Chapter 282: Parallel Worlds

Volume 5

282 Parallel Worlds

Things were getting interesting.

I was standing right in the middle of the plaza with Jiao S and Piercer on either side of me. Jie Pa was somewhere in front of me towards the right as he observed the entire situation.

Cang Ming and Nie Zun were both behind me, somewhere to my left. They were standing opposite each other and it seemed as if they were both ready to attack at a moment’s notice.

A little in front of me, to my left, stood Si Luo. He was just a short distance away from everyone else and he would have been able to see everyone from where he stood.

Ta Lai and Du Yue were a little further away from me as they both stood facing me. Seeing them next to each other, I suddenly felt that they were a good match.

Ta Lai was tall with a pair of slender legs, and Du Yue was taller than the average woman. There was an air of authority surrounding them when they stood side by side like this, especially with those three giants standing right behind them.

It was difficult to describe the current situation exactly as it was.

Some of them weren’t humans but soul splitters and living weapons while some of us couldn’t be counted as human since we were equivalent to a corpse, and that was me.

Cang Ming spoke in the sudden silence that ensued. “I guess you’re also here because of that rumor about a possible method to save her.”

Little did I expect for Cang Ming to say something like this to Ta Lai. I was of the impression that they would be at loggerheads with each other once they met.

I think I know why.

In Cang Ming’s heart, nothing was more important than Bian Ying, and he could definitely put pride aside for her.

Without animosity towards Cang Ming, Ta Lai nodded. “Yes. Since you’re here for that too, might I suggest that we work together on this? We can decide what to do after getting what we’re looking for. How about forming a temporary alliance for now?”

Cang Ming smiled, shaking his head. “I’m not saying this because we’re rivals in love, but the truth is that I’m someone who does things on my own. I never work with anyone. You should know that I don’t seek help from others, even if it’s coming from you.”

Ta Lai raised a brow. “So you’d rather be on your own here even when there’s a high chance that a huge battle could break out today?”

Cang Ming answered languorously, “Yes. With Du Yue by your side, aren’t the both of you the strongest ones under Feng Zhu right now? I don’t think there’s anything you can’t do when the both of you work together, isn’t it, Ta Lai? Why drag me into an alliance?”

Du Yue smirked. “It’s always better to have more manpower. I just so happen to be interested in this deal right now, whether Li Shen’s second personality is a boon or a bane, our short-term aims are rather similar. Even though our eventual goals might be different, wouldn’t it be better if we work together for now?”

Cang Ming yawned lazily as he held his sword on one hand. “One used to be at the top of the Gate of Heaven, while the other two are now the top subordinates in the Gate of Heaven. Isn’t it great that Si Luo is here too? Who do you think would win if the three of us join forces?”

Du Yue said coldly, “It might seem like the two of us have the advantage here, but you guys can count me out.”

An animal resembling a fiery qilin then appeared behind her as she clapped her palms together. I’ve seen it before. It was as if this animal was Du Yue’s private vehicle.

I didn’t understand what they were doing right now. Why did they have to rile one another up like this?

Ta Lai, Du Yue and Cang Ming were all here for my second personality. Even if they might end up being enemies after, shouldn’t they be able to work together for now at least?

As for Si Luo… What’s Si Luo’s goal exactly?

If I put all doubt at the back of my mind, Si Luo’s main goal would be to protect my split symbol, since the promises I’ve made to him would come to naught if anything untoward happened to me.

Si Luo’s condition isn’t great either, and I could tell because Jie Pa’s eyes lingered on him for a while. It seemed like an occupational habit, where doctors seem to always focus a little bit more on those who were in a bad shape.

Apart from the three of them, Nie Zun and Jiao S were the only ones left. Jiao S was definitely protecting me, and I couldn’t tell what was on Nie Zun’s mind. Jie Pa didn’t seem to be able to tip the situation in any way either.

“Is everyone fighting over her? I don’t think there’s actually a need to.” Piercer spoke!

I turned to her in surprise. This was the first time I looked at her so closely. Though she couldn’t be considered beautiful, she had an aura that attracted me. That purple dress of hers seemed to dazzle.

All eyes turned to us as everyone found it rather unsettling to witness a living weapon talk.

Just like Goaqin Jiuye’s Shen Qi, Piercer didn’t have much expression on her face.

“I guess it’s not only a person I’m trying to take this time. This living weapon interests me as well.” Cang Ming regarded Piercer with predatory eyes.

I spoke coldly, “Stop dreaming. You’re trying to take the living weapon when you can’t even successfully take the person?”

Piercer interrupted us. “I’d make it short and sweet since I know the sudden appearance of a living weapon might be uncomfortable for the rest of you. Some things would turn moldy if we keep it for too long, isn’t that right, Shen’er?”

I didn’t expect her to call me Shen’er, and I found her expression a little unsettling. But, this was the living weapon I’ve chosen. Since I’ve chosen her and awoken her, I’d have to be responsible for her. Whether it was for better or for worse, she’d be with me in future.

“Ah Shen, didn’t you always want to know the secret of the Split Zone? How about I reveal it to you today?”

I frowned. “The time is right?”

Piercer smiled at me as she nodded lightly. “Yes, the time has come.”

“The secret of the Split Zone? You’re just a mere living weapon with a tiny bit of consciousness. You’re not even a soul splitter. Do you actually know the secret of the Split Zone? I’d love to hear it though. I wonder how much I’d know.” Though Cang Ming was requesting for her to reveal it, he wasn’t being polite about it. He probably looked down on living weapons.

Si Luo spoke as well. “You should have some sort of impression of me, don’t you, Piercer? I’m just curious about one thing. Would you be loyal to Li Shen no matter what happens in future?”

Piercer smiled. “I don’t actually like her. She looks so weak and useless. You know that I’m picky too. But it’s funny that I don’t hate the thought of protecting her. I’ll give you an answer since you’ve asked the question. I’ll keep protecting Li Shen until the day she’s able to make her decision. I’ll protect her until the day she chooses to leave, or do something else.”

Relief appeared on Si Luo’s face. “It’s great destiny and fortune to be able to have such a living weapon like you. I’m comforted if Ah Shen has you.”

Piercer smiled again. “Yours isn’t weak either.”

To this, Si Luo shook his head silently. Piercer didn’t continue the conversation, as if she understood something from that gesture.

Jie Pa addressed Piercer at this moment, “Since we’re all here and nobody seems to have any objections to it, how about we start talking about the secret of the Split Zone right now?”

Du Yue looked like she wanted to stop it, but Ta Lai prevented her from saying anything more.

Nie Zun seemed to glance at me for a split second before shifting his gaze. I couldn’t tell what went through his mind.

Piercer’s words interrupted my train of thought as she began speaking.

“The soul splitters in the Split Zone are not really humans, and they aren’t some weird existence either. The Split Zone and the real world are connected, but that connection doesn’t mean that we can come and go freely between the two worlds. Our consciousness will not be able to pass freely between these worlds either, and this is why that weird method of establishing a split symbol contract has been passed down. But even so, the Split Zone is still a totally independent space that’s closed off and definitely separated from the real world.

“Those in the Split Zone aren’t real humans either. Everyone would be able to find their corresponding human being in the real world, because in these parallel worlds, those in the Split Zone aren’t shadows of those in the real world. They are actually a missing part of the human who’s in the real world.”


I thought I would be able to understand whatever she said, and as Piercer’s owner, I should have been able to understand her better than others. But I didn’t actually immediately understand everything.

Does this mean that the Split Zone is a separate space altogether? This space is independent and exclusive, and it’s actually parallel to the real world?

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