Chapter 262: Working Together?

Volume 5

262 Working Together?

Si Luo’s flowy white robes seemed to break around him like the waves of the ocean as he stretched lazily.

“I’d never have thought that Du Yue would say that she missed me. If Feng Zhu gave you the entire Palace of Cold Blood, you should be the top subordinate under him right now. Would you still miss me? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll lose everything if I returned to the Gate of Heaven?”

Though Si Luo’s tone was casual, he did not bother masking the intent behind his words.

Du Yue raised a brow. “I shan’t continue if you insist on being like this. Si Luo, you should know that the incident in the past didn’t have anything to do with me…”

Si Luo interrupted her, “Let’s not talk about that. It’s already been so long.”

A cunning glint appeared in Du Yue’s eye. “Since we’re talking about this now, Feng Zhu has actually wanted to meet you for the longest time. How about I bring you to him?”

A trace of a smile appeared on Si Luo’s lips. “If you’re trying to get some sort of information out of me, this was an extremely poor attempt at it. You already did so much, including all those experiments. Do you think I was really in the dark about all that you’ve done in the Southern District? I’d just like to see what else you have up your sleeve.”

Du Yue looked visibly surprised. “You know about the experimental grounds in the Southern District? Why did you not stop it then? Judging from that character of yours, you’ve always treated your residents like precious treasures. Would you really have let me do absurd things if you had known?”

Si Luo smirked. “So you actually know that you were being absurd? You’re wrong about something though. My character? What kind of character? Du Yue, do you really think you know me well?”

There was this noble, quiet confidence about Si Luo as he posed the question. He had that exact aura and attitude when I met him for the very first time.

I had always felt that Si Luo was no ordinary individual, nor was he the kind of soul splitter Du Yue was. He was a mysterious man, one of the most mysterious in the Split Zone. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking nor could I gauge his mood. I didn’t really know which side he was standing on either. I believe he had to take some sort of responsibility for whatever the unfettered Gaoqin Jiuye did. Though he looked gentle most of the time, Si Luo was no easy opponent for sure.

It was only up to this point that I realized I wasn’t finding out about an unknown side of this mysterious man. The fact was, I did not even see through him at all in the first place.

Du Yue seemed to realize this as well as she said, “I guess I don’t know you anymore. It’s been a really long time.” I guess she put the blame on time in order to reduce the awkwardness.

Si Luo looked down as if showing obedience, but there was no meekness when he spoke. “This is why I suggest for you to come clean about everything, since it might do more good for you now. How’re you going to win this gamble if you’re not even willing to show your trump card?”

Du Yue narrowed her eyes before sighing. “Fine. Yes, my goal is to conquer the Gate of Ghost. You know it too, that those in the Gate of Ghost don’t have extraordinary abilities. Just like that Southern District of yours, the Gate of Ghost relies solely on Huai Du. As long as I beat Huai Du, it’s nothing but a matter of time before the Gate of Ghost is mine.”

So it’s a territorial dispute that caused all the fighting.

Si Luo responded, “You should know that Huai Du is a greatly-feared existence in the Split Zone. It might not be possible to beat him even if all the high-ability soul splitters came together and went against him. Why are you so confident in being able to beat him? You shouldn’t be trying to break a rock with a mere egg.”

Du Yue laughed as if she had already won. “I don’t know the extent of Huai Du’s ability, but everyone would have a weakness no matter how powerful they were. It’s the same for Huai Du. It’s just that I’m not sure what it is at this point.

“If he’s interested in Nie Zun, this means that Nie Zun is the only one who’s able to reach him. You know how weird Huai Du is. It’s difficult for anyone to meet him usually, but he actually used the demon cave to try and conquer Nie Zun time and again. This shows how valuable Nie Zun is to Huai Du.”

Unsure of Huai Du’s weaknes…

I guess Du Yue doesn’t know about Li Qing.

Or did this actually mean that no one else but Li Wen knows about what happened between Huai Du and Li Qing?

But if that was the case, why did Li Wen tell me about it?

Huai Du wanted Scorpion Ray, and Li Qing appeared in the Gate of Ghost too. She even revealed Huai Du’s ability of soul transference to me. Du Yue seemed to be in the dark about all of this.

“So?” Si Luo asked.

“So, as long as Li Shen works with me, controlling Nie Zun will be a piece of cake. If you work with me, coupled with your knowledge about Huai Du, it’d not be difficult to get the information I need from Nie Zun either.”

So her goal was to control Nie Zun, and she thought I was the only one who can do that. This is why she chose to control me first, and do things in such a round-about manner. That was a lot of work.

I shattered that scenario of hers as I said, “You’re thinking too much. I can’t control Nie Zun. The Nie Zun now doesn’t seem to care about me at all.”

Du Yue did not seem bothered at all. “That doesn’t matter. You’re still very useful to me even if you don’t have anything to do with Nie Zun. I haven’t really studied your second personality, but I believe that there is great potential in you. If Nie Zun is the only one Huai Du is relying on, then you’ll be my trump card.”

Haha, you seem to have forgotten that we were actually enemies. You make it sound as if we had already made up and that we can actually have nice and long chats.

“I know what you’re thinking, but in reality, I chose to work with you because I’m sure you’ll accept my offer, and it’s a deal that you would definitely want to accept.”

“Oh? What is it?”

Du Yue smiled as she answered, “I can help you regain every single one of your lost memories. I can do it anytime as long as you’re willing. Apart from Jiao S and the rest of you guys, I can bring every surviving individual in the three districts back to the real world, as long as you’re willing. I can help you save those whom you want to save, and I can also help you escape from a life you hate. And after that, I won’t let anyone stop you if you wish to leave.”

Before I could say anything, Si Luo responded. “Are there any benefits for me? I’m curious about how you’d try to persuade me.”

Du Yue’s eyes shone. “I can take Jiao S away from here as well.”

Originally standing stock-still like a statue, Jiao S eyes moved at this.

I knew Jiao S. She was rational most of the time. Judging from how well she knew Li Qing, she’d probably be wondering about the same things I did. She’s someone who’d remain silent as long as there was somebody trustworthy around. Though she looked rather dead and emotionless most of the time, her brain was analyzing every single detail that she had seen and heard.

The offer to Si Luo is that Jiao S would be able to leave? As expected, Du Yue could tell that it wasn’t merely unrequited feelings on Jiao S’s part.

I was sure Si Luo would consider other factors as well, but I realized this was just my opinion as Si Luo answered resolutely, “Okay, as long as you keep your word.”

Jiao S interrupted in her hoarse voice, “I won’t leave if Ah Shen doesn’t.”

This was the first time she spoke since arriving here.

My heart felt like it was being wrenched. Oh, I have no heart.

My heart had been taken away by Nie Zun.

Jiao S’s words did not actually make any great impact on the current situation.

Though Du Yue wanted to take the Gate of Ghost, she had forgotten about the Gate of Exit. Li Qing and Li Wen were as intelligent as Du Yue, and Du Yue was over-confident about this. She had forgotten that there were two strong contenders over on that side.

A war between women usually turns out to be the bloodiest.

She’s too focused on destroying the Gate of Ghost at this point. But would she really be the final winner when the balance between the three powers shift if the Gate of Ghost ends up being destroyed?

If the situation between Huai Du and Li Qing was complex, Du Yue would also be at a disadvantage if she didn’t know about it at all.

But these things weren’t what I was most interested in right now. Right now, I wanted to know how she’d actually help me get my memories back. Would she use that drug again?

“Tell me what you actually want me to do then.” I told Du Yue.

Du Yue answered very quickly. “There’s no need for you to do anything at this point. Gaoqin Jiuye and Nie Zun just left, so I’ll first have to find out where they are. I have a suggestion for you though. You might want to conquer that living weapon of yours as soon as you can. Do you really want your weapon to be stolen so easily by others all the time?

“It’s true that Piercer is the most difficult to control among the living weapons since its soul is extremely evil, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You might want to think about conquering your own weapon first.”

That was actually a useful suggestion. But I might have to look for Zou An before I can do that.

Where’s Zou An anyway?

I was just about to pose the question when Si Luo asked, “Talking about suggestions, I have one for you too. Shouldn’t you solve the issues between you and Ta Lai before you go on your plans for conquest?

“I’m not very clear about Ta Lai’s identity anymore. He’s a soul splitter from the Gate of Heaven, but whatever he does, it doesn’t seem to be of any direct help to you and Feng Zhu at all. Feng Zhu might be able to accept that, but how about you?”

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