Chapter 315: Du Yue’s Left Arm

Volume 5

315 Du Yue’s Left Arm

Two rays of light shot out from Scorpion Ray and pierced through Du Yue’s torso.

Du Yue spat out a mouthful of blood.

Stunned at my power, I stood stock-still in disbelief. “Can you feel it now? I’m the only one who can help you.” She blew into my ear as she spoke.

The entire central plaza was plunged into silence. Feng Zhu and Li Qing turned to look at me. Du Yue was gasping for air while Li Wen simply stood beside her, expression turning darker by the second.

Nie Zun then appeared in front of me, standing in a position that looked like he was shielding me.

“It’s a miracle. She can forget about leaving the Gate of Heaven today.” Feng Zhu’s kasaya flapped in the wind as he spoke.

“Don’t get distracted by others you old thing. I’m the opponent here!” Li Qing shouted as she rushed at Feng Zhu with halberd in hand.

Feng Zhu stood steady as flames rose around him. Looks like he uses the natural elements as well.

“Li Shen, you’re really a pain in the neck wherever you go. Look, everyone’s attention has been drawn to you now,” Li Wen said as she looked at me, unsmiling.

I had a feeling that Li Wen’s renewed hatred for me was triggered by how Li Qing chose to make the first move in order to protect me.

“Instead of talking so much, how about you come right at me with that blade? I wouldn’t die in this godforsaken Split Zone, but that would probably hurt quite a bit,” I said as I pointed to where my heart was.

Li Wen spoke coldly, “Do you think I wouldn’t dare do it?”

“Li Wen!” Li Qing called out to stop Li Wen. Li Wen’s eyes darkened, but she walked towards where Li Qing was with capitulation.

“We’ll just have to settle our grudge on another day, Li Shen.” This was the last thing she said to me.

Du Yue’s wound, which was caused by me, was not healing. It was bleeding continuously as she held onto her abdomen.

Feng Zhu, who was surrounded with flames, was no longer passive. He was holding a staff which seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. It looked like a fireplace poker.

Sparks flew as the poker struck against Li Qing’s halberd.

My attack on Du Yue seemed to have intensified the fight, escalating Li Qing and Feng Zhu’s stand-off in what felt like the quickest way possible. Li Wen had also moved over to Li Qing’s side to help her fend off Feng Zhu’s attacks.

As I watched them fight, I realized that Li Wen had no need to be jealous of me. She and Li Qing worked superbly well in a fight together, and they seemed capable of defeating anyone. I knew there would be no one else who could replace Li Wen.

All I saw were flashes of their silvery-white armor and pale yellow dress as the halberd and rapiers went flying. Their attacks actually forced Feng Zhu to retreat a couple of steps.

“I guess I have no choice but to fight you guys for real.” Though Du Yue was still gasping for air, there was no fear in her eyes. Something grew out from where her missing arm should have been.

“I told you so. She didn’t lose any arm in that crack in space. She merely hid it.” Piercer turned back into human form in her purple dress while I wasn’t attacking. She stationed herself beside me in order to shield me from any attacks.

Piercer said while pointing at Du Yue, “You have to be careful. If she has hidden that arm for so long, this means that no one else knows about the abilities on that arm.”

I nodded as I stared at the individual opposite me. I was curious about what exactly happened. Why did this missing arm suddenly appear all of a sudden?

My curiosity was satisfied just a moment later.

Since there wasn’t any fabric over it, everyone could see that Du Yue’s new arm looked just like a normal human arm.

A sudden thought flashed through my mind. What if this ability could be used in the real world? Wouldn’t that make someone extremely powerful?

Du Yue looked much sturdier with the addition of an arm.

“So you’ve been lying to me all this while.”

Gaoqin Jiuye spoke from somewhere behind Du Yue. Both Du Yue and I were a little surprised to hear him.

When did he return? And he actually saw whatever Du Yue has done?

The situation was chaotic, but all the key players were present.

What surprised me more was the fact that Guan Nie was behind Gaoqin Jiuye. Guan Nie did not have that smirk on his face like the first time I saw him, and he was following very closely behind Gaoqin Jiuye.

“Looks like you’ve convinced him.” Jiao S was referring to Guan Nie as she spoke.

“Boss, I’ve taken care of you for quite a long time now. I’m requesting to be released since I might just continue being with him from now onwards,” Guan Nie said as he blinked at Jiao S.

If it was another male who said it, my mind would’ve gone elsewhere.

But Guan Nie said it so naturally, and I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility that something had definitely happened in the period of time they were gone. It was possible that they had a huge fight. But whatever it was, they were both on the same side now. I could tell from their body language and how they moved; they had that same telepathy that Li Qing and Li Wen exuded.

Such telepathy could only be achieved when both of them had attained an understanding of each other.

“You can’t say that I’ve lied when you’ve never asked me about my arm. You’ve just been wallowing in your guilt over this and I’ve never told you that I’ve actually lost an arm. Since you didn’t ask, I didn’t tell either. How can you accuse me of lying?” Du Yue looked like she was already used to having two arms as she turned to face Gaoqin Jiuye. She did not look like someone who had recently got an arm after a long time of not having one.

Du Yue looked even taller and stronger with it, emanating the aura of a powerful queen.

Sadly, she was nothing but an emotionless, inhumane and bloodthirsty monster to me.

“It’s really not good, using his guilt against him like this.” Si Luo commented from a distance away.

Du Yue shot him a cold look. “Traitors have no right to comment on others. Try saving her today, if you can. If not, there’s not much use in talking either.”

I smirked. “I don’t need anyone to save me, and I don’t need you to worry about me. You should be worrying about yourself. Don’t think that you can change my mind about killing you after you have a new arm, Du Yue. I’m repaying your debts to You Ji, that little boy, as well as to Song Lu and Yu Liang today!”

As I saw Gaoqin Jiuye’s pained expression when he looked at how Du Yue used her new arm, my heart felt as if it was being stabbed with a knife.

I will never forgive Du Yue.

“You’re really too audacious.”

This angered Du Yue. Ten wolves descended from the heavens as she motioned with both her hands.

These wolves looked like what we’d see in the real world, except for those fiery eyes. I knew that they were being controlled by Du Yue, and there was no way to communicate with them like this.

The wolves charged at us upon hitting the ground.

Si Luo stopped Jiao S from interfering just when she was about to attack. “I’ve had enough of watching this never-ending fight.” White fog surged in Si Luo’s silvery eyes right after he spoke.

He seemed to be able to control all the air around us.

I couldn’t help but marvel at his ability to do so. This wasn’t because he was better at manipulating air currents than anybody else; it was simply because his MF was so great that he could manipulate them as if it was child’s play.

The air around us seemed to converge into Si Luo’s eyes.

Feng Zhu stopped producing fire temporarily, tamping it down to a tiny flame. He glared at Si Luo. “Does this mean you’re really going to cut all ties with me and betray me?”

Si Luo’s eyes glinted and a hint of a smile appeared on his lips.

“I’ve said that this isn’t betrayal, since no one has promised the other anything. From today onwards, my priority is to protect her so that she can safely leave the Split Zone. If anyone stands in my way, we’ll end up being opponents.”

He took a meaningful look at Gaoqin Jiuye as he said this, but Gaoqin Jiuye’s expressionless face made it look as if he did not hear anything at all.

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