Chapter 207: A Leech Infestation

Volume 4

207 A Leech Infestation

“Who are you?” I asked as I stared at that terrifying woman.

Laurel rushed over with excitement as she looked at that woman. “You’re the soul in Piercer!”

Her flesh was broken and blood covered her entire face. There was no way to make out her expression and what she looked like. Her eyeballs were mystifyingly dark. “You want to take me away?”

Laurel nodded. “Come with me. I might be able to help you regain your freedom.”

The terrifying woman laughed out loud. “I’ve been hating the world ever since that adulterous pair trapped me in this whip. I’ve thought of so many ways, but in the end, I realized that all I could do was to devour those who wanted my soul. There’s no way I can escape from this whip, and now a mere girl is telling me that you can help me regain my freedom? Hahaha, do you wish to die…”

Laurel laughed. “How do you know that a mere girl wouldn’t be able to help you regain your freedom? Do you have any idea who it was that asked me to come look for you?”

The terrifying woman smirked. “Who is the one with such guts?”

Laurel giggled. “You’ll definitely be familiar with this name… Zou An…”

I shivered. Zou An…

How could it be? Why is Laurel and Zou An working together? Is Zou An still alive?

But that made sense. There’s no way Zou An would go down that easily. Does this mean he’s in the Northern District too?

There wasn’t much time for me to think about things. The soul in Piercer was instantly enraged the moment she heard Zou An’s name.

Seems like the soul in this living weapon had a great hatred for the creator…

Gaoqin Jiuye interrupted, “Little lady, where’s Zou An now?” Right, I almost forgot. Why did Gaoqin Jiuye suddenly appear?

I looked at him with suspicion, but he paid me no heed.

Piercer’s soul called out to Gaoqin Jiuye before Laurel could answer. “Gaoqin Jiuye. Do you still remember me?”

Gaoqin Jiuye acted as if he had forgotten. “I don’t quite remember.”

I felt a headache coming on. Gaoqin Jiuye was the one who saved Zou An and his wife that time when Piercer devoured Bian Ying’s soul. Piercer’s soul might hate him too.

Just what is happening here…

My weapon turned into a terrifying female ghost who was about to engage Gaoqin Jiuye in a battle to the death, and Laurel still had her eyes on Piercer…

There was no peace to be had anywhere…

Piercer’s soul raised her arms, producing fiery red flames. “Then I’ll help you remember.”

What. Fighting Gaoqin Jiuye already?

I stepped forward, calling out to her. “Hey, Piercer! I don’t care who you have a past with and why you hate them. Don’t forget that you’re a living weapon belonging to me, Li Shen, now.”

I reached out towards her in a catching motion with my right hand.

I learnt more about how to manipulate MF after that meditation session. I’ve been using Piercer for quite some time now. A weapon will forever be a weapon, and its master will forever be the master. There’s no way I’d let her go insane here.

Those flames were extinguished by my MF. Her face got even more twisted. “Li Shen, I’m already being very nice by helping you until now. You think you’re really able to control me? You’re lucky that I haven’t cursed you to die, and you dare talk to me like this?”

I pulled my right hand back. Blood in the pool sprayed everywhere with the force of MF.

I smirked at her. “A weapon will remain a weapon. Since you’re with me, you’re mine now. Nobody would be able to take you away from me. I won’t let anyone hurt you, but you’ll have to listen to me.”

I stole a glance at Laurel, catching a slight smile at the corner of her lips. I’m telling her indirectly that she can forget about taking Piercer away.

I wasn’t able to control Piercer’s soul for long with just my MF. Jie Pa had told me before, that to successfully conquer the soul in a living weapon, you had to get them to recognize you as worthy.

Gaoqin Jiuye raised a brow as he saw me control Piercer’s soul. Slowly, he drew Shen Qi from his waist.

This was bad. He was about to release Shen Qi.

Though it was not much of a problem for living weapons to go against each other, I was afraid that Shen Qi might hurt Piercer.

Laurel knew how powerful Shen Qi was, and she did something with her hands.

The pool seemed to transform suddenly.

A milky liquid seemed to bubble from the bottom of the pools, and a gigantic female emerged from each of the pools. The bodies were female but they had no facial features, and their bodies were covered in pustules.

“What are these disgusting things?” I frowned, feeling nauseated as I looked at them.

I turned to Nie Zun, only to be met with a sleepy face. He looked like he was sunbathing at the beach instead of being in the middle of a bloody fight.

I was rather angered by his lazy expression. He could make any scenario look unnatural by being in it.

Gaoqin Jiuye made ripples in the air while Shen Qi turned into its human form beside him.

Looking at him, I realized that I might have forgotten how powerful he was.

Piercer’s soul escaped as I lost my concentration for just a moment.

Her eyes opened wide and two fiery red flames rose up as she stretched her bloody arms.

Laurel wasn’t relaxing either. With a clap, the pustules which were on those faceless female bodies started bursting one after another. Blood started pouring from those bodies, coupled with a horrible smell.

Something horrific happened at this very moment. Countless leeches were crawling out of the burst pustules. These were at least three to four times larger than the ones we’ve seen before, and they were just like gigantic, hungry crabs. Those two black pincers snapped away as they produced a creepy sound. They were crawling towards us now.

I shivered as I looked at the gigantic leeches. I still remembered how Song Lu was tortured inside the wooden barrel in that stone room.

Those disgusting pincers cut open Song Lu’s pale flesh before the leeches entered through her skin and ate at her, bringing her unimaginable pain.

That scene will forever be embedded in my mind. I could no longer suppress the anger and hate in me when I saw those leeches crawling out. Those gigantic bodies looked like they were a breeding ground for the leeches.

Shutting my eyes, I thought, ‘Scorpion Ray, if you’re really a living weapon of mine, then help me get rid of these monsters.’

When I opened my eyes, I saw Scorpion Ray on my left wrist produce a dazzling light.

I drew a semi-circle in the air with my left arm, and Scorpion Ray produced a smooth line of white light.

I poured my MF into Scorpion Ray, trying to get a better feel of it. I realized that the biggest difference between a normal weapon and a living weapon was that a living weapon could communicate with its master. From that, a powerful attack could then be launched.

The leeches were at my feet now. Nie Zun was floating in the air. Even with amnesia, he still liked to levitate.

Gaoqin Jiuye surrounded himself with air currents, and it was difficult for the leeches to approach him like this.

Catching Laurel’s gaze, I realized that these leeches had Nie Zun and I as the targets. It was to prevent me from controlling Piercer. Since I was still its owner, Piercer’s power and my MF were linked. If I went forward to help Gaoqin Jiuye in the fight, it was unlikely Piercer would win.

Apart from these leeches, everyone else here seemed to be working for Laurel as well. They were encroaching on Nie Zun and I right at this moment.

Yuan Qian had disappeared.

No time to wonder about that now. I poured MF into Scorpion Ray again.

It’s no wonder others said Scorpion Ray was an incomplete living weapon. It definitely felt like something was missing. Although Piercer was complete, it did not listen to me.

That’s right, this was the feeling.

I felt a warmth on my left wrist. Raising my left hand, I drew a circular bow in the air as I pulled back with my right hand.

I let go of the ray of light that was drawn by my right hand.

Countless needles of light shot out at those leeches. These needles of light left bright trails in their wake.

I couldn’t help but admire the beautiful scene. As expected of Scorpion Ray, a present from Li Qing.

Those needles of light exploded after piercing through the leeches, looking like spectacular fireworks in the night sky, except that they could kill.


The leeches exploded everywhere.

I was overjoyed at seeing Scorpion Ray’s power, but I could feel my MF running out fast from controlling the circular bow. I had to be extremely careful now because I couldn’t afford to make any mistake.

Feeling the MF coursing through my wrist and my palm, I raised Scorpion Ray again.

“Scorpion Ray, kill them”

Laurel looked at me with dark eyes.

She clasped her hands and those gigantic female bodies instantly doubled in size.

Pustules continued appearing on their bodies, like thousands of tiny mice scurrying under their skin. The pustules then burst, producing even more of those leeches.

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