Chapter 206: Horrifying Pool of Blood

Volume 4

206 Horrifying Pool of Blood

The chill continued spreading from my palms to my heart, making it feel like it was painfully twisted as it burnt in an icy cold. My pupils started to tremble.

Laurel probably thought that I was in pain from Yuan Qian’s pill, and she signaled for the spider-women to focus their attacks on me.

Suppressing the pain, I looked at Nie Zun. “No need to help me, just make sure you don’t die here.”

Nie Zun looked a little excited at this, as if he was enjoying being immersed in this murderous environment. He did not look the least bit anxious.

I heard the dark and cold voice again. “Let me go, release me.”

I answered fiercely in my heart, ‘Let you go? I wasn’t the one who locked you in here. You should work for me since you’re a living weapon belonging to me now.’

I raised Piercer and whipped it, producing a ray with a chilly killing intent.

Fear could be seen in the eyes of the spider-women.

A lot of MF was used in this particular attack, and I felt an unease in my chest.

“Ah…” I called out, retreating involuntarily.

“Pch.” I spat out a mouthful of blood. Laurel smirked at this. “Yuan Qian’s pill is good. As expected of the poison lady from the Western District.”

Pressing down on my chest, I looked up, only to be met with Yuan Qian’s complex gaze.

I knew what she was thinking about, because this wasn’t caused by her poison at all.

Nie Zun walked towards me with hands in his pockets. “Why are you so weak?”

I ignored him. There was a burning sensation in my throat and the taste of blood in my mouth.

The voice spoke again. “It’s not too late if you let me go now. Or else, I’ll devour your soul and have you keep this little lady company.”

My eyes widened. I thought angrily, ‘Little lady? Is that Bian Ying?’

Before I heard an answer, Laurel looked enraged as she spoke. “What’s with that expression? Ah Shen jiejie, do you hate me so much?”

Why did she say that?

I looked at Laurel in confusion. Immense hate surged in Laurel’s eyes. She pulled Yuan Qian closer to her.

Laurel’s hand turned into a slimy liquid that stuck onto Yuan Qian’s arm. It spread to her neck in just a few seconds. Yuan Qian’s eyes widened as she called out painfully.

“Let her go!” I shouted. With this, another mouthful of blood spurted from my mouth.

Laurel stared at me. “Let her go? Sure, only if you hand over Piercer.”

I couldn’t bear to look at Yuan Qian in pain. That voice was also tormenting me, and I decided to throw Piercer at Laurel. “You want it? Try taking it.”

A dark purple light appeared in Piercer’s wake as it flew through the air.

Laurel let go of Yuan Qian and reached out for Piercer. I leapt up into the air, red dress billowing. Focusing my MF, I trapped Laurel and Piercer into a circular ball of air.

As Laurel grabbed the thong of Piercer, I pulled the handle hard towards myself. The stinger on the end of Piercer embedded itself into Laurel’s hand, cutting into the flesh of her palm.

“Ss… Ow…” I pulled Piercer back as Laurel frowned in pain. Piercer was wrapped around her now.

Just as I was about to pull her towards me, that voice appeared again. “You never learn.”


An explosion occurred in my palm that held Piercer. I fell after being hit in midair.

I kept falling and I couldn’t control my MF at all.

There seemed to be something that was being taken from me. Just when I was about to hit the floor, I felt a cold embrace around me.

Though my hair was obstructing my vision, I could still make out those starry eyes of his.

Nie Zun caught me and landed on the ground steadily.

Just as I wanted to speak, I realized my five senses were starting to deteriorate.

The ringing in my ears got louder and louder, and my vision was blurring. My world was being forcefully torn apart by something.

Piercer turned into a black flame that trapped me.

I saw a look of worry in Nie Zun’s eyes, but I pushed him away.

That dark purple flame then encased me.

The burning sensation wasn’t felt on my skin, it was felt within my soul.

Laurel fell onto the ground opposite me. Her hand which had been in contact with Piercer was now bloodied, looking like a claw that came out from hell.

She stared at me coldly.

None of those monsters dared approach me. Everyone was looking at me with a weird stare.

Nie Zun was staring at me as well.

After about three seconds, he decided to walk towards me again.

I shouted, “Don’t come over.”

Horrified, I realized that it wasn’t my voice.

That dark purple flame continued burning around me, but it didn’t feel like I was being burnt. It was a thorough bone-chilling cold that seeped through me.

Something seemed to be swallowing my consciousness. That dark voice rang around me. “Sleep now. Give your body to me. Bow down to me and listen to me.” I was losing awareness and everything seemed to quieten.

Everything was white now. Just when I was about to lose everything, I heard a lazy voice. This voice was different from that cold, dark voice from before. This voice sounded like the summer wind, breezing past my ears into my heart.

“Shen’er… Not going to ask for my help even at such a time…?”

A dash of red appeared in front of me. It was a bright red. A glorious red.

She had a brilliant smile on her face as she tried to take me in an embrace. “Shen’er… Don’t exclude me… Accept me… Won’t you accept me…?”

“Ah…!” I screamed with flailing arms.

“Stop her, quick.”

My senses were returning to me. When I woke up, I heard Gaoqin Jiuye’s voice. At the same time, I felt a hand holding mine.

My eyes snapped open. Everything was clear now.

I was in the pool now, but instead of being filled with water, it was filled with blood. All I could feel and smell was blood.

Yuan Qian was taken away from Laurel by an unknown man, and Laurel was currently immobilized by Shen Qi’s human form.

I turned to the side, seeing Nie Zun in the pool of blood. His eyes had a quiet anger to them, but they looked lonely and cold. He pulled me along as he swam towards the edge of the pool.

The ringing in my ears subsided, but something grabbed my leg from under that pool of blood.

I heard a voice say, “You destroyed me. You destroyed me.”

I could no longer stand being haunted by this eerie voice. I shouted, “Who are you? Come out!”

Hearing me scream, Nie Zun pulled me into an embrace. At the same time, he seemed to have done something else which caused the hand pulling at my leg to let go.

Gaoqin Jiuye appeared at the edge of the pool, calling out to Nie Zun, “Get her out.”

Nie Zun’s gaze tightened. He carried me out of that pool of blood.

Blood dripped from us as we stepped out.

When Nie Zun leapt into the air, an ugly, giant hand that was devoid of skin caught us. The scarred, grosteque hand shot up from that pool of blood.

The hand was enormous. Nie Zun and I were being squished like thin straws in it. We seem to have been flattened against each other to the point that I felt like my bones were about to merge with his.

“Ah.” There was an indescribable fear as I lost all feeling in my limbs. I was nauseated with the disgusting smell coming from that hand. I saw black fire as I met Nie Zun’s eyes.

I suddenly became wide awake. “Oh no,” I muttered.

Before I could stop him, I heard her voice from above. “Shen’er, let him save you. You don’t need me with him around…”

I turned around, trying to find her. My neck started cracking as I turned, and it actually rotated 180 degrees.


I turned back, seeing black fog surround Nie Zun and slowly wrap around us. The hand let go of us as it came into contact with the black fog.

Nie Zun was still hugging me tightly as we landed on the ground.

I regained feeling in my limbs as we touched the ground. That hand from the pool of blood turned into a terrifying woman drenched in blood. Her skin was broken everywhere and blood was continuously dripping from all over her.

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