Chapter 310: Don’t Say You Love Me

Volume 5

310 Don’t Say You Love Me

It was obvious that no one else could see her.

Du Yue was standing behind Feng Zhu, but her eyes were glued to that black dome. She looked around with unfocused eyes sometimes, probably because she was worried about both Ta Lai and the fight between Gaoqin Jiuye and Guan Nie.

Guan Nie and Gaoqin Jiuye were nowhere to be seen, and the black dome was totally opaque.

“Don’t interfere.” Feng Zhu instructed Du Yue.

“I’ll go help Ta Lai then,” Du Yue said.

Feng Zhu glanced at her. “When have you become this irrational? Would Ta Lai need your help? Go and stop Jiao S.”

Du Yue nodded, biting her lip.

“I guess our ruler of the Gate of Heaven is bringing out the big guns now. Li Wen, if he wants to go one on one, we can’t let others think that we’re bullying them, so we can’t have more people on the team. No matter what happens later, you’re not allowed to use that demonic sound of yours.” Li Qing drew her sword from behind her armor as she instructed Li Wen.

As usual, Li Wen looked indifferent to the situation. She even answered Li Qing in this sweet voice, “But the demonic sound can be used against a huge group of people all at once. Wouldn’t it be boring if you don’t allow it?”

Li Qing looked straight at her as she spoke. “I’ve said it. Don’t use it.”

Li Wen pouted. “Okay, okay. I won’t use it if you say so. I know you’re afraid of hurting her when she doesn’t have MF now.”

With knitted brows, Jiao S kept her eyes on Li Wen.

Jiao S must be going through some mixed emotions right now. She had always thought it was Li Wen who murdered Li Qing, and she hated Li Wen for it. But that wasn’t the truth at all. Not only did she not kill Li Qing, Li Qing was actually a soul splitter and the real ruler of the Gate of Exit.

I had always respected and relied on Li Qing. If learning that was a blow to me, it would definitely be a blow to Jiao S as well.

“Who should I go play with then?” Li Wen’s huge eyes darted between Du Yue and Jiao S.

“Help Jiao S, of course,” I said.

Li Wen narrowed her eyes at me. “But I don’t really like her. You know that too. What to do…” She tilted her head like a young girl who couldn’t choose which doll she should purchase.

Jiao S said coldly, “No need for that. It just so happens that I don’t want to have anything to do with you either. How about the both of you come at me together?”

Du Yue scoffed. “Lowly creatures are always so pretentious. There’s obviously no need to hesitate before an attack!”

Du Yue charged at Jiao S with a heavy killing intent! Jiao S glared at her opponent as she raised her huge sword with her right hand, ready for combat in just a split second!

When Du Yue was about a meter away from Jiao S, she flipped and used her right hand for support against the ground. With her hand acting as an axle, she did a spinning kick with her legs!

The wind brought about by the force of her kicks made me retreat even when I was more than five meters away!

“What powerful legs!” I marveled out loud.

Du Yue was taller than the average woman, and her legs were long and sturdy. Looking at the situation, she would probably have trained her legs more often than that only arm of hers.

Her speed and strength were top-notch. Judging from the centrifugal force of her kicks, a body of consciousness in the Spit Zone would definitely be hurt badly if it was in the way.

If I could deduce this, Jiao S would definitely have been able to as well. She bent backwards and did a perfect backflip, not forgetting to wave her huge sword at Du Yue in the process!

Du Yue then retracted a leg. Though it did seem a little out of the ordinary, the pose still looked beautiful. She was in a standing split position!

Du Yue actually had such abilities!

“Your friend would end up in danger if this goes on,” Piercer said as she reappeared beside me.

“Why is that so? I know that Du Yue is extremely strong, but Jiao S isn’t weak either. Jiao S isn’t like me. I wouldn’t have all that power if it wasn’t for you and Scorpion Ray, but Jiao S had been leading the Eastern District for so long, and it’s a place known for its violence and brutality among the three districts. She might be petite, but she’s someone who has great power and skill in battle. Just look at the size of the sword she’s using,” I said while pointing at that gigantic sword in Jiao S’s hands.

Piercer continued tracking Jiao S’s figure with her eyes. “No, I don’t doubt her ability. She’s definitely better in fights compared to you, but she has a weird seal on her. This seal restricts most of her movements and ability. Her opponent is someone who’s famous for being this war goddess in the Gate of Heaven. Look, she only has one arm, but she used to have two. Remember I told you that her power suddenly increased after she lost an arm in that crack in space for Gaoqin Jiuye?

“That power only appeared after she lost that arm, and it increased the strength in her legs as well. In the Split Zone, everyone obtains their power from MF, and most people focus it on a weapon or on some sort of technique. Logically speaking, combining MF with ‘techniques’ would be more time-consuming but it would make one more powerful, while combining MF with weapons would be a more convenient and practical method. With that though, there would be higher expectations of how powerful a weapon should be. With two living weapons, you have a great amount of power, since living weapons are considered quite the rarity in the Split Zone.

“But it’s different for Du Yue. Instead of the methods I mentioned, she chose a totally different one. I’m guessing that some sort of epiphany probably hit her at the time she stepped into that crack in space to save Gaoqin Jiuye. She’s using MF to strengthen her body, to make it into an extraordinary one. This would give her an edge since she’s still in human form here in the Split Zone. Moreover, she has some talent in experimenting and developing drugs. This is why she’s working with Ta Lai to create those weird, animalistic creatures.

“Right, I wanted to talk about something that you’ve heard so far, but it was something that none of you seem to have paid much heed to.”

“What is it?” I asked.

Piercer looked at me as she answered, “Ta Lai is Rong Jin.”

Yes, Ta Lai was Rong Jin. I knew that. From his conversation with Si Luo previously, it seemed as if they had some sort of disagreement. I didn’t pry any further since it seemed like an old grudge, and I wasn’t all that familiar with Rong Jin anyway. Apart from my urge of making fun of Ta Lai’s weird laughter when he was playing the character of Rong Jin, I didn’t think too much about it.

Also, the two of them were soul splitters, and I still disliked the lot of them. It didn’t matter to me what happened between them in the past.

Now that Piercer brought this up, it forced me to think of other possibilities that might have slipped my mind.

A thought struck me very quickly. I widened my eyes and stared at Piercer, whose eyes were on me as well.

“I think you got it. You guys missed the most important part, about Rong Jin’s uniqueness. His uniqueness doesn’t stem from the fact that he doesn’t show himself, it’s that he has the ability to bring non-human forms from the real world into this space. This ability is real, and this means that Ta Lai would have been helping Du Yue on her experiments most of the time. This is why Du Yue is able to use a creature like the qilin. It’s because of this ability, coupled with her own strength.”

I felt immensely uneasy. Ta Lai could bring other forms of consciousness into the Split Zone to refine them, and he could cause bodies of consciousness to lose their five senses. This just made it extremely clear that there was a huge MF and power gap between him, a soul splitter, and us heirs.

This was also the case with Du Yue. The body is the manifestation of our existence in the Split Zone, and we can understand that MF is always continually being used to maintain our form here. Under such conditions, Du Yue was able to combine her MF with her own body to strengthen it. She had to have skill to do something like that.

“I know you must be having a grim outlook on the outcome of this battle. Let’s not talk about the others, but it’s true that Ta Lai and Du Yue are formidable opponents. The three Gates have co-existed in the Split Zone for years, and apart from the Gate of Ghost where they don’t follow the rules, the Gate of Heaven can definitely be considered the most powerful one. Apart from having prodigies like Si Luo and Gaoqin Jiuye in the past, Ta Lai and Du Yue relied on their real abilities as close subordinates of Feng Zhu.

“Power trumps all in the Split Zone, and the two of them definitely have the power and ability, not to mention the intelligence and proven performance in battles.”

“What should I do then?”

Piercer smiled as she tilted her chin. “Don’t you have her?”

I looked at Piercer in surprise. “You, you can see her?”

Piercer gave a mysterious smile. “Not only can I see her, I can see that red skull ring she gave you too. It’s on your hand now, am I right?”

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