Chapter 318: Bian Ying’s Choice

Volume 5

318 Bian Ying’s Choice

Getting distracted in a fight would really spell defeat.

The light from Scorpion Ray congregated on Du Yue’s body.

Most of the light had hit her since she was slow in avoiding the attack, due to being distracted.

Though the attack was powerful, I knew it could only stop Du Yue temporarily. With her abilities, that attack wouldn’t cause any permanent damage. I had to attack again.

However, I couldn’t feel any MF in me at all, and I didn’t like that I was forcing the power out of that skull ring.

“I haven’t seen you for a while and you’ve become this powerful?” Bian Ying smiled sweetly at me like a peach blossom in bloom. She was still pale and thin, but she looked much more energetic.

I returned a slight smile. “You look much better now. I don’t think the two of them have to fight anymore. They look like they’ve been living better lives without you around.” I took a meaningful glance at Cang Ming and Ta Lai as I spoke. Both of them looked grim.

Bian Ying knew I was joking as she answered, “I think so too.”

Du Yue seemed to get angrier after hearing our light-hearted banter. Meanwhile, the fight between Feng Zhu and Si Luo was getting more and more intense. It was a showdown between Feng Zhu’s twelve fiery prayer beads and Si Luo’s snow burial formation.

As for Li Qing, she looked like she was contemplating an attack on her outnumbered opponent.

Though Ta Lai paused after seeing Bian Ying, he eventually chose to continue assisting Feng Zhu. He mumbled a string of unintelligible words before a dark black canvas covered the sky above us.

Cang Ming kept his broken sword of light and stretched his back. “Do you think that space that makes people lose four of their senses can actually be expanded to cover the entire space above the central plaza? Don’t overestimate it. Also, this current space is another layer of illusion created by that illusionist. Your trick wouldn’t work if someone is ahead of you.”

Ta Lai looked visibly glum as he realized he wasn’t able to create a pitch-black canvas since this space was under Guan Nie’s control. He then stopped using that technique.

Bian Ying looked towards Ta Lai with a grim expression while Cang Ming made his way straight to Bian Ying. When he reached her, he grabbed her chin and kissed her with his blood-red lips.

I could tell he was kissing her really hard since I could actually see the veins popping on his neck from where I was.

The petite Bian Ying seemed to be rendered motionless by Cang Ming’s huge frame as he smashed his lips into hers.

There was pain in Ta Lai’s eyes.

Feng Zhu was caught up in Si Luo’s snow burial formation and there was a chance that Li Qing and Li Wen might interfere in the fight. If Ta Lai moved away from Feng Zhu, the probability of Feng Zhu losing would increase exponentially.

Ta Lai pursed his lips and decided to stay put.

I heaved an inward sigh as I thought about how different Ta Lai and Cang Ming were. Although Cang Ming looked much more devious compared to Ta Lai, who seemed to be filled with a sense of justice, Cang Ming was someone who would put Bian Ying as the first priority wherever he was all the time, even when he was evil and cruel to all others.

Ta Lai wasn’t able to do something like that.

Cang Ming only let Bian Ying go when it looked like she was out of breath from his kiss. She even seemed a little unsteady on her feet when he let go of her shoulder. Bian Ying seemed to have turned paler after that long kiss.

Cang Ming did not have that arrogant, audacious look about him when his eyes were on the woman he loved. His eyes shone brightly with emotion as he said, “Didn’t you ask me when I could let you go? You can go now.”

Bian Ying looked at Cang Ming in disbelief.

My brows furrowed as well.

Cang Ming kept his eyes on Bian Ying, taking in her features and expressions, as if he was afraid that he would no longer be able to do so in the future. “I gave everything up for you. I didn’t care what others said. I didn’t care if they called me a devil, as long as I could have you by my side. I established a split symbol contract but I don’t use it, and it doesn’t matter as long as you were here. But even so, you haven’t been happy at all. You’ve been upset from day one. If it’s really so upsetting, then I’m letting you go.”

Bian Ying’s eyes filled with tears.

Cang Ming laughed. “What are you crying for? No one else would make you cry but me. I won’t bother you in future, and you won’t have to see this annoying face of mine either. Follow your heart to wherever and whoever you want to go to.

“I know you stayed for me, in order to reduce that demonic bloodlust in me. But there’s no need for that from now onwards. Just live the life you want to have. I won’t be further than five hundred meters away from you and I won’t let your life force diminish, but I won’t let you see me again.”

He then threw his broken sword of light into the air vortex beside Bian Ying. The blade disappeared into the wind and snow.

In his blood-red robe, Cang Ming made his way towards Bian Ying slowly.

He didn’t take a second look at Bian Ying. He simply continued on his path as he passed beside her.

Bian Ying’s frail figure seemed to shiver as he passed. I opened my mouth, but I didn’t say a thing.

I felt my heart sink just as Cang Ming was about to pass by her, but Bian Ying called out. “Wait.”

Cang Ming stopped in his tracks.

Tears were already streaming down Bian Ying’s face.

Bian Ying then turned around suddenly, lunging herself towards Cang Ming’s wide back to take him in a tight embrace. Cang Ming swayed slightly with the force.

She leaned her face into Cang Ming’s back as she said, “Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me.”

Cang Ming slowly shut his eyes.

This was the first time I saw such deep sorrow on Cang Ming’s face. It tugged on my heartstrings.

Bian Ying said in a clear voice. “I can’t live without you. I thought I loved him, that I’d love him forever. It was shameful and unfaithful of me to betray him like that. I deserve all this pain. I don’t even have a right to say I love you when I don’t have a complete personality, and I can’t be totally sure that every part of me loves you since I’m not even complete myself. But I know that the part of me standing right here in front of you cannot do without you. I’d rather look sad all day than not have you around.”

At this point, Bian Ying was already bawling. “Most of the time, I’m upset at myself for falling in love with you. I shouldn’t have done that, but why did I just have to? I finally understand that there isn’t any reason needed to love anyone, even if it was just for the company. I’d still love you. I’ve been too lonely, and I’m nothing without a complete personality. Except for you, there’s no one else in this world who can keep me company. I’m willing to accept your dominion over me, because I know that you won’t leave me no matter what.

“I also know that you came all the way here in order to find a method to save me because I fell unconscious after getting hurt.”

Cang Ming began choking on his words as well. “Aren’t you awake now? Li Shen might be right. You would still be able to live well without me. I’ve been too authoritarian all this while by forcefully keeping you by my side. Now that you can protect yourself, I have no right to–”

“No.” Bian Ying shook her head profusely as she leaned against Cang Ming’s back. “You have a right to. I came here to look for you. I’m here to tell you that I can’t live without you. Let’s go back, back to the Gate of Ghost or wherever it might be, even if it’s the crack in space. We’ll have just each other like in the past. You alone would be enough, just keep me company like that.”

Cang Ming’s eyes were wild with emotion when he turned back to grab Bian Ying’s shoulders. “For real?”

Crying, Bian Ying said, “Yes, all I want is to be with you. I thought I stayed by your side because I wanted to stay alive, but I realized that it didn’t actually matter whether I lived or died. I’d rather die than leave you.”

Their conversation was filled with passion, and though the rest might not think it was anything out of the ordinary, I was still greatly affected by it.

It seemed to have made me understand something. Why did I love Nie Zun?

Somebody once asked me why I loved Nie Zun, and I guess I’ve found the answer on Bian Ying today.

There was anguish in Ta Lai’s dimly-lit expression. He slowly removed the jade stone ring on his right hand as he looked at Bian Ying’s figure.

Du Yue called out at Ta Lai as she saw his movements. “No, you can’t do that. You can’t return that thing to her.”

Du Yue stumbled over in an attempt to stop Ta Lai, but she had not completely healed from the wounds inflicted by my previous attack, and she wasn’t quick enough.

Ta Lai had already removed that jade stone ring at this point.

Piercer then said, “What’s the point of this pretense? Are you guys trying to put on a show for me? Aren’t all of you just trying to keep her alive? All that bawling and talking about sacrificing yourself… If I’m still unwilling to return that broken personality to her, wouldn’t living weapons gain a reputation as cold-blooded weapons now?”

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