Chapter 176: Mr Blond Appears?

Volume 3

176 Mr Blond Appears?

I was sure that Ta Lai would not let Bian Ying die, and with Jiao S’s abilities, she should be able to hold her own against Ta Lai. But then again, it was still Du Yue who controlled all this water. How should I choose…

Holding my breath, I decided to swim towards Bian Ying. I believed in Jiao S. I will not let Du Yue get her way, and I’m confident of my plan.

Du Yue seemed to have sensed my movement as I swam towards Bian Ying. I smirked. She must have thought that I would choose Jiao S, but I wouldn’t fall into her trap like Gaoqin Jiuye!

The water pressure suddenly increased as I was almost by Bian Ying’s side! Gritting my teeth, I pulled Piercer out!

Surprisingly, there was no resistance this time when I focused my MF on Piercer! Piercer seemed to be built for use in the water, as it swung gracefully towards Bian Ying with a flick of my wrist!

Du Yue opened her eyes as she realized what I was trying to do!

I smirked. There’s no way I’ll let her get her way! The force broke through the water pressure and Piercer was almost about to reach Bian Ying when all of a sudden, Ta Lai let go of Jiao S and grabbed Piercer with an outstretched hand!

Du Yue spit out a mouthful of blood! The blood disappeared in the water just as quickly.

I heaved an inward sigh of relief at this. It worked!

Bian Ying’s consciousness was absorbed by Piercer once, and no matter what, Ta Lai will never let Piercer come in contact with her a second time!

Since the water was controlled by Du Yue, she was able to use it to attack us and also help Ta Lai attack Jiao S. However, when I whipped Piercer towards Bian Ying, Ta Lai would break the balance in the water to stop Piercer. When that balance was broken; Du Yue would get hurt indirectly!

Ta Lai looked enraged as he held Piercer in a tight grip. Bian Ying stopped sinking and she was now just floating in the water looking like she was asleep.

Probably because she got hurt, Du Yue lost her control over the water for a few seconds! There was no way that Jiao S and I would let these precious few seconds go to waste!

I heard crackling sounds nearby and it sounded like water being instantly frozen into ice!

Yes! There was air in the water too, and wherever there’s air, Jiao S could take control of it!

The water and air rapidly wrapped itself around Du Yue, and in mere seconds, Du Yue was encased in ice! She looked like an ice sculpture floating in the water with a peculiar pose!

I pulled Piercer back towards me at this moment. As Ta Lai was pulled in my direction, I put my left hand in his face!

The light of Scorpion Ray pierced into Ta Lai’s eyes. He couldn’t dodge it as the MF in Piercer held him tight!

Ta Lai shut his eyes at Scorpion Ray’s attack, and he would probably not be able to open them anytime soon. I clapped my palms together and focused my MF as I thought inwardly to Scorpion Ray to trap him!

Though I wasn’t confident that I would succeed, after going through some battles, I knew that MF was just the manifestation our mental ability, that is, the power we have in our hearts. So theoretically, we could use whatever power we wanted to as long as we could think of it, and it would all depend on whether we were able to persevere through it!

As I was thinking about this, I saw Scorpion Ray produce a few rays of light. That light looked like soft tentacles as they wrapped themselves around Ta Lai!

Scorpion Ray continued producing rays of light that looked as fine as silk, wrapping Ta Lai up tightly. Before long, he looked like a giant silkworm with his face partially obscured!

Even I was surprised at this. I could use Scorpion Ray like this?! There’s really no better way than engaging in real battle if I want to practice manipulating my MF well.

Focusing my MF, I cut off that silky light. Ta Lai was simply floating in the water now, all wrapped up.

At this moment, Du Yue, Ta Lai and Bian Ying were all floating in the water, none of them moving. As I was about to celebrate, I saw Jiao S’s worried look.

What’s she worried about?

As I asked myself this question, I heard a cracking sound from the frozen Du Yue.

Since the water was an extension of Du Yue’s power, if there was still water around, this meant that her power had not been entirely frozen!

Jiao S’s gaze tightened, and the water around her started swirling like a whirlpool!

She looked at me and pointed somewhere above her head! I understood her immediately, and I swam upwards as quickly as I could!

She wanted to freeze the entire body of water! Only then could she freeze Du Yue’s power!

Focusing my MF on my limbs, I leapt out of the water like a lively fish!

“Pch…!” I spat out a mouthful of water as I broke through the surface. Looking around, it was still the same forest and river. I felt the water under my feet beginning to freeze. I whipped Piercer against the water below me, using its force to leap out of the water!

Water continued dripping down my dress as I reached the riverbank. The river was now entirely frozen, and its entire surface was ice.

There was nothing but silence.

I wiped the water off my face. What do I do now? Jiao S seemed to have frozen everyone, including herself under the water.

What should I do next?!

My mind was in a flurry, and I didn’t even realize there was somebody behind me!

I felt pain as the needle was inserted into my shoulder, and before passing out, all I could see was a yellow figure as I turned around!

This felt different from fainting in the real world. In the Split Zone, the consciousness enters another space as we pass out, as if we were entering a dream. That space might be found deep within our souls, where it was possible to recall lost memories, or it might be a space controlled by somebody else, just like Old Man Fan’s spatial transference technique. Or, it could also be an illusion technique that affects the consciousness, creating an imaginary space as a result.

Darkness slowly overcame me.

It seemed as if I was falling into an endless abyss, and all I could hear was the wind blowing past my ears as I continued to drop. I could not move, and there was nothing I could do to resist. I tried to open my eyes, but I wasn’t even in control of my body.

After what seemed like a long fall, I felt a sudden cold wind.

I shut my eyes almost immediately after I pried them open, blinded by a bright light. I had to open and shut my eyes several times before I could finally see the surroundings clearly.

I sat up, shocked at what I saw.

I took another look at my surroundings again. This is… the Great Hall! Why was I back here in the Great Hall?!

“Surprised? You’re back here again.”

A familiar voice sounded from behind me. I haven’t heard this voice in a long time.

I was absolutely stunned.

The Great Hall was empty as usual, and its stone floor felt cold under my palms.

“Why don’t you turn around if you can recognize my voice, Ah Shen.”

Like a puppet moving at its master’s command, I turned back slowly.

Looking up, I saw a face that could only belong to someone of mixed heritage. Those shining, blue-green eyes dazzled lazily like sapphire under sunlight, and that head of bright golden hair looked just like a golden nugget in the middle of this Great Hall.

The figure was dressed simply in white.

“Blo… Mr Blond…” I said with trembling lips. This was too shocking!

Looking at how stumped I was, he laughed mischievously and bent down to meet my eyes. “This isn’t the first time you’ve seen me. Do you have to be this surprised?”

Of course I’m surprised! You’ve been missing for so long! Though I had many questions, I was at a loss for words!

Mr Blond smoothed my hair, as if he already anticipated such a reaction from me. “You’re not actually in the Great Hall now. Since you passed out, I had the opportunity to take your consciousness here while it was at its weakest. We don’t have much time, and forgive me for not being able to answer all of your questions right now. There’s something more important you have to know.”

He grabbed my shoulders, turning me around entirely.

“Look.” My back was against him now.

I saw the screen that was always in the Great Hall as I looked in the direction he indicated. The screen was originally empty and gray, but it lit up slowly as I looked at it, as if a movie was about to start.

A scene then started playing on screen, and it got clearer as it continued playing.

My eyes widened slowly as I watched. I felt Mr Blond’s lips close to my ear. “This is the current situation in the Eastern, Western and Southern Districts. These aren’t illusions.”

Still against the stone floor, my hands started shivering.

“No, it can’t be. This is an illusion…” I muttered.

Mr Blond gripped my shoulders with more strength, and his voice seemed to waver as he said, “I’m not lying… Ah Shen, as the leader of the entire Split Zone, would I play such a prank on you…”

“Impossible! How can this be!” I stared at the scene playing on screen, unable to tear my gaze away.

Mr Blond sighed. “I know. This is close to impossible. But, this is the truth…”

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