Chapter 255: A Resonance of MF

Volume 4

255 A Resonance of MF

Si Luo posed a question to Du Yue before Jiao S could continue. “Seems like I’m in the Gate of Heaven right now.”

Du Yue smirked. “That’s right. You’re in the Palace of Cold Blood in the Gate of Heaven, Si Luo. Should I say, welcome home?”

Gaoqin Jiuye’s expression turned dark at this.

Si Luo raised a hand to brush his silvery hair. He was mesmerizing.

Apart from beauty, he had this other-worldly aura to him. “I’d love to hear words of welcome, but I wouldn’t say this is home. What now, Du Yue? You’re so bored that you’ve started to invite heirs over to your place?”

Du Yue answered with sarcasm, “I’m accepting refugees here. The Southern, Eastern and Western Districts have all been destroyed.”

Si Luo’s brows knitted immediately and that blood-red crescent moon between them glowed bright. He emanated this noble but dangerous aura.

I realized why Si Luo was hailed as the most beautiful individual in the Split Zone. It was not merely because of that pretty face of his. He had this aura about him that made it seem as if it belonged to no one else but him. It was this unique aura that could not be found in others.

“What did you say?” Si Luo’s voice did not sound any less frigid than Gaoqin Jiuye’s when he said that.

Gaoqin Jiuye answered before Du Yue could speak. “It’s my fault for not protecting the Southern District. It ended up like the Eastern and Western Districts, they’ve all been destroyed. There aren’t many heirs left, and those who’ve survived are all scattered among the three Gates.”

Si Luo’s eyes glinted as he turned to look at Gaoqin Jiuye sharply. His silver hair created a beautiful wave as he turned.

Gaoqin Jiuye looked pained as he stared at the floor, not meeting Si Luo’s eyes.

This was the first time I’ve seen him look so defeated.

I knew that it wasn’t merely the destruction of the Southern District that made him feel this way. He felt this way because he felt that he had let Si Luo down, that he did not uphold all that trust that had been placed in him.

He was never a responsible person to begin with, so protecting the Southern District was a job that was easy for him to forgo. He did it because of his loyalty to Si Luo.

An individual who did whatever he wanted could actually restrict himself like this for loyalty. This proved that Si Luo was someone irreplaceable to him.

It could be talents recognizing each other, or it might have been because Si Luo was like an older brother to him in those lonely years.

Si Luo finally spoke after a moment of dead silence. “Who did it?”

Gaoqin Jiuye did not respond.

I was suddenly overwhelmed by a bout of anger. Smirking, I said, “Du Yue’s experimental subjects can cause heirs to lose their ability to regenerate within a limited time period. She then brought a whole batch of monsters to bathe the Eastern, Western and Southern Districts in blood.”

Du Yue responded quickly with a smirk. “I don’t think I’d be telling you that your Southern District has been destroyed if I was the one behind it. Laurel and that team wasn’t part of my plan. That was all Ghost King Huai Du’s scheme.”

Si Luo narrowed his eyes. “You guys just refuse to give up even after such a long time? You’re even embroiling my residents in a fight between Feng Zhu and Huai Du. Are you tired of living, Du Yue?”

‘I guess you’re tired of living’ – I’ve heard lines like these a million times in those television dramas, but it’s usually just an empty threat and there was actually nothing to be afraid of.

However, it was different the way Si Luo said it. He said it calmly without much variation in pitch, and his voice sounded so beautiful and clear like the clean spring water flowing across a glacier. It was difficult not to take his words seriously.

Apart from Huai Du, there was somebody else he mentioned – Feng Zhu.

Who is Feng Zhu?

There seemed to be some minute change in Du Yue’s expression after hearing Si Luo say that, but it was not obvious.

She said, “I haven’t lived enough. Nobody would complain of having a long life, just like how no one in that world would complain of having too much money. I’m confident of winning if I dare let them wake you up like this. There’s no need to threaten me like this, Si Luo. Right now, there’s no way you can save your residents. How about joining us to go against Huai Du? Without him, you’ll be able to create that Gate of Heaven you wished to have. What do you think of this suggestion?”

Oh, so Du Yue was trying to get Si Luo on her side. I wasn’t too sure about their relationship and the various reasons behind this, but it was probably why she was looking specifically for Si Luo instead of any of us.

Si Luo answered calmly, “It isn’t great.”

He glanced at Du Yue. “Your bargaining chips are getting lower in value.”

Du Yue waved her only hand. “I haven’t reached the part about the chips yet. Since everyone is here now, I’ll offer you something. I can give you a body of consciousness which hasn’t been engraved with a split symbol, and I’ll reveal Rong Jin’s real identity as well. What I want is simple. I just want you to work with us to go against Huai Du.”

A beautiful smile appeared on Si Luo’s face. “This isn’t simple at all. Also, I don’t wish to engrave a split symbol on anyone else. Don’t you know that?”

Du Yue looked at him resolutely. “You don’t wish to, but that doesn’t mean that others don’t either. Isn’t it, Gaoqin Jiuye?”

Surprise flashed in Gaoqin Jiuye’s eyes when Du Yue mentioned that she was able to provide a new heir, but it was replaced by another more complex emotion very quickly.

Si Luo laughed lightly. “Do you think he’ll be able to get me to do anything that I don’t want to? What use would you have for someone who refuses to engrave a split symbol and thus unable to get any power from it? You should give up right now. As for Rong Jin, aren’t you just going to say that he’s actually Ta Lai?”

Rong Jin is Ta Lai? What…?

Jiao S and I stared with wide eyes as we heard this. Surprise flashed in Nie Zun’s eyes while Gaoqin Jiuye looked absolutely stunned.

Du Yue’s gaze darkened. “How did you know?”

Si Luo laughed. “That’s not important.”

He turned to me suddenly. “Do you still remember your promise to me?”

I was caught unawares. Why turn to me so suddenly?

What I promised…

Was he referring to… how I had to fulfil those three conditions of his if he helps me accomplish whatever I wanted?

I wasn’t quite sure about the situation I was in, and all I could do was nod in mock understanding. Si Luo smiled. “Good, you remember. But dear brother, may I ask what you’re planning to do by encircling her like this?”

He posed this question to Nie Zun as he lifted a slender hand to touch that black fog.

The black fog then disappeared with just a touch.

Was this the ability of the individual with the highest amount of MF in the whole of the Eastern, Western and Southern Districts?

He could maintain his abilities at such a level even without an heir?

Nie Zun was rather surprised by his ability to dissipate the fog, but he calmed down quickly. Those starry eyes returned to that usual indifference.

“The further you are from her, the more you’ll deteriorate. The opposite holds true. The symptoms of a deteriorating body from not having an heir would lessen the closer you are to her.”

Nie Zun said something out of the ordinary suddenly, causing stunned looks on everyone.

What he meant was that Si Luo’s condition would improve the closer he was to me. What kind of logic was this?

Did Nie Zun become retarded after turning demonic?

Si Luo looked serious suddenly.

Gaoqin Jiuye finally spoke. He addressed Si Luo. “Is it true, whatever he’s saying? Is this… the resonance of MF? You already knew this, didn’t you?”

Si Luo seemed to steal a sideways glance at me.

I was totally lost. What were they talking about?

Si Luo sighed. “Yes, I already knew this. I did it for you, because I didn’t want you to do things against your will again. Sometimes, you might think that your choice is right, but Gaoqin, that’s not always the case.”

“Are you joking, Si Luo? I was searching high and low for a method to save you, and you had a method all this while but you hid it from me? And now you’re telling me that you don’t want me to do anything against my will. Haha, Si Luo, have you really placed any trust in me, ever?”

Gaoqin Jiuye seemed agitated, while I was still lost in all of this.

Si Luo’s face darkened. “That’s enough, Gaoqin. We can talk about this later. I’m not dead yet, and my body is doing great. You should be thinking about the important things instead of this, understand?”

“Fine. You’re always like this. You’ve never given a thought to how much weight your life actually carries, Si Luo. You’re not living only for yourself. Can you spare a thought for others?” Though Gaoqin Jiuye seemed to relent, I could tell he was only getting more agitated.

Si Luo furrowed his brows. “Stop throwing a tantrum and acting like a child. Didn’t I say that I can’t die?”

A smile appeared on Du Yue, as if something just went in her favor. “That’s right, Gaoqin. What else do you want Si Luo to do? Do you want him to tell you that because of the resonance of MF, Li Shen’s second personality can actually stop Si Luo’s body from deteriorating forever? Si Luo knows that you have feelings for Li Shen, so how could he let you hurt her to save him?”

What did that mean?

Resonance of MF?

This meant that my MF had resonated with Si Luo’s on some level. Si Luo’s condition was originally deteriorating because he had lost his heir, but because of the resonance of MF, his condition would improve once he came near me.

And all of this was once again related to my second personality.

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