Chapter 173: Du Yue’s Plan

Volume 3

173 Du Yue’s Plan

The seated figure looked tall and slender in a tight purple top and a pair of dark green high-waisted trousers. With those exquisite features, she regarded us with a dispassionate gaze.

It was Du Yue!

Du Yue sat cross-legged, leaning against the stone table lazily as she rested her chin on a palm. She shot a cold look at Bian Ying.

“Why are you here in the Gate of Ghost?” Bian Ying did not sound friendly.

Though this was the first time I’ve heard Bian Ying use such a tone with anyone, I could understand why she did so. If Du Yue was the woman pursuing my lover, my attitude would probably be worse than Bian Ying’s!

Du Yue scoffed. “Why, are you afraid of me? If I’m here, it’s definitely because of you.”

There was no need for me to be friendly with Du Yue. I grabbed Piercer in my hand, pointing it towards her. “Where’s Song Lu? What happened to Yu Liang? What is your experiment all about? How about you come clean with us right now?”

Du Yue glanced at me. “Who do you think you are, ordering me around like this? Or do you actually think you’re a respectable person in the Northern District now that Gaoqin Jiuye is helping you out?”

Before I could say anything, Bian Ying answered, “You’re quick to mention Gaoqin. This means you haven’t forgotten him, so why are you still bothering Lai? You people from the Gate of Heaven are never satisfied with what you have and love to take things belonging to others, don’t you!”

I wanted to applaud Bian Ying. I didn’t expect such a fierce retort from such a gentle lady.

Du Yue seemed to be angered by this as her face wrinkled in a frown.

“Bitch, you only dare talk like this because that person is king here, and poor Ta Lai is still enamored with you. Yes, I take the belongings of others, but that’s still better than you who refuse to give up what you have even after you’ve obtained other things!”

Du Yue slammed the table, standing up on the stone chair! The stone table cracked into four with that angry slam!

“Tch tch tch. Pretty great strength for a person with only one arm.” I smirked.

I no longer bothered about being kind or gentle. Ever since I stepped into the Northern District, I learnt that you had to hold your own or else you’d just get trampled on! I can forget about saving my friends if I don’t have some ability or might of my own!

Du Yue sensed my sarcasm and shot me a piercing look. “Who are you? You’re just a puny little heir who’s lucky to survive until now. Do you think you’d still be alive if I didn’t spare you?”

I raised a brow. “Sorry for being such a pain, but it’s just too bad that I’m still alive. I’ve personally witnessed Ta Lai’s love for Bian Ying, and it’s the first time I’ve seen a soul splitter so enamored with someone. It’s no wonder you won’t give up in your pursuit. Sadly, you aren’t the one he loves!”

Du Yue was incensed by these harsh words of mine, and she looked like she was about to explode in anger.

I raised Piercer in my hand as a challenge to her.

Looking at what I just did, she laughed. “Seems like you’ll have to meet some of your old friends before you’re willing to stop this audacity.”

She raised her right hand and snapped her fingers.

Somebody dropped from the water above us! A figure drenched in blood landed in front of us with a loud thud.

I took a closer look, trying to make out who it was…

It was a woman who landed on the ground. Though she was covered in blood, I could see that the top half of her body was still human. Her breasts were gone, replaced by two dark, bloody holes in her chest.

The bottom half of her body was the tail of a snake, but it had no skin. It was a dark red, blotched with numerous scars all over it.

Her hair was in a mess, and she gave off an odor that smelt like rotten flesh. I couldn’t make out who she was.

Du Yue smirked as she pointed at the woman on the ground. “Li Shen, this is your old friend, You Ji. I’m giving her to you. Not only did she betray you, she also caused the death of Zou An’s wife, Ah Wen. You can do whatever you want with her now.”

What?! This is You Ji??

I trembled at the thought. I could not recognize her at all!

Her green hair was drenched in blood, and it looked just like a bunch of rotten seaweed on her head. I bent down to push her hair out of her face, taking a closer look. I was shocked at what I saw!

Her eyes, her eyes had been gouged out, leaving two bloody holes where they were supposed to be. Her nose was also cut off! Her mouth, it was sewed tightly shut with what looked like a thick black line!

“No, this can’t be You Ji…” I shook my head.

Du Yue laughed cruelly. “If you don’t believe me, how about you feel her MF? Her split symbol is somewhere three inches from where her tail starts. You’re welcome to feel it to check if she really is You Ji!”

With shaking hands, I did as I was told.

I froze as I felt You Ji’s tail.

“Any body of consciousness turned into an experimental subject by me will never be able to heal from their injuries. Her abilities are not that great, and seeing that she even betrayed her friend, I found her to be a pain. So, I decided to gouge her eyes out, cut her nose off, sew her mouth shut, and also put some pain-inducing agent on these wounds that will never heal…”

“Enough!” I swung Piercer out with my right hand!

It was the first time I saw Piercer produce something that resembled a violet dragon, and it flew towards Du Yue!

“Don’t!” Raising both her arms, Bian Ying tried to stop me!

With a quick stare, Jiao S took control of the air currents in the cave! She used an air vortex to restrict Bian Ying’s movements!

“Don’t act rashly if you can’t fight!” Jiao S shouted at Bian Ying as she moved to fight alongside me!

Air vortexes and Piercer’s violet dragon flew towards Du Yue. Du Yue simply smirked as she waved her right hand! With that, we felt a strong gravitational force that seemed to aim straight for our hearts!

My heart felt like it was made of metal that had shattered into a thousand pieces, and it was being forcefully attracted to the ground which acted like an extremely powerful magnet. Both Jiao S and I fell face first into the ground as we were affected by this force!

This unknown force was in total control of my heart as my chest smashed against the ground! My chin was also broken by the fall!

Though my chin started healing, a pain begin to spread from my chest!

This unknown force was extremely powerful!

I struggled to look up at Du Yue, who was still smirking. Lifting my left hand with difficulty, I said with a mouthful of blood, “Scorpion Ray, kill her!”

I stared at Du Yue as I focused the MF onto my left hand!

Scorpion Ray produced countless silvery needles that shot towards her!

Du Yue shielded her eyes from the dazzling light of Scorpion Ray, backing away a little!

Jiao S and I were still struggling to get up!

Du Yue waved her right hand again!

Once again, Jiao S and I were affected by that unknown gravitational force!


We fell onto the ground again!

“Stop it! This is territory in the Gate of Ghost, and I don’t think you’d dare do anything to me!” Seeing Jiao S and I in a bind, Bian Ying stood in front of us with outstretched arms, trying to shield us.

A sudden pain shot through my right arm and I spat out a mouthful of blood, letting go of Piercer involuntarily.

Du Yue was able to dodge most of the silver needles from Scorpion Ray, but she was still pierced by some of them. Her brows were knitted in a frown, and I could tell that those needles were giving her a ton of pain!

She was visibly enraged as she saw Bian Ying trying to protect us. “I don’t dare do anything to you? I’m actually here to torture you! Ha, don’t you underestimate me. Don’t even hope for Cang Ming to come and save you when I’ve trapped you here at the bottom of the river!”

With an angry roar, Du Yue grabbed the air with her right hand, and a pillar of water flew towards Bian Ying!

At this moment, a figure dashed out from the water, shielding Bian Ying!

It was Gaoqin Jiuye!

Gaoqin Jiuye shattered the pillar of water with just a quick glance!

I took the opportunity to clean my face as I was splashed with all that water!

“Of course Cang Ming wouldn’t come here. That’s because he fell into your trap!” Gaoqin Jiuye’s voice was icy and his gaze was frigid. He was no longer looking at Du Yue with those sorrowful eyes like before.

Bian Ying grabbed Gaoqin Jiuye as soon as she heard this. “What do you mean by Cang Ming falling into a trap? What happened to him?”

Du Yue smirked. “That’s right. To save Guan Nie, I knew that you guys would look for Cang Ming, and if Cang Ming wanted to save him, he’d have to go to that cave. I set up an illusion in that cave, and once he enters, you’ll never be able to find him. As for whether he can escape, that would depend on his abilities!”

Bian Ying was almost screaming now. “Why did you do that?! Cang Ming did nothing to you!”

Jiao S and I took the chance to get up while they were talking.

Gaoqin Jiuye consoled Bian Ying as he said, “There’s no need to worry. Cang Ming wouldn’t be called Satan Cang Ming if he could be hurt by Du Yue this easily. Du Yue, where did this confidence of yours come from? Not only have you trespassed into the Gate of Ghost, you even set up a trap for Cang Ming. Is this all to pursue Ta Lai, or is there another conspiracy here?”

Du Yue smiled. “Who told you I’m here alone? Gaoqin Jiuye, you’d go against me just to save Guan Nie? Or is this because of her?”

Raising her only arm slowly, Du Yue pointed at me.

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