Chapter 168: I’ll Heal Your Face

Volume 3

168 I’ll Heal Your Face

“Cang Ming…?” The words just came out of my mouth.

The demonic man raised a brow, but he did not give any acknowledgement.

Seems like I guessed right.

The man in front of me looked exactly like how I imagined ‘Satan Cang Ming’ to be. In fact, he was even more demonic than I thought he would be. While Guan Nie was enchantingly beautiful, this man could be described as dark and demonic.

His eyebrows were partially covered with that messy hair, and he had an aquiline nose above those blood-red lips. There was a cold gleam in those reptilian eyes of his.

Bian Ying, wrapped entirely in white, was now in the arms of this blood-red figure, and they seemed to match each other in a rather strange way.

Though the two of them were not considered extremely attractive, nor did they look too shocking, there was this unique air surrounding them that made them have an undeniable presence.

The tall Cang Ming had skin the color of wheat and even with Bian Ying in his arms, I could tell he was rather toned under that blood-red robe. Based on that physique, one would expect to see an extremely masculine face, but his eyes and lips were slightly upturned, adding to that demonic allure he had. He practically looked like a god of war with that cruel gleam in his eyes.

Bian Ying seemed to be shocked at his sudden appearance, and her gaunt face looked even paler now. Her eyes, though, remained bright and clear.

“Seems like you’re looking for ways to die recently.” Cang Ming laughed cruelly as he looked at Gaoqin Jiuye impudently.

With raised hands, Gaoqin Jiuye clapped slowly. “This is why I’m here to look for you. To meet you, I’d have to put both her life and my life on the line.”

Still carrying Bian Ying, Cang Ming walked over to that huge rock Bian Ying was originally resting on and sat on it. As he sat, the blood-red robe spread across the rock, making it look as if he was sitting in a pool of blood.

He just sat there with Bian Ying still in his arms. Though Bian Ying looked like she wanted to struggle out of his embrace, Cang Ming was way too strong for her as he held her tightly against his chest. Bian Ying seemed to have turned even paler at this.

“You and Si Luo have both left the Gate of Heaven for so long, and the last time I saw the both of you was because of that weapon-smithing couple. Word is that Gaoqin Jiuye is a cruel and wild individual, just like a devil. But you seem to be living only for others, from what I’m seeing here. So, who is it that you’re here for this time?”

Gaoqin Jiuye narrowed his eyes. “Devil? I wouldn’t dare take that name with you around.”

Cang Ming also responded with a narrowing of his eyes.

Because it was inflicted by Shen Qi, the wound on Bian Ying’s neck healed extremely slowly, and it had only scabbed over. Cang Ming did not even take one look at that injury after he saved her from the attack.

Apart from Gaoqin Jiuye, he did not seem to have looked at anyone else either.

He pointed at us, with one hand still around Bian Ying. “Both of us shouldn’t dare to take that name when he’s around.”

I looked towards the direction he was pointing at – he was pointing at Nie Zun.

Under the myriad of scars on his pale skin, Nie Zun’s face looked a little tired. But that starlight in his eyes can never be obscured no matter how many scars were on his face.

Nie Zun seemed indifferent to what Cang Ming said as a slight smile hung on his lips.

Cang Ming settled Bian Ying beside him on the rock. Though the rock was not small, they seemed to be squeezing in a small corner since Cang Ming had a sturdy, well-built physique and he took up quite a bit of space.

A forlorn expression appeared on Bian Ying’s gaunt face. She naturally held onto Cang Ming’s arm as her feet seemed to almost touch the water.

Cang Ming rested his hands on his knees as he smiled, looking dangerously attractive.

“How did you injure your face?” Cang Ming tilted his chin upwards, signaling for Nie Zun to answer.

I did a huge eye-roll towards the sky. How could this man be haughtier than Gaoqin Jiuye?

Nie Zun smiled as he answered casually, “Ta Lai.”

Bian Ying looked up with wide eyes as she heard Ta Lai’s name.

As Cang Ming felt her move, a hand shot out from under that blood-red robe to reach for her chin, pushing Bian Ying back down towards the rock!

The quiet waters of the river seemed to suddenly come alive as he moved, and in an instant, we felt ourselves wrapped in a fiery atmosphere!

In just a few moments, Bian Ying’s pale face seemed to be trapped under Cang Ming’s strong hand. He leaned towards her with fire in his eyes, pressing down on her face as he said, “I told you, you’re not allowed to think of him, not even just a little.”

My lips twitched. This was the Bian Ying who left Ta Lai because she fell in love with Cang Ming at first sight? She was obviously being forced…

My heart filled with pity as I saw the willful obstinance in Bian Ying’s clear eyes. Bian Ying’s face was already turning red under the pressure of Cang Ming’s palm, but she did not make a single sound no matter how much strength Cang Ming used.

Gaoqin Jiuye stepped forward with hands in his pockets, looking at this scene where a weak lady was being crushed by an overlord. He said, “Brother Satan, I know you’re never one to be gentle. But isn’t it too presumptuous to be crushing a little white rabbit in front of all of us?”

I gasped inwardly. Yes, it is presumptuous, but the both of you aren’t that different either.

And, crushing a ‘little white rabbit’? Hahaha, only you, Gaoqin Jiuye, would come up with such a phrase.

Seems like Gaoqin Jiuye’s words worked even against the arrogant Cang Ming, as he freed Bian Ying with a wave of his arm. Bian Ying’s jet-black hair fell across the rock as she crouched against it, gasping for air, a hint of resistance showing through those unnaturally rosy cheeks.

Cang Ming did not look at Bian Ying again. He leapt across the river to reach us.

He glanced at Gaoqin Jiuye. “Enough with the small talk. What’s your purpose in coming here to the Gate of Ghost?”

Gaoqin Jiuye smirked. A vortex appeared with a quick wave of his left hand, revealing the sleeping Guan Nie.

“Help me save him. His split symbol is peeling.”

Cang Ming laughed hysterically, as if he just heard a joke. His blood-red robes fluttered behind him as he did so.

“Help you? You, Gaoqin Jiuye, would actually say these words?”

Gaoqin Jiuye raised a brow, but he remained silent.

After observing him for a moment, Cang Ming shifted his gaze to Nie Zun who was beside me.

“I’m going to heal that face.” He pointed a presumptuous finger at Nie Zun’s face.

I was overwhelmed with instant joy, and I asked in my excitement, “Really? Can you really heal his face?”

Cang Ming then looked at me for the first time.

Nie Zun reached out a hand towards me, shaking his head.

Seeing his reaction, I could only suppress the questions I had.

Nie Zun smiled as he nodded at Cang Ming. “Thank you, but there’s no need to. I’m fine just like this.”

I didn’t know why Nie Zun rejected his help, but if this was his decision, I’ll respect it.

Gaoqin Jiuye said coldly, “And you said we have the same goal. If we have the same goal, please be reminded that we’re here to save Guan Nie and not your lover!”

I was incensed upon hearing these words. What’s wrong with this person? Has he gone mental? What did he have against Nie Zun and I?

“Hey, what’re you trying to do, Gaoqin Jiuye? Have we offended you? Since your friend ‘Satan’ here has healing abilities, and it was him who offered to heal Nie Zun’s face, why are you acting this way? It’s not like we decided not to save Guan Nie now. Aren’t these totally different?” I stared at Gaoqin Jiuye in anger.

Gaoqin Jiuye responded in the same cold voice, “I just thought it was interesting that you seem so anxious for him. Why be so anxious when he obviously doesn’t want it healed? Or is it because you’re not comfortable looking at Nie Zun’s disfigured face, and you don’t like it?”

“What did you say?” I asked, pointing an accusing finger at him. He really made me angry now.

“Shen’er.” Nie Zun stopped me once again.

Nie Zun has been calling me Shen’er ever since he returned, and no matter how agitated I felt, I would always calm down every time I heard it, just like how a ruffled little puppy would quieten every time its owner petted its head. (Passerby B: This analogy is a little…)

The atmosphere between the three of us seemed to have turned a little tense. Cang Ming then laughed loudly.

“When I say I’m going to heal your face, I wasn’t asking for your opinion on it. I’m just telling you that. Nobody can stop me from doing whatever I want to do.” Cang Ming looked at Nie Zun impudently.

I realized why Nie Zun rejected him now. No amount of eye-rolls can accurately describe how presumptuous this fellow was.

Nie Zun simply smiled and kept quiet.

“As for the person you’ve brought with you, Gaoqin Jiuye. Haha. If my brain is working right and if I remember right, the peeling of the split symbol is caused by the individual. You want me, somebody who’s already so used to being a devil, to bring some hope to your friend and to heal issues of the heart? Gaoqin Jiuye, I think you’ve hung out with these low-grade creatures for way too long that you’ve forgotten how to think.”

Low-grade creatures?? Are you referring to us heirs??

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