Chapter 214: Feng, Huo, Lei

Volume 4

214 Feng, Huo, Lei

I could understand that Li Qing did this to make it look more realistic, but having another hole in your stomach was not fun.

I backed away quickly and returned to Nie Zun’s side.

“Bring me out,” I said to Nie Zun, leaning against him. Nie Zun supported me as the both of us retreated.

As we exited the room, Li Qing rushed out. Her indigo hair dazzled even though we were not under direct sunlight. She smiled at Nie Zun as she flipped her hair. “Let my subordinates play with the both of you for a while. I’m going over first.”

I didn’t know exactly what picture Li Qing was trying to paint for Huai Du by doing this.

My abdomen was beginning to heal when Feng, Huo and Lei were about to attack.

I looked at the gigantic hole in my dress, thinking to myself, ‘I’ll have to get a new one again.’

After Li Qing left, Huo produced bright firelight as he waved a cold hand at Nie Zun.

I knew how powerful these three subordinates of Li Qing were. They were one of the few in the Split Zone who could control the natural elements. Not only did they have great MF, their attacks were extremely powerful since they were all interconnected with the natural elements.

An angry fireball that seemed to be armed with sharp teeth rushed at Nie Zun. Without hesitation, Nie Zun pushed me to the side, causing me to fall on the ground instantly. Even though I could stand with MF, the pain of having one’s stomach ripped open was pretty hard to bear.

I struggled to get up, staring at Nie Zun’s figure angrily as I did so.

I noticed that Nie Zun had been using the demonic energy from his hands most of the time after losing his memories.

That fireball turned into an enormous, fiery python, looking like it was about to devour Nie Zun at any moment with those jaws. With black fog emanating from his hands, Nie Zun asked casually, “Why are we fighting?”

That’s right. From Nie Zun’s perspective, they had no reason to attack him.

Huo answered coldly, “To kill your girlfriend.”

I almost puked at this. I don’t think I’m his girlfriend…

Nie Zun turned back at me with narrowed eyes. “Seems like I’ll have to reconsider whatever you’ve said before, since so many others think that we’re a couple.”

I was speechless.

I can tell you have no intention of reconsidering whatever I’ve said earlier. “Continue with your fight. Make sure you don’t die,” I answered sarcastically.

Nie Zun was still engaged in fierce battle with Huo when my abdomen finally healed completely.

But, I realized something else. Why wasn’t there anyone else here in this carpark?

Feng and Lei did not look like they had any intention of joining the fight. With the current situation, it did not look like they had to intervene at all.

Both Huo’s hands had turned into fiery torches, and everything he touched was charred instantly. Though I was more than three meters away, I could feel the power of his MF coursing through those flames.

As expected from Li Qing’s best subordinates.

There was still something I didn’t quite understand. Though they were under orders to protect Jiao S, now that the Eastern District has been destroyed, and Jiao S is powerful enough on her own, it would have made more sense for Li Qing to let them stay with me, considering that she had always favored me. But why didn’t she do that?

If things didn’t flow logically like this, then there must be something else going on here.

I was seated on the ground thinking about this when I felt a sudden gust of wind blow past. Sensing danger, I lifted my left hand as a shield and retreated a few steps back.

Feng was a short distance away from me when I looked up. Did he want to fight me too?

Fine. I was sure that they were trying to make the scene look all the more realistic when he sent a gust of wind at me.

“Scorpion Ray.”

Scorpion Ray turned into a bow as I drew an arrow of light with my right hand.


Countless needles of light shot towards Feng. I had gotten better at using Scorpion Ray now after the few times I combined my MF with it.

Feng was someone who made use of the wind in his attacks, and he was as quick as lightning in his movements.

As he raised a hand, rainbow-colored rays shot through the carpark. The needles of light from Scorpion Ray shattered as they hit a translucent wall. Behind that rainbow wall was Feng’s tall and sturdy figure.

“The wind shield… Been a while.” I smiled at him. Feng kept a straight face, not returning my smile.

My face froze for an instant.

Among the three, I was on the best terms with Feng. I had seen this technique before, and he even used it to protect me previously.

The triplets seemed to have misunderstood something about me, but I don’t remember doing anything that might have let them down.

Was it because of my failure to take care of the Western District?

Feng looked at me with a cold and unfamiliar gaze. He raised a hand and grabbed the air in front of him.

Air vortexes appeared in the air, turning into sharp, merciless drills that flew towards me from all directions.

Danger loomed. I knew that Feng was an expert in using wind, and he might be better at Gaoqin Jiuye when it comes to manipulating air currents. I focused my MF on defense, trying to create a barrier around me.

I wasn’t very good at defense, and now that Piercer wasn’t with me and Scorpion Ray’s attacks don’t seem to be working, the only thing I could do was to create a protective barrier around myself with MF, even though it was a weak defense.

My MF could cancel about half the attack power of those air vortexes, but my exposed skin was still wounded by the remaining force.

I frowned at Feng, who looked like he was ready to kill. This didn’t feel like acting, it felt like he was being serious.

“How should I be interpreting this?” Staying silent cannot solve anything. Lei stood standing in a corner, not moving an inch, while Huo and Feng were in the midst of a fierce battle with Nie Zun and I. I looked at Feng as I waited for his response.

Feng answered casually, “Since we’ve met, how about a spar? Let me see how much you’ve grown in these couple of years.”

I don’t think I’ve improved very much. Furthermore, Piercer has been taken away by somebody else.

I turned to shout at Nie Zun, “Hey, could you return Piercer for a while? I’ll give it back when I’m done.” You aren’t using it anyway.

Jet-black mist surrounded Nie Zun’s hands as he moved with great agility, as if this was just a simple game and not a battle. He smiled as he answered, “No.”

I really wanted to beat this guy up.

As I turned back, I saw Feng raise his slender hands under that white robe. His fingers moved like he was strumming invisible strings.

I was a little anxious at this.

A melody sounded in the air. It was created by his strumming. One had to be able to manipulate MF extremely intricately to be able to produce such melodic sounds in the air.

The melody was gentle and crisp at first, but it turned heavy after a while. Feng’s pupils’ tightened.

As he continued plucking the invisible strings in the air, a crack appeared in the ground, as if it was a mark left by an invisible sword that slashed through it.


Six vehicles rose up into the air behind me before flying right at me. One of these vehicles was an old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage with a horse attached.

That horse was currently defecating.

Its excrement flew through the air.

Though it was animal dung, it still had great force. It seemed to carry some sort of killing intent as it flew towards me together with the other vehicles.

I focused my MF on my feet and avoided it quickly. Unfortunately, those vehicles were a red herring. A strong blade of air hit me as I was busy avoiding those vehicles, making me fly more than ten meters away.

Sparks appeared under my feet as I tried to steady myself from the attack, but I seemed to have hit somebody behind me.

Subconsciously, I wanted to grab the person from behind and use their body as a shield. I came into contact with sturdy arms as I reached out. Looking up, I realized it was Chou Yu.

“Why are you here?” I asked in surprise.

Chou Yu smiled politely. “Miss Ah Shen.”

I then saw Yuan Qian walk in from the entrance of the carpark. “The two of you…” My brows furrowed.

Yuan Qian looked at me. “I can track you with that pill I gave you earlier.”

Seeing Yuan Qian and Chou Yu, Nie Zun made Huo retreat with a ray of black light. He then started making his way towards us.

Damn, what should I do now?

I couldn’t tell Chou Yu and Yuan Qian the truth, since I didn’t know what Yuan Qian really thought of me right now, and I didn’t know the effects of her poison either. I had to bring Nie Zun to the demon cave as soon as possible.

Right now, the only solution was to forcefully activate Huai Du’s consciousness in Nie Zun by badly wounding him.

I told Yuan Qian, “I don’t know why you’re here, but you have to leave now. Someone is after you.”

Chou Yu was the one who responded. He looked worried as he spoke. “Miss Ah Shen, what do you mean by that?”

With one look at Chou Yu, I realized the two of them were actually a couple.

I said to Chou Yu with renewed determination, “Nie Zun wants to take her life.”

With that, Chou Yu stepped forward to shield Yuan Qian as he looked at the approaching Nie Zun vigilantly.

Feng, Huo and Lei did not disappoint. The three of them went after Nie Zun immediately as they saw the change in the situation.

A blade of air, a fireball and a bolt of lightning combined in an attack that was going straight for Nie Zun’s back, towards his heart.

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