Chapter 247: Who Was The One Who Forgot?

Volume 4

247 Who Was The One Who Forgot?

This means that Gaoqin Jiuye had retrieved Jiao S’s eyes from the future. If so, Jiao S’s eyes were still in the Split Zone.

This felt equivalent to an antique being preserved from the past. Jiao S’s eyes had been kept away earlier on, creating an impression that her eyes could not be found at this point.

Why did Du Yue do something like this?

What I can be sure of was that Jiao S’s eyes were still in the Split Zone, hidden somewhere.

What did Du Yue aim to achieve by doing something like this? Was it merely to trigger those lost memories of mine? But how would she know that I’ve lost them? She became increasingly terrifying the more I thought about this.

What I should be focusing on was getting all my memories back.

I had to find out what led to me killing Gao Qi.

Just as I worked up enough courage to enter that laboratory again, I felt a cold hand on my shoulder.

A chilly voice spoke behind me.

“Shen’er, are you sure you have the courage to face this? Do you really want to know what happened that caused you to kill him…?”

She stuck close to my ear, and my hands, which were already on the door handle, started trembling.

What actually happened?

Everything seemed to be turned upside down here.

Gao Qi was not who I expected him to be.

Gao Qi might not even be the one I liked all this while.

I had also forgotten everything related to Gaoqin Jiuye. I forgot everything about him. Even if Gao Qi was not the one I had fallen in love with, if it was really Gaoqin Jiuye I had fell in love with, this meant that I had forgotten about the person I loved.

What irony. Isn’t it, Li Shen? That you could even forget about the person you loved the most?

But if everything was a lie, what about her? Was she really the one who killed Gao Qi? Was she really a bad person?

I looked up at her slowly.

With a murky gaze, she asked, “Do you need my help, Shen’er? I can lend you my strength…”

“No…” I answered with no hesitation.

This was the first time I heard her scream so loudly.

Blame was apparent in her eyes.

Hmph. Don’t give me that look.

No matter what happens, I’ll never accept your help. I’ll never borrow your strength.

I’ve already paid a heavy price once. Even if I might be loving the wrong person right now, the fact that you hurt him doesn’t change.

You turned me into a devil. This is a fact that will never change. I never want to have anything to do with you anymore. Because I remember everything now.

I remember how cold that knife felt in my hands, and I remembered his warm blood on my hands. I remembered those eyes which slowly lost their fire.

It’s a nightmare that I will never be able to escape from.

“You… Do you really remember…” She leaned in closer, her cold lips coming into contact with my ear as she blew cold air on my face. For some reason, my tears started falling again.

Tiny fragments of memory started appearing in my mind.



“Let go of me. Don’t hurt her.”

“Didn’t you say you hated her? That she spoilt your experience in high school? Mm hmm, I’m helping you take revenge now, Ah Shen.”

“You’re crazy, insane. Let us go.”

“I’m insane? We’re the same. Didn’t you say you’d be with me forever? You promised… Do you think I’m unaware of his existence… You actually thought about taking over my body? You actually thought about betraying me like this? I’m the one with you here in this world, and you can actually believe some ghost from another world? You’re such a liar, Li Shen.”

“Let me go. He’s right, you’re a demon.”

“Haha, I’m a demon? Then what are you, Li Shen? Do you want me to show you what a real demon is like? Come on, here’s the knife for you. I’m giving you a chance. Kill her or kill me?”


The voices seemed to overlap with each other in my ear. I listened with wide eyes that were filled to the brim with tears.

She was still standing in front of me with that red hair, red dress, and those enchanting eyes. Picking up a strand of my hair, she said, “You… You don’t like black do you… You really don’t want to accept the strength that I can lend you…?”

I pushed her hand away.

“Dream on.” Wiping my tears, I decided that I couldn’t continue like this.

Wasn’t it just getting back some of my memories? What’s there to be afraid of? I wanted to get them back, and I had to face my own past someday.

Nothing can beat me down. No one can.

I stared at her angrily before turning around and opening the door.

A blinding light shone through as I stepped back into the laboratory.

The scene changed around me the very moment I entered.

I sat up suddenly.

The scene before me became clear.

Song Lu was looking at me with an inscrutable gaze with her arms still folded in front of her.

“I… I’m back.” Looking around me, I realized I was back in that prison. Jiao S did not have her eyes yet, and I was still sitting in front of her cell.

I rushed towards Song Lu, grabbing her as I said, “Why am I back? Didn’t you say that the drug would help recall those memories buried deep within my heart? Didn’t you say that no one could endure this…? Why am I back even when I haven’t recalled everything? Why did my consciousness not come apart?”

Song Lu grabbed me. “Calm down, Ah Shen.” Calm down? How do I calm down?

Everything was just about to be revealed. The truth would have been made known in just a moment.

But I ended up back here. How do I remain calm like this?

“Tell me if you still have that drug. Give it to me, I want to go back.”

“Ah Shen.”

Jiao S spoke this time.

I turned around, forcing myself to smile. “Don’t worry. I’ve found your eyes. I’ll definitely bring them back and get you out. Trust me.”

“Tell me, Song Lu. You still have that drug, don’t you?”

Jiao S sounded anxious as she continued, “Ah Shen, my eyes don’t matter. You have to stay calm. You can’t take that drug a second time. Do you want to be controlled by your second personality again…?”

I froze at this.

“What… what did you say?”

Song Lu let go of me slowly. “You actually woke up once during the time you lost consciousness. Look at my neck.”

I was too agitated to notice the streaks of blood on Song Lu’s neck earlier. Her neck was still bleeding from the injury.

“What. What happened?” I stared, open-mouthed.

She wiped the blood away as she said, “You did this to me when you woke up. You looked totally different, and you always spoke with a smile. You looked confident, dynamic. Your attacks were extraordinary as well. She was able to hurt me like this even when I used all my defenses against her. This injury isn’t healing either.”

Looking at her neck, I asked, “You mean to say… You saw her? My second personality?”

Song Lu nodded. “Though I don’t really understand what’s up with your second personality, I can be sure of one thing. You weren’t yourself when you stood up earlier, and you could remember everything from your past. It’s just that right now, you aren’t able to recall the memories that were related to her.”

What right did she have?

What right did she have to know everything like this and control me at her whims and fancies when I knew nothing about her?

Just why…

I’m the owner of this body of consciousness. What exactly does she want to do…

Unable to control my emotions, I felt myself shaking.

“Ah Shen, can you tell me what you saw in that dream? Though I know that Du Yue’s aim was to force your second personality out through this drug, I didn’t expect it to really work. I didn’t expect you to wake up at a crucial moment either. To be honest, I might just have been killed by her if you didn’t wake up. This is actually the first time I found myself weak.” Song Lu’s eyes still contained the fear from what happened earlier.

Haha, see it now? That’s you. You’re a demon who kills people. You’ll just bring misfortune to me. I can’t believe there would be others telling me to accept you.

You can forget about being accepted by me in this lifetime. Don’t even think about joining forces with me.

“What else did she do or say, apart from attacking you like that?” I asked coldly.

Song Lu said, “She told me not to hurt you, and not to force you. She said she’ll protect you forever…”

“Enough!” I shouted.

Protect me forever…

This is your method of protecting me forever…? By hurting me and those around me? Is this the way you protect me?

If it is, I’d rather die.

“She also said… That everything was a conspiracy, that both of us had been duped. She said she’ll not let me get my way.”

I laughed.

“Ah Shen, what did you see in your dream?”

Instead of answering, I asked, “Do you still have that drug? I want to take it again.”

Song Lu shook her head. “That was the only one. But even if I had another one, I wouldn’t give it to you.”

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