Chapter 288: A Heartless Nie Zun?

Volume 5

288 A Heartless Nie Zun?

“Look at you now. What have you gained? She doesn’t even remember you. Even now, she doesn’t recall anything about you. Let’s not even begin talking about the promises you made to her. Nie Zun is the one she loves right now.”

I was getting confused. Did Du Yue love Gaoqin Jiuye or Ta Lai?

“Hey woman, can you stop it already? I’m the one you’re fighting against now but you’re actually looking somewhere else and nagging at them instead of focusing on me? Are you looking down on me?” Jiao S asked Du Yue coldly.

Du Yue glared at her. “Who do you think you are? Don’t think that you’re really able to win me just because you were able to approach me once with those meager skills of yours.”

She then bent her fingers further, making it look as if each of them had one extra joint. That halberd began burning in midair.

Something out of the ordinary happened.

Fire began to spread from the halberd and the flames grew to engulf the sky.

The entire sky was painted with flames, as if there was gasoline feeding the fire. The flames crackled as it burnt bright. It looked like Du Yue had just set the entire sky on fire.

Du Yue’s face glowed with a red sheen under the fiery sky and she looked like a lunatic as she said, “I’ll grant your wishes of dying since all of you are mere heirs who’re already living like trash.”

Jiao S scoffed. “It’s no wonder neither Gaoqin Jiuye nor Ta Lai are interested in you. You’re not a woman; you’re just a female devil.”

Her black hair flew in the wind as she jumped into the air and pressed her palms together. A glinting sword then appeared in between her palms as she pulled them apart.

The air started quaking around us. Though I didn’t have any MF right now, I could tell from past experience that Jiao S did not cause this.

When I saw the white fog in both Gaoqin Jiuye and Si Luo’s eyes, I realized that all three of them were using more than eighty percent of their MF to control the air currents around us.

The three of them actually formed a triangle. Although a triangular formation was one of the most stable ones to take in a battle, the air currents would end up being unbalanced if they were not working together.

All of them were not at the same level of ability in terms of controlling the air currents either.

This meant that it could possibly result in a major clash. But the scariest part about this was that…

I didn’t have a goddamned ounce of MF in me.

It felt like an earthquake that was of magnitude 8. I was just like an ordinary human being right now, and I had to rely on my living weapon to balance myself. I could already imagine how I’d just be strewn all over the place like a rubber ball if these air currents clashed.

Piercer shared my sentiments as she said, “This is bad. Keep your focus. If you can’t use MF, try to at least focus on me. I can only protect you when we’re of one heart and mind. I might have to fish you out of the water if you continue being distracted like this.”

She made it sound like I’d turn into a pond loach at any moment…

Gaoqin Jiuye and Jiao S were working together, and though Du Yue was enraged, a sinister smile appeared on her lips.

That smile was hair-raising.

“Simple tricks are all you can do even when you guys work together. You’ll be able to stay alive with that, but have you thought about her?” Du Yue smiled as she twisted and turned her hand in a series of motions.

Fireballs started raining down from the sky as she did so, and it covered such a large area that everyone had to make dodging them the first priority.

These fireballs did not come down vertically. They had a slanted trajectory, but upon closer look, I realized they were targeting just one spot as if they were bullets from a submachine gun.

Their target was me.

“What the hell! You’re targeting me even when I’m without MF now!”

I complained at how sadistic Du Yue was while I struggled to dodge these fireballs by half-crawling and rolling about in the water. If I ended up injured, it would take forever to heal without MF.

If a fireball hit me, I believe that apart from feeling like a huge rock dropped onto me, I’d probably feel myself burn.

I had no interest in playing with fire, but I didn’t have any MF either… So, all I could do was roll around in the water.

I had already lost sight of Piercer when I heard her call out. “What are you running for, Li Shen? Don’t go hiding on your own. Follow me! Damn it, Li Shen, come back here!”

With all the time I spent in the Split Zone, I knew for sure that I definitely feared pain in a situation where I had zero MF.

I hit somebody’s chest as I was continually rolling around in the water. A pair of starry eyes met mine as I looked up, but instead of joy, I felt a distant coldness.

Nie Zun held me as he said, “I’ll get Jie Pa to take you away from here.”

Pushing him away with gritted teeth, I answered, “I don’t think you need to care whether I end up living or dying. Didn’t you want to go separate ways?”

Nie Zun looked at me. “You don’t want your heart?”

I smirked. “Would you have taken it if you’re planning to return it? Are you going to say that you took it in order to protect me now? Nie Zun, I believe everything you say. I’ve never believed that you didn’t love me anymore, and I believe that you have your reasons for doing whatever you did. I believe that you have a goal in mind. I’ve never doubted that.

“Because you’re somebody calm and intelligent. But Nie Zun, what I’d like to tell you is that you deserve to be lonely. Didn’t you say that you’d protect me forever? Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t lie to me, that you’d tell me everything? If you’re lying to me in order to protect me, then I have a question for you. Have you ever trusted me, Nie Zun?”

Jie Pa appeared from behind Nie Zun before he could respond. “Please calm down, Miss Ah Shen. Now’s not the time to be talking about this. All of them are targeting your second personality, and the consequences could be disastrous if our actions are driven by emotions. Come with me first, and we can talk about this when it’s safer to do so.”

I looked at Jie Pa coldly. “You weren’t like this in the past, Jie Pa. Even though you were always on Nie Zun’s side, you were still logical, Jie. Can you really bear to see the both of us like this?”

Jie Pa adjusted his glasses and regarded me with a serious look. “Ah Shen, this is the first time I’m not addressing you as Miss Ah Shen. Even if all that you’ve just said is true, have you ever thought about things from another perspective? Have you trusted Nie Zun when you’re complaining about him not trusting you?”

I was slightly stunned.

He continued. “Of course, it’s not merely because of Nie Zun that I’m willing to stay loyal to you. Ah Shen, have you wondered why Nie Zun ended up here? Who was the one who gave him that ring? Can you really ignore everything that happened even if Nie Zun and I don’t blame you for it? To be fair, Miss Ah Shen, don’t you think you’re being a little too unreasonable here?”

My mind was telling me that I had to stay calm, and I knew that Jie Pa didn’t say anything wrong. Why did I feel so upset though? Was it my pride?

The more upset I felt, the more empty the space in my chest felt. It was as if I couldn’t really feel anything. Even if Nie Zun said he loved me right at this moment, I didn’t have a heart to contain his love.

Nie Zun looked at me with an unfathomable gaze. “I can explain everything, but only if you’re willing to accept her.”

I didn’t get it at first, but a face appeared in my mind a moment later.

I turned defensive immediately. “You’re referring to, her?”

Nie Zun nodded slowly.

The water turned rough and choppy just as I was about to lose my temper.

Thunderous roars were heard from the horizon. It sounded like a terrifying beast which finally found its reason to fight.

I fell into the water once again, but Piercer grabbed me this time as she said to Nie Zun, “Return the heart to her, I can protect her.”

Nie Zun shook his head. “It’s not to protect her that I’ve taken her heart away. Although it does nullify the effect of Du Yue’s lockdown technique and makes it seem like she can’t summon her second personality.”

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