Chapter 223: You’re Not Nie Zun

Volume 4

223 You’re Not Nie Zun

The pain receded as I slowly accepted it, and I felt his tears fall on my cheeks. I hugged him as we sunk to the floor, taking him in a tight embrace as we both lay on the stone platform.

His lips finally left mine after I opened my eyes to look at his tear-filled ones.

He looked at me as he said, “Shen’er…”

I was stunned. He, he, he, did he remember?

But I didn’t do a thing…

I kept my eyes on him. His gaze was cloudy.

Looks like he didn’t recall anything, but this looked to be what Li Qing described as when he is at his most vulnerable, when the both of us were at our most vulnerable.

But… Li Qing didn’t tell me what to do now, and my second personality did not appear either, so what should I…

Just as my thoughts were all over the place, I heard a soft voice beside me. “Shen’er…”

I looked behind Nie Zun.

She… actually appeared.

She was floating above him now, her red hair brushing past my neck with a prickly kind of cold.

She spoke in an airy voice, “Do you need me, to give you power…”

I bit my lips, wanting to scream for her to leave. But I knew I couldn’t do that since I needed her power.

I needed her help to get Nie Zun’s blood back.

I pushed Nie Zun away from me. He crashed into that stone tablet even though I didn’t use much strength.

A pair of cold hands embraced me as I turned to look at the stone tablet. As she came closer, I felt her cold touch all over my body, and new fabric reappeared where it was originally torn.

Shortly, my red dress was as good as new.

She spoke clearly into my ear, “Come on, accept me. I’m the only one who can help you. Let me tell you everything Li Qing didn’t…”

I refused to look back at that face that was identical to mine.

Nie Zun sank to the floor after being pushed against the stone tablet.

I felt unease creep up on me.

I crawled towards him on all fours, tidying his clothes as I reached him. Taking his face in my hands, I realized his eyes were shut.

“What’s wrong with him…” I muttered.

A breeze blew past me. “He… It might be too late if you don’t save him soon…”


The tablet produced a bright light that was as beautiful as an aurora. The blood-red of that ‘demon’ character suddenly came alive. The blood was flowing in it like it was in a blood vessel.

I grabbed her cold body. “Tell me what to do. What should I do to save him?”

Her eyes were so identical to mine, but there seemed to be nothing in them. It was empty. There was nobody there, and there were no emotions present.

She spoke softly, “He’s already taken in the demonic energy, and he might die if you forcefully change his blood. But if you don’t, he might never remember you ever, and if that demonic energy ends up devouring him, he’ll end up being the scariest thing in existence here in the Split Zone.”

The scariest thing in existence.

How could that be possible.

How could I allow him to turn into what people see as the most terrifying monster again?

I can’t let that happen.

“What should I do?” I looked at her, waiting for a response.

She smiled. “You’ve forgotten me, and you’ve forgotten so many important things from the past. Do you have the right to help him regain his memories if you can’t even remember these things?”

My heart sank. I took one step closer to her as I grabbed her arm tightly. “You’re not helping me?”

She leaned in closer. “Li Shen, do you really need my help? Is it me who looks down on you, or is it you who looks down upon yourself? Think about it, why did he come to the Split Zone? Think about it carefully, what have you forgotten?”

My brows furrowed. Why did he come to the Split Zone?

Didn’t he end up here because he couldn’t accept the fact that he thought he had caused his sister’s death?

Yes, soul splitters.

My eyes widened as I wondered who Nie Zun’s soul splitter was…

This had never crossed my mind…

And also… Nie Zun’s split symbol…

I let go of her arm and went to Nie Zun, reaching for the back of his neck.

If I remember right, nobody else in the Split Zone but Mr Blond and I were aware of the location of his split symbol. Not even Li Qing.

When I pulled that high collar down to reveal a shining splitting key, it was inserted into a split symbol the shape of a crescent moon. My hand went towards it slowly.

A weird feeling overcame me as I reached it.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

I wasn’t sure if this question came from the voice behind me or from deep within my heart.

Just as I pulled his splitting key out, all the blood in the tablet started moving, as if I had just pulled a sort of lever to activate it.

The blood was a bright red.

Nie Zun stood up suddenly, opening his eyes slowly. His eyes were a blood red.

He looked at me with emotionless eyes, glancing at the splitting key in my hand. His eyes narrowed.

I felt a prickly cold before I saw my right hand fall onto the stone platform. Nie Zun then reached out for the splitting key which levitated in the air before him.

I began to fall backwards towards the stone platform. As I looked up, I saw the blood on the tablet snake into Nie Zun’s split symbol.

Nie Zun looked at me with emotionless eyes as he held the splitting key in hand.

My lips turned into a smile. I’ve finally succeeded. He might still be cold now but he’ll remember me soon.

It doesn’t matter even if I died, as long as he could remember me, as long as he still remembered me.

I heard a sigh behind me. Cold and gentle arms took me in an embrace, slowing my fall.

“You… just refuse to accept me… You refuse to accept me… and you refuse to really be free… How could this power be enough…”

Her crisp voice echoed in my ears as her gentle arms placed me gently on the ground below the stone platform.

I smiled bitterly. “Help me get my arm back. It’ll heal very slowly like this.”

I was lying on the ground and I could see Nie Zun standing in front of the tablet while she squatted by my side. She stretched out a hand.

With a quick movement of that white and slender hand, my broken hand flew towards her. She caught it and reattached it on me.

I felt the pain of flesh and bone combining on my wrist. “This is worth it. At least I’ve saved him.” I muttered as I looked at my right wrist.

“Hehe…” She laughed softly.

I frowned. “Why are you laughing like this?” Instead of replying, she simply looked at Nie Zun with an icy gaze.

I followed her gaze and realized that the blood in the tablet was almost gone. His eyes were now a demonic red.

A funny feeling overcame me.

I struggled to get up.

When the last drop of blood entered his split symbol, Nie Zun reinserted his splitting key back into the split symbol.

For some reason, I had a feeling that his MF wouldn’t be gone for a month even though I’ve taken it out of his split symbol.

He was unique, just like I was.

I looked at him with anticipation, totally forgetting about the girl beside me.

When Nie Zun looked at me again, his eyes were a pure black. His indifferent gaze had finally returned, and his hands were, as usual, placed within his pockets.

At that moment, he was standing on the stone platform looking like someone who had great might as I looked up at him from the ground.

He looked down upon me as I called out to him softly, “Nie Zun…”

His lips turned up slightly. “Thank you for helping me regain my memories. It’s really quite a headache to have forgotten so many things…”

His gaze was unfocused, as if he was organizing those memories. But why did I feel that something was different? What was it…

Her voice sounded in my ear again, “Hehe… Though he remembers you now… He seems to be…”

I shouted, “Enough!”

At this, she disappeared in a flash of light right before me.

My emotions were running amok now, and I felt like I was being ripped apart.

Nie Zun’s lips were still upturned. With a light tap of his feet, he landed on the ground below the stone platform and walked towards me. “How long do you plan on sitting there?”

My brows furrowed at this.

There’s definitely something wrong here… Just what is wrong here… He was approaching me quickly.

As he reached me, he stretched out an arm. His pale and slender hand had no palm prints on it. “Come on, get up.”

I stayed still and stared at him squarely in the eye. He looked at me with those starry eyes of his. “What? Did I tire you out? You were so full of passion. I don’t think it’s your first time, right? To the point that you can’t even get up?”

My heart felt like it was being thrown into an icy lake.

This isn’t Nie Zun.

“You, who are you?” My throat felt dry as I asked this question.

There was an evil aura entwined in those indifferent eyes of his. “Of course I’m Nie Zun. Why? Are you afraid that I’m not able to remember you, Li Shen?”

I stood up then.

“You’re not Nie Zun, definitely not,” I enunciated every word clearly as I stared at him.

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