Chapter 230: You Belonged to Me

Volume 4

230 You Belonged to Me

Instead of letting go, Cang Ming glanced at Gaoqin Jiuye and Nie Zun.

He spoke with malice in his voice, “I’m curious to know what happens if I don’t let go.”

As I felt his grip tighten, black fog emanated from Nie Zun’s hand at the same time.

Unease crept up on me.

I focused my MF onto my arm before sending it towards my wrist. The sudden force of my MF then separated the four of us, making all of us retreat.

I regarded Cang Ming coldly before throwing him that handkerchief.

His eyes darkened as he caught it, but he regained his untethered arrogance very quickly.

“Not bad, woman.”

“You haven’t told me how you got here.” He directed his question to Nie Zun after he praised me.

Nie Zun put his hands back into his pockets as he answered casually, “I was trapped in that stone room with nowhere else to go. I simply arrived here after breaking through a wall.”

I stole a glance at him. The Nie Zun now must be the Nie Zun of the past. Although he was cold and distant at first when he just regained his memories, I knew the Nie Zun of the past had returned when I saw him put his hands in his pockets.

The only exception was that while he was cold and distant to everyone else but me in the past, he was cold and distant to literally everyone right now.

There must be something else going on here.

Cang Ming stuffed that handkerchief back into his robe. Though it looked like he was putting it back without much thought, I could see that he handled that handkerchief pretty carefully.

I guess he really loves Bian Ying.

Yes, I believed that this handkerchief belonged to Bian Ying. Would he have cared so much if it didn’t?

“You think I’d believe you like this? How are you connected to this demon cave? Huai Du sent me here for you, and this shows that he’s taken an interest in you. You should know that Huai Du wouldn’t send me for menial tasks. If he asks me for a favor because of you, I’d like to know why.”

I interrupted this presumptuous man. “He wouldn’t send you for menial tasks? Would that be because he knows that you aren’t even able to complete them properly?”

Instead of getting angry, Cang Ming looked amused. “Woman, you have to know that I don’t follow any rules. I might not follow his orders even if he sends me to complete certain tasks. I change my mind whenever I want to, and Huai Du knows this too, so he doesn’t send me on errands that often.”

Isn’t this what I just said… That you aren’t even able to complete your tasks properly…

I raised a brow. “Oh, but according to what you’ve said, then he shouldn’t have assigned you on this errand. Nie Zun is unpredictable enough. Wouldn’t the situation be made worse if you join in as well?”

Cang Ming smirked.

Gaoqin Jiuye looked at Cang Ming as he answered me, “Because Huai Du knows Nie Zun is unpredictable, he got someone equally unpredictable to go against him. This is why he sent Cang Ming.

“In terms of MF, intelligence, or in finding unorthodox solutions, Cang Ming is the only one who fits the criteria. He’s willing to take this risk even if there’s no way he can predict or control what happens.”

This Huai Du was so highly-praised that I’m beginning to feel a little scared.

Nie Zun spoke. “I’m just an ordinary person. There’s no need for you people to take out the big guns.”

Cang Ming regarded him with a sideways glance. “If that’s really what you think, then there’s no need for us to make each other’s lives difficult. We can settle this in a peaceful manner. You should know what I’m here for anyway.”

I frowned inwardly to myself. What did that mean?

Though I knew Cang Ming was here for Nie Zun, I was still rather upset at being unaware of everything that seemed to be happening.

Nie Zun had that indifferent look on him, as if he did not have a care in the world. “What are we supposed to settle? I don’t know what you’re here for. You’re not here to get paid for healing my face, are you?”

It was obvious that Nie Zun was playing the fool now.

Cang Ming laughed loudly. “Nothing. You can tell me what you plan to do next.”

“Leave this place.” Nie Zun’s gaze was as still as deep water.

Cang Ming waved a finger. “That can’t do. I received orders to stop you from exiting the demon cave.”

Gaoqin Jiuye interrupted suddenly, “Oh, is that your goal? You don’t look like someone who listens to orders. I think you’re just trying to make use of the opportunity to find a way to save Bian Ying.”

Cang Ming narrowed his eyes as he regarded Gaoqin Jiuye with what looked like slight admiration. “That’s absolutely right. I don’t even have to do much since everyone I’m looking for is right here.” He pointed a finger at all of us.

I raised a curious brow. “I’m one of those you’re looking for?”

“No need to pretend. I’ve already said this before. Do you think that I wouldn’t give it a shot after hearing about how your second personality might be able to save my woman?”

I pointed at Nie Zun, Gaoqin Jiuye and myself. “Do you think you’d be able to get anything from the three of us if we work together against you?”

“I have no interest in working together with you. Count me out of whatever you guys are plotting,” Nie Zun said coldly.

I frowned at him.

Something was definitely amiss. There was no need to cut off all ties with me like this.

Cang Ming’s gaze brushed past Nie Zun’s waist. “How about this. Give this to me and I’ll let you leave this place and do whatever you want to.”

He pointed at Piercer that was now hanging on Nie Zun’s waist.

Nie Zun seemed to have forgotten about Piercer. He looked surprised when Cang Ming mentioned it, and he even looked down to confirm Piercer was on him. He then looked at me.

I met his eyes and spoke without hesitation. “What, are you confused about this? Or have you already forgotten what happened during the period you were an amnesiac? You stole Piercer from me during that time.”

Nie Zun answered unhurriedly, “I haven’t forgotten.” I thought he might return Piercer to me after that, seeing that he didn’t seem to care about anything right now.

Instead, he took Piercer and threw it at Cang Ming. “You said I can leave this place without obstruction if I give this to you.”

Cang Ming grabbed Piercer in midair. “You have my word.”

I believed Cang Ming wouldn’t stop Nie Zun since he had given his word.

This didn’t have anything to do with me. But Piercer belonged to me. I let Nie Zun be when he lost his memories, since he was just like a child who acted on his whims and fancies.

But he had regained his memories now, and there was no need for him to use my belongings as collateral even if he was being cold and distant to me.

I walked towards him. “If I remember right, you’ve regained your memories now. If there’s nothing wrong with your brain, you should have recalled that this item belongs to me. You’re just giving it to another person instead of returning it to its rightful owner? Am I invisible to the both of you?”

I could compromise on some things, but there are certain things which I would never back down from even if it was against Nie Zun.

“Nie Zun, that belongs to me. Did you even consider my feelings when you gave it to somebody else?” I frowned at him.

Nie Zun’s gaze was inscrutable as he spoke calmly. “Why should I have to consider your feelings? It’s better for me if I give it to him and get you guys off my back. I don’t remember who it belonged to, I just know it happened to be in my hands.”

I was quite riled up by that emotionless delivery. “You don’t remember who it belonged to? Haha, how forgetful. You even belonged to me in the past. Now you’re deciding to cut off all ties just because you’ve lost your memories once? And you’re even giving away my belongings?”

I was a little emotional at this point, but it wasn’t exactly because he gave Piercer to Cang Ming. I just couldn’t stay cordial because of that cold and distant attitude he had towards me right now.

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