Chapter 161: Going All Out in Battle

Volume 3

161 Going All Out in Battle

Why was this happening? I gave myself a belated slap to make sure this was not a dream!

The painful cries that surrounded us made it clear that this was all too real. The Southern District was currently overrun by a sea of monsters which continuously attacked and tortured the residents!

“Just, what’s happening…” Jiao S said in a trembling voice.

Never have I thought I would be able to witness such a scene where the landscape was painted with blood and where there were countless bodies strewn all over the place.

Though we could see Gaoqin Jiuye trying his best to project his voice, it was miniscule compared to the crashes and explosions around us.

“It’s still possible to defeat these monsters. What’s destroying the place is the earthquake and collapsing buildings. We have to find the source of the earthquake and kill these monsters!”

The man who originally did not care about anything and anyone else but Si Luo was now in a fury. With raging eyes, he freed Shen Qi. Shen Qi leapt out beautifully in a bright arc! There’s nothing he cannot kill within fifty square kilometers!

Gaoqin Jiuye was right, it was the violent earthquake and collapsing buildings that posed the most danger. As we dodged the falling debris, Shen Qi was like a godly sword bathed in blood as it slashed the monsters into two!

A group of frightened Southern District residents ran out of the building in front of us, their tear-stricken faces looking around in a panic. In an instant, a few tiger-headed monsters charged towards them!

I couldn’t bear to watch anymore, and before I whipped Piercer out, I remembered Scorpion Ray on my left hand!

Though I still didn’t know how to use Scorpion Ray very well, there was no time for me to ponder. I jumped to be near them and raised my left hand towards those monsters that were now roaring at me!

“Kill them, Scorpion Ray!” I shouted without a hint of mercy.


The Scorpion Ray on my wrist produced a bright light, forming countless silver needles that flew towards those monsters! The silver needles pierced through the monsters like horizontal streaks of rain, and they were instantly riddled with holes!

Seeing my ability, the terrified Southern District residents all tried to hide behind me! However, one of them slipped and fell, causing the rest to trip!

I actually caused a stampede!

I was anxious at this and I wanted to tell them to keep calm and try to protect themselves, but the ground shook so violently that everything became a blur and I fell on the ground!

Something that looked ugly and twisted was flying towards me. Nie Zun, who came from nowhere, pulled me up from the ground and stared at the monster!

With just a stare, that monster lost its combat ability! From some distance away, Gaoqin Jiuye shouted, “Stay!”

I cupped my ears as a high-energy soundwave ripped through the air around us! The smaller monsters hit by the soundwave were instantly rooted to the ground!

The ground was still shaking, and these monsters looked like frozen chess pieces glued to a chess board, shaking stiffly!

White fog was already surging in Jiao S’s huge eyes, and I could hear the air buzzing amidst all the smoke and dust. She raised both her hands and put them down again, and as she concentrated her MF on her hands, air currents started wrapping around the monsters which were not hit by the ‘Persuader’. As she balled her fists, I could hear the sound of bone cracking in those monsters!

“What’s happening!” I shouted. Why am I always in battle recently? And the usually peaceful Southern District met with such a disaster. My goal is the Northern District, am I going to die here in this sudden earthquake before I even reach the Northern District?!

“My guess is that the experimental subjects escaped from the experimental grounds!” Jiao S shouted back at me as her black hair flew in the wind.

“What! I hope Du Yue didn’t just up and go to escape back to the Northern District with Ta Lai while leaving the Southern District’s experimental grounds to ruin!”

Nie Zun grabbed my arm suddenly. “Don’t just focus on shouting, be careful!”

When faced with this disastrous scene, I couldn’t feel any warmth even from Nie Zun’s caring words!

My heart started hurting again as I saw the many helpless tear-stained faces around us! Though I was no saint, I still felt sorrow and despair as I looked at how the residents had to face such a catastrophe!

How would Si Luo feel if he was awake, if he saw these residents who were living peacefully under his protection having their houses destroyed and being ruthlessly attacked by unknown monsters?

And if today’s disaster happened in the Western District instead of the Southern District, how would I have felt?!

No, Old Man Fan?! I suddenly thought of Old Man Fan! Did he really move the entire Western District just because of You Ji’s Seven Demons?!

Could it be… could it be…

Did a similar disaster also befall the Western District? So Old Man Fan chose to sacrifice himself to save the Western District through that spacial transference technique?

But why did no one in the Western District remember what happened? My thoughts were all over the place, and I already had Piercer in my right hand.

I was merciless in my attacks, and monsters were continuously destroyed by my whip! I concentrated my MF on my feet in order to dodge attacks quickly, and the Scorpion Ray on my left hand continued producing a silvery-white light, which turned into a long streak when I moved with speed.

Though disaster called suddenly, we were able to get into the rhythm of battle very quickly. It was pretty weird, as the four of us seemed to have formed this tacit understanding with one another in a mere ten minutes or so!

When the stone ground started shaking violently, Gaoqin Jiuye would command Shen Qi to attack the monsters coming at us, and Jiao S would focus her MF on the air currents to create a gigantic screen above us, shielding us from the debris of the collapsing buildings.

I was standing behind them to the left, and Nie Zun was on the right.

For the monsters that escaped from Shen Qi’s attack, I would pick them off with my Scorpion Ray! Black fog also surged in Nie Zun’s eyes as he used his pupils, forming a defensive wall to our left and right!

We stood in a rectangular formation as we fought against the monsters that came at us!

Though there was no difficulty in fighting the monsters, we weren’t able to protect the residents this way! There were too many monsters and just the four of us were not enough!

Many residents had taken notice of us, and they were all running towards us with all their might. We could not do anything else as we looked at their terrified faces!

We could not protect them, but we could not let them surround us either since that would hinder us in the fight! But in such a situation, how do we even get them to leave?!

The four of us looked at one another as we knew very well that this cannot continue for long. This was not a feasible solution to the main problem!

“Where’s Rong Jin? If only his monsters were here?! Is there no one else apart from the three of you in the Southern District!” I shouted at Gaoqin Jiuye.

“Are the three of us not enough? Together with Si Luo, who else did you think there was?”

What the hell, then you guys had better protect your district well!

But out of these three powerful individuals from the Southern District, two were missing, and these two were good at large-scale attacks. Be it Huan Qing’s illusions or Rong Jin’s summoning techniques, both of them would be much more useful than Gaoqin Jiuye in this situation, but none of them was here!

And Si Luo was in a deep sleep now!

I started worrying about the Southern District. If this was indeed caused by the experimental subjects escaping from the experimental grounds, it would spread very quickly to the Eastern District, and even to the Western District if we could not put a stop to it here!

“We need to find the source of the earthquake. Just where did it come from?” Nie Zun spoke suddenly, looking at me calmly.

“Ah Shen, I’ll clear a path for you. You charge into the sea of monsters and see if there’s anything behind that’s controlling them or if there’re any clues!” Jiao S shouted.

“Right!” Without hesitation, I agreed. My red dress billowed as I leapt up, charging forward towards the sea of monsters with Piercer in hand!

Jiao S used air currents to encapsulate me, forming a solid dome of defense!

I looked back at Nie Zun, whose eyes darkened. I nodded at him, signaling that I was fine!

He then nodded in response. After which, he used his pupil ability to destroy the monsters around Jiao S!

It would be hard for Jiao S to protect herself if she was solely focusing on protecting me!

The ground was still shaking below us, and I whipped Piercer around without mercy as the blood and flesh sprayed all over me. I did not bother wiping them away since I was only focused on destroying these monsters and not letting any one of them get away!

Following closely behind me was Gaoqin Jiuye who fell into step quickly. Shen Qi was behind him, killing everything that came our way!

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