Chapter 279: Cang Ming’s Challenge

Volume 5

279 Cang Ming’s Challenge

Cang Ming and Nie Zun’s expressions turned even darker.

Si Luo looked at Cang Ming. “Are you still going to fight?”

Though Cang Ming looked grim, he did not look afraid. “Obviously. I’m here for the woman I love. There’s no use in going back if I can’t protect her.”

His words moved me. I suddenly began to feel envious of Bian Ying.

Si Luo seemed to have anticipated Cang Ming’s response as he said, “I’d definitely have a back-up plan prepared. Would you like to hear it?”

No matter what it was, I guess I’d end up being the sacrificial lamb here. This guy was targeting me…

Any normal person would usually listen to Si Luo’s suggestion, but the unpredictable Cang Ming said, “How about we exchange blows first, Si Luo?”

Bright lights began gathering in his left palm as he raised a hand. The lights gathered to form a white blade and it entwined around Cang Ming’s left wrist where the hilt of the sword should have been.

Attracted by that amazing sword of light, I almost didn’t realize it until Cang Ming waved it at me. I pulled Jiao S in an attempt to escape, but when I tried to focus my MF, I recalled that I didn’t have any and I was actually no different from an ordinary human being.

Jiao S reacted quickly and she was already pulling me away from the attack, but she was only slightly faster. I heard it swoosh past my right ear as it cut through the air.

A deep gash was left on the ground in its wake.

With that speed and the ability to destroy the stone ground with just a casual wave, Cang Ming was no easy opponent.

Cang Ming rested the sword of light on his shoulder. His muscles and dark skin were partially exposed under that blood-red robe, and he flashed a fearless wide smile at us. There was a dangerous but enchanting aura about him.

I felt sweat on Jiao S’s palms. Was she… worried about Si Luo?

Nie Zun avoided Cang Ming’s attack as well, and his coat was ruffled by the gust of wind brought on by the speed of the blade.

Apart from moving quickly to avoid the attack, he did not seem to have done anything else. Both of his hands were still in his pockets.

Since Nie Zun was always quick and agile, I wasn’t too worried about him even though he was standing closest to Cang Ming.

He stared at Cang Ming. “I guess saving your girlfriend is nothing but an excuse here. You’re just itching for a fight. I don’t think you’d want to miss out on that opportunity now that it has presented itself.”

Cang Ming’s eyes shone as he laughed manically. “Interesting. Very interesting. There’s actually somebody in the Split Zone who knows me. I didn’t expect you to be even more interesting than Gaoqin. You’re right. I’m just itching for a fight. Want to spar?”

Nie Zun laughed casually. “It won’t be a mere spar if we fight. If you’re doing this for that woman, I suggest you give up. Her heart is with me now. Without a heart, she isn’t able to summon the second personality. Rather than making things difficult for her, how about we exchange blows instead? I’ll give you the heart if I end up losing.”

Is he… using my heart as a bargaining chip? I guess not having a heart is a good thing. At least it would save me from heartbreak.

Si Luo spoke suddenly, “I’m your opponent. Why change your target halfway? Save your breath, Nie Zun.”

Feeling Jiao S frown beside me, I stole a glance at her.

I knew how she felt. These people were acting so weird. Why did they have to fight over a fight?

Cang Ming waved a hand impatiently, a hand on his huge sword and the other on his waist. “Do we have to fight over a fight? How about we go at it together? It’s really boring that the Split Zone has seen such a long period of peace. It’s kind of a waste if we don’t spar a little since so many of us are here. Come on, no need to hide. Let’s just have a fight today.”

I thought Si Luo wouldn’t engage with such an individual, but I was proven wrong as I noticed the white fog surge in Si Luo’s eyes.

The air around the plaza seemed to quake.

This quaking felt familiar, and it was similar to the techniques used by Goaqin Jiuye and Jiao S, but I witnessed the difference between master and disciple today.

It was the same technique Si Luo was using. He, Gaoqin Jiuye and Jiao S could all use it well, but there was a difference when Si Luo used it. It felt as if I was looking at a new technique altogether.

The white fog that surged in Si Luo’s eyes looked extremely bright. He was in control of the air currents in this whole plaza, and he could control it so well that it was unlikely anybody else could match his abilities in such manipulation of MF.

Although the situation was precarious, it was still a three-way battle. As long as there was one party holding back, the other two might not attack so hastily.

Sadly, Nie Zun disappointed me. He had no intention of easing this fight as he activated his pupil abilities.

A deathly aura surrounded the three of them. All of them seemed up for a fight and none of them had any intention to retreat.

“I thought you said they wouldn’t be fighting,” I said to Jiao S worriedly.

Jiao S just looked indifferent to the entire situation.

The air surrounding us crackled as Si Luo squinted. It wasn’t some large-scale attack, but I felt terrified by that crackling air.

Nie Zun looked back and forth between Si Luo and Cang Ming. I could sense his MF emanate around him. Though I didn’t have any MF now, I was still able to sense him probably because of the link between the two of us.

Light gleamed off Cang Ming’s collarbone and neck as he raised his sword of light. He emanated a dangerous air.

A hand reached out from behind me as I was focused on the three of them. Jiao S did not notice it either.

I didn’t even have time to call for Piercer before that seal was stuck right in the middle of my back.

“Ah!” I fell forwards with a surprised cry.

I turned quickly so that I would end up lying face up instead of down as I tried to catch a glimpse of my attacker.

I was utterly shocked upon seeing who it was.

It was Jie Pa who put the seal on me.

I felt a burning heat right in the middle of my back. I wondered what kind of seal it was.

He looked at me calmly as he adjusted his glasses.

I then saw a hand on his neck. It belonged to Jiao S.

Jiao S had his neck in her hand as she asked, “What did you do to her?” Her voice was low and hoarse as usual.

Jie Pa answered calmly, “No need to worry, Miss Jiao S. I’m doing this is for Miss Ah Shen because she doesn’t have a heart now. If there’s nothing to help her balance the MF inside her body, she’ll end up burning herself out. I’m protecting her with this seal.”

“Then why were you being so sneaky about it?”

Jie Pa answered honestly, “If I did that, everyone’s focus would be on me, and it can temporarily stop a fight that shouldn’t happen.”

That was true. Right after I was attacked, the three of them stopped in their tracks and looked towards me at once.

“Why’re you here, Jie?” Nie Zun asked.

Jie Pa smiled in his gentlemanly manner. “When do you plan to stop if I don’t appear? Miss Ah Shen is so weak now, and you’re not even telling me all this. You disappeared so suddenly. I wouldn’t have been able to find you so quickly if I didn’t put a tracking drug on you beforehand.”

“I didn’t disappear on purpose. There’s a reason for it.”

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