Chapter 249: Reuniting in the Gate of Heaven

Volume 4

249 Reuniting in the Gate of Heaven

“I don’t care what excuses or reasons you have. All I saw was how those experimental subjects of yours wreaked havoc on my home.” I looked at Du Yue coldly.

Instead of getting upset, Du Yue smiled. “You want revenge? You have no choice but to listen to me right now. Force your second personality out, I want to meet her.”

“Why do you think I’d agree?”

“Because you haven’t found those eyes yet. And weren’t you begging to take that drug again just moments ago in order to return to those lost memories?”

“You still have it…”

“Of course.”

“Give it to me.” I reached out to her.

“You’re still as impulsive as ever huh.”

I laughed at her. “People, stop going around in circles. Why are you pretending? Don’t you want me to take that drug again? You’re disappointed that my second personality wasn’t properly forced out by it the first time, aren’t you? It’s not a bad thing actually, since I might not even be able to control that second personality myself. Are you sure you’re able to go against her if she comes out?”

Du Yue smirked. “What audacity. There’s nothing I haven’t seen here in the Split Zone. How powerful can that second personality of yours be?”

I refused to back down. “Not powerful? Then why is everyone running to her? There’s no use in talking so much. Give Jiao S’s eyes back, then give me that drug. I’ll listen to whatever you say after I take it. How about that?”

Jiao S shouted suddenly, “No! Ah Shen, you can’t take that drug anymore!”

Du Yue looked at Jiao S with furrowed brows and a stormy expression. I moved to obscure her vision and asked, “What do you think of my suggestion?”

Song Lu stepped forward before Du Yue could answer. “She’s not here alone. Nie Zun is here too.” Song Lu looked at me with a complex gaze as she informed Du Yue of this.

Du Yue raised a brow. “Oh. Where did you take him?”

Song Lu glanced at me before answering, “I brought him to see Jie Pa, and I’ve locked him up together.”


I frowned at Song Lu.

Du Yue pondered for a moment before addressing me. “How about this. Come with me and I’ll bring you to see Nie Zun and your Western District subordinates. What do you think?”

Would she be that kind?

There has to be some other plan going on here.

Whatever she was planning, she was in a favorable position right now. I had no choice but to be passive and just be led by her.

“Sure, but can you assure that she’ll be save?” I pointed at Jiao S behind me.

Du Yue nodded. “Not only will I return her eyes, I’ll even let her go if you do what I say.”

“Great.” I answered without hesitation.

“Ah Shen.”

Jiao S called out urgently.

I knew she was worried about me. But, Jiao S, I have to save you. I have to.

Even if I might lose everything in the process.

I knew she’ll understand where I was coming from, and I continued without looking back at her.

“Let’s go. We’ll do as you say,” I said to Du Yue. With a look from Du Yue, Song Lu led me back to those steps.

I couldn’t help but turn back for a last look before I left. Jiao S was still seated with both her arms trapped in shackles. She was looking up, facing me.

I held back tears as I turned to leave.

Du Yue motioned with her hand and a door appeared in a flash of white light. She turned to me with upturned lips. “Come in.”

I was in the Gate of Heaven, but all I could see was a sea of white. There was no day and night here, it was simply connections between different areas and spaces.

There were two possibilities. The first was that the Gate of Heaven looked just like this, and that it was filled with countless spatial connections that looked exactly like what I was witnessing. The other possibility was that this was how the Palace of Cold Blood looked like. Whatever it was, it was a manifestation of the powers of those in the Gate of Heaven. They might have extraordinary ability in controlling and manipulating MF, and also these spaces.

Du Yue had much greater power than I did, judging from how she used those restriction techniques and how she could control divine beasts.

What exactly is her goal? She seemed to be destroying everything around me, but if I think about it, she didn’t really do anything to me personally. Who is she targeting?

Bian Ying and Cang Ming are both missing now, and I don’t know where Ta Lai is. It felt as if a huge puzzle was placed right in front of me, just waiting for me to solve it.

After the door opened, I stepped into the room after Song Lu.

I was stunned at what I saw.

This was the laboratory.

The laboratory that Gao Qi would bring me to; the laboratory at the end of the corridor.

“This. What’s going on?”

Two shadows emerged from behind the door as I looked at Du Yue, expecting her to answer. One of them grabbed Du Yue by the neck and took her in a choke hold, while the other one held onto Song Lu, restricting her movement.

It was Nie Zun who grabbed Du Yue. The hand that was on Du Yue’s neck was enshrouded in black fog, and I could see a little bit of that skull ring.

It rang a bell as I recalled something regarding that ring.

This was the ring.

This was the ring which Gaoqin Jiuye gave me after taking it from the Split Zone, the ring which existed in my lost memories.

Why would it be on Nie Zun though? I realized that no one else seemed to have noticed this.

But how could that be possible? If it really was the same ring, would Gaoqin Jiuye not have noticed?

“Why are you here?” Nie Zun asked me coldly.

Du Yue smirked. “I guess I’ve underestimated you. But I shouldn’t have been so naïve to have thought that the enchantment on this space would be able to stop you, even if Song Lu locked you up in here. What’s the point of you doing this anyway? Isn’t this all for naught, since you can’t kill me?”

A malicious smile appeared on Nie Zun. “What makes you think I can’t kill you? Because you’re a soul splitter?”

The black fog around his hand seemed to get heavier.

Though there was a sudden look of surprise on Du Yue, she was able to hide her emotions and thoughts well.

“Miss Ah Shen. It’s been a while.”

I turned around as I heard Jie Pa’s familiar voice. The individual holding onto Song Lu was actually Jie Pa!

Jie Pa did not change at all. He still looked like a gentleman, even while he was restraining Song Lu. He seemed to have become quicker. I was filled with joy as I saw Jie Pa like this. He did not look like he had suffered much.

It’s been a while since I felt like this. It felt as if I had just met a long-lost friend who was doing very well.

“How are you, Jie Pa?” I asked without any concern to the current situation.

Jie Pa smiled. “I’m well, Miss Ah Shen. It’s just that we couldn’t protect the Western District. I’ve tried my best to bring everyone out, and I’ve also been investigating these matters in the Split Zone. Not to worry, we’ll definitely be able to solve these problems.” The last line seemed to have been targeted at Du Yue. He even looked at Du Yue while he said it.

Du Yue smirked as she could tell it was meant for her. “As expected of the head of an intelligence, but I’m afraid the information that you have is barely enough to shake things. My advice is for you to give up.”

Nie Zun’s hand seemed to move and Du Yue fell silent immediately.

“Say it, where’s Yu Liang?”

I did not expect that it would be Nie Zun who asked.

Song Lu’s eyes widened as she heard this. She looked at Du Yue in disbelief.

Du Yue shot her a cold look. “No need to look at me like this. It’s true that I kept you in the dark, but it’s for your own good. Didn’t you say you don’t love him anymore?”

I retorted, “Love? What do you know about love? You don’t seem to know much about love either, so who gave you the right to judge others like that?”

I turned to Song Lu. “You’ve heard it yourself. She’s been keeping you in the dark about the fact that Yu Liang is in the Gate of Heaven. Are you still going to work for her like this?”

Song Lu bit her lip without saying anything.

“Say it. Where’s Yu Liang?” Nie Zun asked again.

Du Yue responded coldly, “Why are you guys looking for Yu Liang? What, is it because you’ve felt his presence and you want to go help him?”

His presence? Who is she referring to? I frowned. I seemed to be the only one who was out of the loop here.

“That’s right, they all know that I’m here.”

A shadow emerged from behind a curtain.

It was Gaoqin Jiuye.

Laughter escaped me as I looked upon this ridiculous situation. How did Gaoqin Jiuye arrive here so quickly from the Gate of Ghost?

Du Yue’s expression turned stormy.

She retreated to the side as Nie Zun let her go suddenly.

No, something wasn’t right.

With Du Yue’s abilities, it would not be an easy task even for Nie Zun to restrict her movements. Why did she allow that to happen?

Did we walk into another trap again?

I snapped alert this time. It wasn’t the first time I was going against Du Yue, and I knew I had to be careful. I even wanted to step forward to take a better look at them as everyone seemed to be appearing everywhere. Were these individuals really the people whom I thought they were?

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