Chapter 158: Who Changed These Clothes?

Volume 3

158 Who Changed These Clothes?

“What’s different about him?” I asked.

Nie Zun’s eyes were shining, as if he was speedily recalling everything that happened before.

“Something was off about him. Ta Lai has always been calm and composed, you know that too. But he looked different that day, as if there was this hatred in him, and he looked a little agitated.”

Hatred? Agitated?

Ta Lai was like this too when that demonic form took over Nie Zun. He should have been shocked, but after just a split second of looking surprised, there seemed to be this immense hate and anger coming from him.

Yes, he was talking about Satan’s soul at that time too.

“Right, he was like that too when that demonic form took over in you. Could it be that you had some similarity with Cang Ming when in that form? I’m guessing that it might have triggered the hatred he had towards Cang Ming.”

After a moment of pondering, Nie Zun answered, “That’s possible. According to legend, Bian Ying, his lover, had a sudden change of heart and she’s currently by Cang Ming’s side. There might be some resentment there, and since he saw me being similar to Cang Ming, he might have directed that hatred towards me.”

“But,” Nie Zun continued with slightly furrowed brows. “It doesn’t seem right that this was all because of a grudge. Ta Lai doesn’t seem like the kind who’d do something so cruel because of a personal grudge. I think there’s definitely something more to this.”

“Since he looked different, could he have been under some sort of restraint? Do you remember his nightmare? In his nightmare, he kept calling for Bian Ying. Do you think this might somehow be related to his nightmares?”

After a pause, I spoke more slowly, “No matter what, now you’re back and Du Yue has taken Ta Lai away. We’ll definitely get an answer in the Northern District.”

I squeezed Nie Zun’s palm and starlight shone in his eyes.

I gently touched his face with a hand. “I should’ve brought Jie Pa with me. He’d definitely be able to help heal your face.”

With a pale and slender hand, Nie Zun took my hand in his. “It’s no use. I’ve tried ways and means to destroy this face, but it heals every time. The only thing that doesn’t is these scars. It could be something to do with that knife of his.”

I frowned. “Don’t worry about it. There’d surely be a way.”

I was already tearing, and I felt even more emotional as I looked into those starry eyes.

“Right, since your eyes have recovered, does it mean that the curse has been removed after that demonic form took over? From what Ta Lai said, you devoured the curse. But there wouldn’t be any side effects from that right?” I looked at his left eye in worry.

Nie Zun smiled. “There shouldn’t be any.”

“I’m still worried about it. Let me take a look.” I leaned in closer to his face, focusing on his left eye as I tried to look for traces of that curse.

This action of mine closed the distance between us, but I did not notice it at all, or it might have turned a little awkward. At this point though, I saw a tiny red dot in the pupil of his left eye. I blinked and focused my MF onto my eyes. In a bid to get a clearer look, I leaned in further.

All of a sudden, Nie Zun’s eyelashes fluttered as he took a deep breath. Our eyelashes brushed against each other.

I blushed as soon as I realized how close we were to each other.

This was rather awkward. What should I do now? If I back away, it would seem like I was trying to hide my feelings. I hated girls who did that, and I was not one to hide my feelings either.

But would it be too much if I went forward?

As these thoughts were racing through my mind, I suddenly found Nie Zun grabbing my hand!

I felt a cool air on my face as Nie Zun breathed out.

I blinked.

Nie Zun looked up, and the starlight in his eyes made me momentarily forget that I was looking for traces of that curse.

I saw his lips turn up a little, and in the next second, he grabbed the back of my head!

I was wondering if I should resist as I felt the pressure on the back of my head, but I hesitated for just one second.

In that second, he pressed his lips against mine! Though this was not the first time our lips touched, it felt different this time!

Our eyes were still on each other, and there was a warmth from those cold lips as they hit me.

“Mm…” A murmur escaped me as I felt lost in that familiar scent of his, feeling a little giddy. I felt as if I was about to suffocate, and I tried to move away subconsciously.

As if able to tell I was about to move, fireworks seemed to appear in Nie Zun’s eyes! Those fiery eyes locked themselves on me, and I felt a greater pressure from his hand which was still on the back of my head!

I felt his dry lips as both our lips smashed into each other from what was originally a light peck! There was no longer any cold now, only a burning heat.

My lips felt like they were on fire, but it wasn’t a scorching heat; it was a heat that made me drunk on it. It was the first time I felt temptation like a moth drawn to an open flame.

I was initially a little unsure, but with newfound courage, I pressed forward and returned the kiss! My hands found his arms and moved to his back, taking him in an embrace.

For a moment, Nie Zun froze as he felt my acceptance! But very quickly, he took me in a tight embrace, like a sudden fire that was lit!

Gentle exploration turned into a forceful taking as he pried my lips open, his chill entangling with my warmth!

A poisonous temptation spread through my mouth, and my hands held onto him even more tightly as he grabbed me with both arms! Instead of his usual coolness, I felt like I was about to be roasted in Nie Zun’s fiery embrace!

I could see the fireworks in his eyes, and I leaned back as I felt a sudden urge to avoid him, afraid that this passion would be suddenly extinguished!

Nie Zun was not taking things slow anymore. His lips turned up in a haughty smile, and he took the opportunity to pin me down as I leaned backwards!

My hair was in a mess, and our lips parted for a short moment as we fell. My brows furrowed at the lingering emptiness as my lips left his. But before I knew it, I could already feel his soft tongue in my mouth. He was holding me tight, and his breathing was getting heavier!

Trembling, my eyes were open and I saw a devilish firelight in those starry eyes of his. We were pressing into each other’s bodies as his strong arms kept me pinned down!

As we were locked in passionate embrace, there was a sudden knock on the door.

Shocked, I accidentally kicked Nie Zun in a fluster!

“Ow…” Nie Zun jumped out of the bed in pain. His hair was in a mess, and those starry eyes looked a little pitiful. Looking at him like this, I couldn’t help but let out a tiny laugh.

Nie Zun stared at me, as if telling me that he would take his revenge someday, before saying ‘Come in’.

Gaoqin Jiuye was the first to walk in.

For some reason, I froze for a second as I looked at him.

Gaoqin Jiuye swept his menacing gaze past Nie Zun and I, finally stopping on my rosy cheeks and slightly messy hair. He looked mysterious and dangerous with those narrowed eyes and both hands in his pockets.

After a moment, I heard Nie Zun laugh. He was back to his usual self as he said, “Come in and have a seat.”

That sounded a little out of place, but…

It sounded as if we were newlyweds, while Gaoqin Jiuye and Jiao S, who was behind him, were our guests.

No, what newlyweds, what am I thinking about?

The petite Jiao S came forward quickly after hearing Nie Zun. She was by my side in a second.

“Are you okay now, Ah Shen?”

An intelligent and perceptive person like her seemed to have already noticed the difference in me and the awkward ambience in the room. There seemed to be some emotion in her blank eyes, and she kept looking at Nie Zun and I.

I felt a little awkward. Their observation skills were really something…

I stood up hastily, trying to put some distance between the bed and myself. “I’m much better. Are the both of you okay too?”

Jiao S smiled. “We’re fine. When I was swallowed, I fainted from that horrible stench in the giant’s stomach. The rest of you were already on the floor when I woke up.”

So you actually fainted and weren’t digested by the giant…

“Oh, is your stomach okay now? Though Gaoqin Jiuye’s wound healed really slowly, it still healed eventually. I think you should be fine too.”

I was reminded of my injury only when Jiao S mentioned it. I was actually impaled through the stomach! I looked down and realized there were no more bloodstains on my dress, and there was no hole there either.

Almost immediately, I looked up at Nie Zun in a rage. Nie Zun had a face that seemed to say this had nothing to do with him.

I gritted my teeth in anger. Don’t pretend like this has nothing to do with you. Who changed my clothes then?!

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