Chapter 197: Fierce Competition

Volume 4

197 Fierce Competition

Du Yue’s leg seemed to be regenerating at the speed of light. She did not look like she was in an ounce of pain, as if it was simply a strand of hair instead of a leg that I had just ripped off from her.

“Seems like I’ve really underestimated you.” This was the first time I heard Du Yue say something like this. However, instead of filling me with joy, this made me feel fearful.

She looked at me. “My patience is at its end. Jiao S is now in my Palace of Cold Blood. I can cause her pain whenever I wish to. Come with me if you don’t wish for her to go through such agony.

“As for you.” Du Yue turned to Gaoqin Jiuye. “Si Luo won’t be able to wake up without Yu Liang. Right now, Yu Liang is also in the Palace of Cold Blood. Are you sure you don’t want to come along?”

“What?” I said, surprised. “Why would Yu Liang be in your Palace of Cold Blood?”

Du Yue shot me a cold smile. “Even Jie Pa is there too. There really are many talented individuals in that Western District of yours. There’s actually someone who can use that long-forgotten spatial transference technique, a technique that’s lost even to the soul splitters.”

Spatial transference? Isn’t that Old Man Fan’s technique…

A tiny glimmer of hope seemed to appear before me. Is Old Man Fan still alive…

I tried to suppress the excitement in me. I knew that I had to remain calm in this situation. I had to look at things with a clear head. I cannot expose Old Man Fan’s secret so easily.

I asked with composure, “Who else is in that Palace of Cold Blood?”

Du Yue glanced at Gaoqin Jiuye. “I don’t know who in the Western District used that forbidden technique, but the few important people managed to escape from that catastrophe and arrived here in the Northern District. It was a coincidence that Jie Pa and Yu Liang landed in my territory, together with two subordinates of Jiao S. They’re all in the Palace of Cold Blood now with Jiao S.”

I guess it’s only Jie Pa and Yu Liang who landed in her territory then. Those two subordinates of Jiao S would refer to… Tao Lie and Mu Li.

This is why Yuan Shen appeared in the Northern District. Does this mean that those fighting alongside Jie Pa had all survived? My eyes started to water as I was overjoyed at the thought.

Everyone was still alive.

Gaoqin Jiuye spoke. “How can I believe you?”

Du Yue glanced at me. “You can choose not to believe what I say, but I’m sure you know that she’ll definitely come with me after this. If she leaves with me, I’m guessing you’d do the same. Am I right?”

Gaoqin Jiuye’s eyes darkened as he looked at me.

I nodded. “Right, I’m coming with you.

“But.” I pointed at Ku Fei. “I want you to promise me that you’ll not hurt him. Let him stay here in the Northern District as an heir, and don’t make things difficult for him.”

Ku Fei had been blanking out for a while now and only now did he realize that we were really going to leave him.

Tears shone in his eyes as his lips turned downwards.

Du Yue did not bother looking at him. “I’m not so bored that I’d want to go after a tiny ant like him.”

“Fine. Let’s go then.” I walked towards Du Yue.

Du Yue’s leg had completed its regeneration by now, but since the lower end of her dark green trousers had been ripped off as well, her new leg was exposed to the air like a long and slender piece of lotus root.

I glanced at Li Wen as I passed her. She was expressionless and she did not seem to have the intention of stopping me either.

I knew that she wouldn’t stop me now, since it would be one against three for her in this situation, and it would be difficult for her to win. I wonder what she’d do?

Li Wen smiled as she said, “Du Yue’s Palace of Cold Blood doesn’t welcome visitors usually, so how could I miss out on this rare opportunity today? May I come along too?”

So she’s choosing to come along with us, and look for a chance to take me away after. I didn’t know my second personality was this charming, so much so that a beautiful lady is in hot pursuit of her.

I thought Du Yue would reject her, but she agreed. “Fine, let’s go.”

I began to feel uncomfortable at this. The four of us were leaving the Gate of Ghost for the Palace of Cold Blood in the Gate of Heaven. What a stressful journey this would be…

I signaled for Ku Fei to leave. He nodded and turned to go.

No matter what, I had to find Nie Zun before we leave the Gate of Ghost. I can only depend on myself for this task now.

“The Gate of Ghost is huge. How do we get there?” I asked.

Du Yue and Gaoqin Jiuye remained silent. They had no intention of answering my question. Li Wen smiled at me. “Ah Shen, you’re not familiar with the environment in the Northern District.” Of course I’m not. I’ve been living outside of this place forever, how would I know what it looks like.

“The Northern District is huge. Just the Gate of Ghost alone is larger than the Eastern, Western and Southern Districts combined. We’ll take more than just a day or two to arrive in the Palace of Cold Blood in the Gate of Heaven.”

I was lost. “Then why would Jiao S be in the Palace of Cold Blood within just a few days?”

Du Yue answered this time. “Jiao S has a pill that can be used for teleportation. It’s a rare pill and she’s the only one who owns it. She didn’t know I was aware of this, and it just so happened that her two subordinates were both in my Palace of Cold Blood. I let on that her subordinates were still alive, and she walked right into my trap when she tried to escape by using that pill. She’s probably already in the Palace of Cold Blood now, and she’ll be greeted by my subordinates there.”

My fists tightened, but I remained silent.

Wait. That pill which can be used for teleportation… I suddenly remembered that Jiao S gave me something like this, and she said I shouldn’t use it unless it was absolutely necessary.

That pill should still be with me right now. None of them were aware of this. I looked down at my dress and saw the tear in the fabric near my chest. I then thought of something.

“I look horrible right now with my clothes all torn. How about we rest here in the Gate of Ghost for today? I heard that days and nights last for 30 hours each here. It’s turning dark soon, so why not we leave tomorrow instead?ow aboutHHoHoH” I pointed at the hole in my dress created by Nie Zun as I spoke.

Du Yue glanced at me. “This is the Gate of Ghost and it’s not my territory here. If you guys want to rest, go ahead, but don’t think that I’d help you out if you meet any trouble here.”

Nobody wants your help.

Li Wen stood up suddenly. “The only way to get to the Gate of Heaven from here is via the Heaven Ghost Bridge located at the far end in the Gate of Ghost. We’re on the opposite end now, and we’ll need quite some time to arrive there.”

I pointed behind me as I said, “Isn’t the entrance to the Gate of Ghost right behind the river? Can’t we go through there instead?”

Li Wen shook her head. “That entrance can only be seen if you exit from the Great Hall. When you’re already inside any one of the Gates, you’ll never be able to find those entrances again no matter where you go. This means that there’s no turning back here in the Northern District.”

“There’s no turning back?”

What does that mean?

Seeing my confused expression, Li Wen continued her explanation. “If you’re in any of these Gates, the only way to leave is via a bridge that connects to another Gate, and you won’t be able to leave the Northern District. This is why there’s no turning back here.”

“Then how do you guys go to our world?”

“I’ve told you this before, have you forgotten it again? We can reach the Great Hall through that black hole above it.” Li Wen looked at me, as if she was trying to say something else.

Du Yue was impatient now and she left quickly after giving us a cold look. Gaoqin Jiuye followed closely behind after settling Si Luo in his air vortex. Looking at the both of them, Li Wen and I started moving as well.

“What were you trying to say earlier?” I asked Li Wen.

I knew Li Wen. She was intelligent. There was no way she would say something like ‘there’s no turning back’ for no reason.

Li Wen smiled but remained silent.

I looked at the two individuals in front of me meaningfully. Right, soul splitters have high MF. Our conversation would probably be heard at such a distance. She probably walked ahead because she wants to eavesdrop on us too…

Wait, if there’s no turning back in the Northern District…

Then Mr Blond is definitely involved in all of this. Is it only Mr Blond who has the ability to bring them over? What other secrets are hidden in here…? I frowned to myself. There’s nobody else here but me. If I want answers, I’ll have to tread lightly.

I sped up, catching up to Du Yue.

“Also.” Du Yue looked at my left ankle. “If you wish to survive in the Northern District, I’d suggest for you to keep the fact that you’re an heir a secret.”

There’s no physical difference between heirs and soul splitters, and if the Gate of Ghost is so huge that it’s larger than the three other districts combined, I’d probably not be treated any differently even though I’m an unfamiliar face. Would I still need to hide if it’s not that easy to recognize this fact?

Li Wen seemed to be able to read my mind and said, “The Northern District isn’t as simple as you think it is. There’d be many unexpected situations that would occur. There’re many unfamiliar faces around given that the area is so huge, and it’s true that it’s nothing much. But if you show surprise or fear, the more perceptive ones would be able to tell right away.”

I nodded. “Thanks for the reminder, but I don’t think there’s anything else that can shock me here in the Split Zone. Its existence in itself is already enough of a surprise for me.”

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