Chapter 178: Li Wen’s Scheme

Volume 3

178 Li Wen’s Scheme

“What do you mean I’m the only person who can kill them…”

Before I could ask further questions, the Great Hall started quaking, as if there was a sudden earthquake.

Mr Blond looked around. “Seems like it’s time. Li Shen, you have two tasks after waking up. The first is to take control of Piercer. I know that it’s difficult, but you cannot let Piercer devour you. The second is to save Si Luo, he cannot die…”

The Great Hall started collapsing before Mr Blond could finish.

Don’t go, I haven’t finished with all my questions!

Where are you, how do I save you, who trapped you? Is Li Qing still alive? Where is she?

How do I go back to the Western District? What should I do? Why does it have to be me? Why am I the only one who can kill soul splitters? How do I kill them?

And also, why do I have to kill soul splitters… I don’t want to kill anyone…

“Wait!” I reached out a desperate hand in an attempt to grab hold of Mr Blond, who was now being buried deep within the collapsing Great Hall. With a gleam in his eyes, he pushed me backwards!

Once again, I fell into an endless abyss of darkness. There was nothing but the sound of the wind blowing past my ears.

“Ah---!” I woke up screaming.

“You’re awake.”

I looked towards the source of this gentle voice.

There were traces of green moss all over the walls in this place. It seemed to be some sort of cave.

I was lying on a bed of grass.

The voice came from somewhere near the entrance of the cave. It was extremely bright outside, and I could not recognize the figure walking in.

Focusing my MF on my vision, I took a clearer look at the figure. She was in a pale yellow chiffon dress. Her hair framed her rosy cheeks, and her eyes were filled with emotion.

“Li Wen…” I muttered.

Hearing me call her name, she walked towards me with a beautiful smile. “Ah Shen.”

Her smile was gentle and her pace steady, as if we were still close friends who spent all day together.

Sadly, my head is clearer than ever now that I’ve woken up.

As I recalled what happened, I realized it was Li Wen who attacked me by that riverbank, and she brought me here while I was unconscious.

I turned cold. “Are you a soul splitter from the Gate of Ghost too? Why did you bring me here?”

I was already sitting up as Li Wen sat down beside me.

She was fiddling with the ends of that chiffon dress. “Me? I’m not someone from the Gate of Ghost. I come from the Gate of Exit. I’m sure you know that the Gate of Exit is just beside the Gate of Ghost, on its right.”

Gate of Exit?

I suddenly remembered – Heaven, Ghost. If Si Luo and Gaoqin Jiuye were from the Gate of Heaven previously, then are the soul splitters there kind? But, why did they leave the Gate of Heaven? Was it because of Du Yue and Ta Lai?

The Gate of Ghost obviously sounded like it was populated with villains.

The Gate of Exit…

Why did I not wonder about its name before? (T/n: The Chinese character used for ‘Exit’ here is li, the same character as the li in ‘Li Wen’.)

Don’t tell me… I looked at her. “Are you the ruler of the soul splitters in the Gate of Exit?”

Li Wen laughed in response. “Ah Shen, you think too highly of me.”

“I am…” She looked at the chiffon dress in her hand. “I’m just a loyal dog…”

Loyal dog?

I couldn’t believe this was something Li Wen would say, much less use to describe herself.

For whatever reason it was, I knew that I didn’t want her pouring her heart out to me right now, and I didn’t want to hear her talk about what happened.

I didn’t want to pity her because of what she might tell me, nor was I in the mood to forgive anyone right now.

The Western District was destroyed right in front of my eyes. Why should I sympathize with these people who abandoned the Western District, these people who abandoned me?

I changed the subject abruptly, “Where’s Song Lu?”

Li Wen stopped fiddling with her dress. “Seems like Song Lu is the only one you care about. Of course, since you were the closest to her when we still had fun together in the past.”

I smirked. “I was the closest to her? Li Wen, have you forgotten that it was actually you and You Ji who spent the most time with me? Among the two of you, you were the closest to me. But in the end? The both of you…”

My heart hurt at that thought. “Forget it. You Ji is already dead, I shouldn’t be talking about her like that.”

Li Wen grabbed my hand suddenly.

“What did you say? You Ji is dead?”

I shot her a cold look. “Yes, dead. She was tortured to death, by Du Yue. Are you happy now? Li Wen, you guys are really cruel. Soul splitters are really cruel.”

I said that last phrase with gritted teeth.

Grieve flashed past Li Wen’s eyes, but she regained her composure just as quickly.

The smile which momentarily disappeared had reappeared on her face. “This is the Split Zone, Ah Shen. Have you only realized it now, that I’m cruel and ruthless? I’d be dead if I wasn’t cruel and ruthless!”

Her gentle smile turned into a resolute one.

I loosened my hand from her grip. “Seems like there really is no need for me to say anything more. Let’s just cut to the chase, why did you bring me here?”

She smiled. “We’re sisters, so of course I’ll help you out.”

“Shut up!” I stared at her. “You’re not my sister! I said it on that day when you took Song Lu away, that we’ll no longer be related in any way from then on!”

Though my emotions were in a mess, I tried not to show any weakness. I can’t lose. From now onwards, I cannot lose even once, I cannot afford to lose anymore.

Li Wen didn’t seem to mind what I said as she continued calmly, “Ah Shen, you can’t choose and decide on things alone. I’ve brought you here because I really want to help you. I’ll tell you the truth. The Eastern, Western and Southern Districts have already been destroyed by Du Yue.”

I froze.

She looked at me. “I know you might not believe what I say, because I wouldn’t either. But it’s the truth. You have to believe me no matter what. You’re lucky enough to come out alive in this massacre, and what you have to do next is of utmost importance.”

She probably thought I froze because I didn’t believe a single word she said.

But in reality, Mr Blond had already told me everything. I was a little surprised at this, that I was the only one who was aware of what he had told me, including the fact that he was still alive. Though it made no sense, knowing this made me feel just a little bit safer.

If Li Wen knew everything, and everyone except me knew the truth, it would have been too terrifying.

Seeing me silent, Li Wen was a little edgy. “Ah Shen, I’m telling you the truth. Du Yue has succeeded in her third experiment. She brought with her mutant heirs to the Southern District, causing all the heirs outside of the Northern District to face total destruction. The path leading to the Northern District from the Southern District has also been destroyed, and there’s no way we can go back there ever again. You can’t go back to the Western District anymore.”

I asked calmly, “Then, why am I here in the Northern District, and how do you know all this?”

She was visibly surprised, as if she did not expect me to be this calm.

She then smiled. “I don’t know the reasons behind it, but I always knew you were a special one. Since I met you here in the Gate of Ghost, I knew that you survived the catastrophe. As for all that destruction that’s happening, any soul splitter in the Northern District would know about it, so how could I not be aware?”

I looked at her with a piercing gaze. “According to what you’ve said, you didn’t know if I had escaped. If so, why did you come here to the Gate of Ghost instead of simply staying on in the Gate of Exit?”

Her eyes narrowed slightly. “I’m here to look for someone.”


A mysterious smile appeared on her face. “Originally, I wanted to look for a soul splitter named Bian Ying. But little did I expect that you’d actually be able to escape from that apocalypse and arrive in the Northern District.”

She leaned in close. “But I’m just overjoyed to be able to see you, because it’s so much better that you’re alive. And this means I won’t have to look for that Bian Ying anymore…”

Alright, no matter how dumb I might be, I finally understood some things now.

If what Mr Blond said was true, then I had some sort of power that could kill soul splitters, and that ability might have something to do with the existence of my other personality. Because of this, Li Wen wanted to look for someone like me, that is, Bian Ying. But since she met me, there’s no need for her to look for Bian Ying anymore, because I can be her weapon.

Seems like the world of soul splitters would still be chaotic without the existence of heirs.

Are the three factions of soul splitters actually going to engage in war? But no matter what their goal is, I had no interest in being a pawn. Want to make use of me? Dream on.

I’ve made a decision. I’ll leave with Song Lu right after I save her. Thinking about this, I suddenly thought of something else. Yu Liang?!

Yu Liang is still in the Western District?! How do I save Si Luo like this??

No, I didn’t see Yu Liang on the screen previously!

Who took him away? I tried to calm myself down. I had some bargaining power now that I’m a weapon that soul splitters can make use of.

“What do you need me to do?” I asked finally.

Li Wen seemed pleased as she said cheerily, “I never get tired when I talk to you, Ah Shen. This is what I like about you.”

I smirked and interrupted her, “There’ll come one day when you’ll feel an immense pressure just with me being around.”

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