You Ji was also violently yanked by her hair towards us!

There was a sudden burning sensation on my left arm which was still tangled with You Ji’s green hair. Gritting my teeth, I pulled out an arrow from behind with my right arm. Without a bow, I used my MF to send the arrow in the direction of You Ji’s head!

You Ji could not dodge the arrow in time as I held on to her hair, and the arrow lodged itself into her skull!

You Ji’s skull cracked as the arrow found its target, and her head was thrown back by its force!

My left arm suddenly felt like it was being stung by many tiny needles, and as I loosened my grip on her hair, her serpentine tail grew to several times its original size. Like a gigantic python, her body was lifted up by her huge tail!

The arrow was still stuck in her skull, and she retracted her hair in that moment when I slackened my grip.

I shook my arm in an attempt to get rid of the numbing pain and retreated backwards!

Nie Zun, who was originally beside me, turned around to face the back.

An massive shadow was spreading on the ground behind me as I turned around to look, and it was coming out of the ground, extending into the air, like a two-dimensional picture transforming into a three-dimensional object!

The shadow looked like a colossal demon and two demonic claws were coming right at us!

Although I was rather alarmed, I chose to trust Nie Zun, and quickly turned back to focus on the fight with You Ji and her enormous tail!

I was about to leap into the air as You Ji’s serpentine tail whipped towards me, but the sky grew dark in an instant!

I was a little stunned. Was it dark already? But there should still be about an hour or so before night!

After a moment, I realised what was happening. Because right now, I could not see anything at all!

It was Ta Lai!

Ta Lai made use of the opening during the fight to create this enclosed space where he can control the four senses!

This means that right now, we are all trapped in his space!

What the hell, Ta Lai, why did you trap both me and Nie Zun here too!

It was pitch-black and I could not even see my fingers in front of me. As I started to focus on using my MF and to recall how it felt to fight within such a space, a massive object smashed onto the top of my head!

That was probably You Ji’s gigantic tail, a lucky strike that it hit me in this chaos and darkness!

It felt like there was a 1000-pound cauldron on my head, and that gigantic tail had pummeled me to the ground!

My head felt dizzy after being smashed into the ground, but I tried to focus my MF on both my hands to push away that huge tail holding me down.

I quickly rolled towards the side to get away from that object which smashed onto me, and felt a little faint.

I ended up lying face up on the floor after rolling some distance away.

“Hey, what are you trying to pull, Ta Lai!” I shouted upwards.

Only my voice rang out in the darkness, there were no other sounds.

I immediately opened my eyes. It was totally dark and there was zero visibility. I started to be more alert.

Out of nowhere, I heard a crackling sound!

This sounded so familiar!

I tried hard to remember.

It’s the sound of air vortexes!

Jiao S is here?? Or… is it Gaoqin Jiuye?

Crackle crackle crackle crackle!

There was more crackling, and I could feel the tremors in the surrounding air!

“All five senses don’t seem to work here in this space, heh heh, a technique of space distortion? But I’ve just messed up the air currents in this space, so you probably won’t be able to attack me right?!” You Ji’s voice rang out of nowhere from the darkness.

So she was the one behind these vortexes?! Right, her skill is duplication! But can she do it without any limitations? I am sure she cannot, there had to be some weakness!

“Hahahahaha, Ta Lai, space distortion. Do you think that someone like me who’s used to living in the shadows will be scared of this?”

Rong Jin’s ghostly voice rang out in the darkness.

The ghostly voice said, “Kids, come out and play with them!”

I stood up instantly, gripping Piercer tightly in my left hand, I focused my MF onto my skin to sense the surrounding changes!

I concentrated on avoiding any incoming attacks but those air vortexes made it more chaotic, affecting my sense of touch. Before I could dodge, my right shoulder seemed to have been slashed by an animal’s sharp claw!

I pivoted to avoid it, swinging my left hand at the same time!

A violet light appeared!


Something in front of me seems to have been cut!

My right shoulder was in pain, but there was no time to be concerned about that now as there were two sharp claws digging into my back!

In the dark, I sprang forward before turning around and cracking the whip in my left hand!



It sounded like I hit a beastly animal as a monstrous roar sounded!

There was a feeling of impending crisis all around me!

I tried to react quickly, and heard Nie Zun’s voice at the same time!

“Ta Lai, too many animals are in this space, the enclosed space will only aid them in attacking us!”

I heard Ta Lai’s composed voice from above. “Understood.”

In an instant, just as I was about to focus my MF for battle, our surroundings lit up again!

I was left slightly dazed as we were abruptly thrown back into normality from that confounding space.

Surrounding us were 20 ferocious beasts which kind of looked like wolves and tigers. They were staring at us and baring their teeth!

Rong Jin’s shadow was nearby, and it seemed to have been seized by two giant marionettes from behind in an unsuccessful attempt to escape back to the ground. The marionettes looked like they were clutching a piece of dark cloth, and held on tightly to both arms of that colossal shadow.

“Kill them!” Rong Jin’s shrill voice rang out from the shadow, and the 20 beasts originally surrounding us promptly charged towards the two giants beside the shadow.

I was rather startled when these 20 monsters passed by me so closely!

At this point, the enemy seemed to have collected themselves, and You Ji’s gigantic tail came straight for me at the same moment when the beasts went towards the shadow!

In her desire to kill me, You Ji is truly not letting any opportunity slip away!

I was infuriated. I put my MF into my left wrist, and lifted Piercer up high!

I brought it down with great force!


Piercer produced a bright strip of violet light, crashing into the gigantic tail opposite!

A shadow then appeared above me!

It was Nie Zun!

I looked up swiftly, and saw red fog surging in his eyes!

As his eyes surged with the fog, streaks of blood red rays shot out from his eyes. They looked like blood red lasers as he leapt up and chased those beasts!


The violet strip of light crashed into You Ji’s gigantic python’s tail.



As You Ji cried out, the violet strip of light scattered into many tiny violet blades, stabbing her in the tail!

She retreated hastily as she screamed!

Many tiny violet blades were already wedged into her tail!

She howled unbearably as red and green blood mixed with the tiny blades!

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