Chapter 160: A Cruel Disaster

Volume 3

160 A Cruel Disaster

Gaoqin Jiuye finally nodded. “Of course I know that, but let me make something clear. Even though I’m a soul splitter, Si Luo and I have been in the Southern District for a very long time. We’ve never left the Southern District in these years where Si Luo took care of the weaker ordinary residents here. So I wouldn’t know what the Northern District looks like now. I’m sure it’ll look different compared to how it was many years before. I can definitely bring you there, but I can’t guarantee what may happen.”

So what if you can guarantee anything? I know you’re a soul splitter, and in principle, we shouldn’t be standing on the same side. What else can I ask of you?

“Right, there’s also one more thing. That octopus monster we saw in the Eastern District before Yu Liang appeared, it should be a failed experiment. According to reports from my S Clan, although Ta Lai and the rest can enter and leave any district as they please without others realizing, the security of the Eastern District is not so lax to the point that a mere octopus monster can enter whenever it wishes. I think that this likely means the monster might have entered the Eastern District in another form, possibly in human form.”

“So you mean, he was initially just a normal body of consciousness, but turned into an octopus monster after entering the Eastern District?”

Jiao S nodded in response to my question. “Yes, we can look at it from the point before he turned. If he turned into that creature only after entering the Eastern District, then according to our border records, it’s highly likely he entered from the Southern District together with Yu Liang. Just like what you deduced, Yu Liang already had a plan, and what he did was to force us to look for Song Lu.”

I suddenly thought of something else. “It must be because of that experiment that caused Yu Liang’s hands to turn into those things. If that’s the case, then that octopus monster might just be a failed experiment. If Yu Liang did escape from the experimental grounds, what was he trying to tell us by bringing a failed experimental subject with him?”

Jiao S laughed. “That’s possible, but that octopus monster has already been hacked into a million pieces by you. Even if there were any clues on it, it’d be useless now.”

I smiled awkwardly. I remembered the scene clearly. I saw my second personality, and in a moment of uncontrolled rage, I used Piercer to attack that octopus monster.

Wait, that octopus monster was originally human and a body of consciousness? And that experiment caused him to change?

Cold sweat appeared on my forehead.

“What’s wrong?” Jiao S sensed my discomfort.

I looked towards Nie Zun, who was also looking at me with questioning eyes.

“Nie Zun, do you remember that basiliscampus…” Cold sweat dripped down my brows.

Nie Zun seemed to remember it as I saw his lips move, as if about to say something, but he did not say anything eventually.

“Just what happened?” Jiao S and Gaoqin Jiuye were both looking at me.

I took a deep breath before speaking. “Nie Zun and I have both seen something similar to that octopus monster. At that time, the creature had parts of a fish and a snake. Now that I think about it, that might have also been originally a human. We called it a basiliscampus at the time, and Li Qing attacked it and killed it shortly after. At that time, I never thought it might have been a human.

“According to what you just said, if the octopus monster was originally a human, then why did he lose his healing ability? The basiliscampus we saw couldn’t heal either. If they were all originally bodies of consciousness, then would they actually be considered successful experiments? Isn’t their aim to kill bodies of consciousness?”

Jiao S realized how serious this was. “But, if the experiment had already seen success, would it still be this peaceful in the Split Zone right now? Or could there still be some problem with the experiment? Furthermore, that monster is obviously different from the experimental subjects you’ve seen previously. So does this mean that there’s actually more than one experiment going on?”

I added quickly, “That’s highly likely. ‘Experiment number 2’ was written on what was left in the Western District’s experimental grounds. If that’s the case, then it’s likely there’s number one, number three, and so on. The objectives of these experiments might be different then?”

My palms started to turn cold, and I saw Jiao S’s gaze getting more and more anxious. “More importantly, it was quite some time ago when we saw that basiliscampus. That was when Li Qing was still around. At the time, Li Qing also had this weird look on her.

“Nie Zun and I weren’t aware of this previously, but now that we look at it, this conspiracy could’ve already been planned since then. What’s happening right now could just be a continuation of that plan. If that’s really the case, then Du Yue’s objective is definitely not as simple as just killing Bian Ying, her rival in love.

“There could be a greater conspiracy behind all this.

“There’s something else to take note of too. Li Qing might have known about this long ago. If that’s the case, can I assume that Li Qing and Mr Blond’s disappearance are all inter-related somehow?”

I enunciated every word as I looked at Jiao S. A quick flicker passed in Jiao S’s eyes, possibly because I mentioned Li Qing.

I turned to Gaoqin Jiuye, staring at him. “As a soul splitter, even if you’ve left the Northern District for so long, do you really know nothing about this plan that should’ve already been set in motion years ago?”

Gaoqin Jiuye’s eyes shimmered and darkened, and he suddenly smiled. That smile looked so unpredictable and nobody could tell what he was thinking.


There was a sudden explosion outside!

All of us looked towards the window, trying to see what just happened. As I took a step forward, the floor below us started quaking!

The entire building shook violently, as if we were experiencing an earthquake! I activated the MF under my feet, and together with the three of them, we jumped out of the window!

The building collapsed behind us right after we jumped! It was disastrous, and dust was flying everywhere!


“Save me!”

Cries of help could be heard everywhere! But what we saw outside the building shocked us!

From the North-South border district, a stampede of monsters was charging in the direction of the Southern District’s city center, which was exactly where we were!

It was Resident Evil in the Split Zone!

The monsters all looked different; most of them were the size of a normal human being, and while some of them were half the height of the average human, some of them were as massive as those five-meter tall giants created by Ta Lai. All kinds of monsters could be seen. There was the basiliscampus, the octopus monster, tiger heads on the bodies of lions, pythons with the heads of wolves, and many others that looked like nothing I have ever seen!

With wide eyes, Jiao S spoke slowly, “When did the Southern District… become a zoo?”

What sarcasm.

But none of us were in the mood for jokes as we faced this horrid scene.

Many people were jumping out of the windows as the Academy started collapsing behind us. Since most of the residents here had MF of a low value, some of them were not able to land safely on the ground, and I saw many tear-ridden faces that were full of fear and helplessness.

The monsters were closing in, and they would just rip humans apart at first sight. Those with low MF would not be able to heal quickly if attacked.

Looking at the situation, though it was not as bad as witnessing an apocalypse, this was still extremely terrifying for the Southern District residents. Thousands of monsters were attacking the people, and the ground shook as buildings collapsed one by one.

“Gaoqin Jiuye, these are your residents!” I looked towards Gaoqin Jiuye.

Gaoqin Jiuye had a shocked look on his face. Even he was stunned by what was happening.

“Save me!”

“Who can save me?!”

“Ahh save me!”

The ground started shaking, as if the stone ground we were standing on was a boat that had hit some island while floating on the ocean, causing it to quake violently. Even I couldn’t keep steady!


The buildings continued collapsing, and a huge boulder came flying in my direction! Activating my MF, I dodged it. Though the boulder did not hit me, it smashed into a young lady not far from me!

There was no time to think and no time to be afraid. I could only use my MF to dodge whatever came at me!

I haven’t seen such a horrible disaster even when alive!

The sea of monsters started to spread out, leaving a trail of destroyed trees and human body parts wherever they passed. Blood was spraying everywhere amidst painful cries!

It was difficult to engage in battle in this situation. We were already lucky to not be smashed by any of the collapsing buildings on this violently quaking ground!

Many residents with a low MF value healed extremely slowly, and I saw some of their bodies being destroyed again as they were still healing and trying to find the other parts of their bodies!

This was a massacre of the Southern District. Though the residents here had no way to resist, they could not be killed like this either. They could only experience the pain again and again as they endured the ruthless attacks of the monsters!

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