Chapter 153: The Light of the Scorpion Ray

Volume 3

153 The Light of the Scorpion Ray

In that same instant when the violet blade was about to reach me, I felt a warmth emanating from the skin on my back.

This reminded me of my bow immediately. That’s right, I still had my bow!

Now that I think about it, after getting stronger, I seldom used my bow since Piercer was always used for close-range battles, and the bow was more suited for long-range fights.

This bow was given to me by Li Qing. On its own, the bow was not as beautiful a weapon as Piercer was, and it did not look very unique either. Only the device that kept it behind my back was exquisitely made. I liked the bow, but I did not think it was very much different from other bows out there.

Until today, the bow simply seemed like an ordinary bow. However, it seemed to change in the moment when I was about to be attacked by Piercer’s violet blade.

A light appeared from behind my back, shielding me from Piercer’s violet blade! It was bright like a comet, and it turned into a bow and arrow as it met the violet blade! Bright light flashed!

I was blinded by the white light, and I could feel my nerves trembling from the impact!

I automatically lifted my left arm to shield my eyes from the light. As I lifted it, I felt something hot on my wrist. I looked at my arm.

Something out of the ordinary happened. The white light transformed into a huge mouth, swallowing all the bits of Piercer’s violet blade, turning it into white smoke. All the light then seemed to condense into that spot on my wrist.

As the white light dissipated, something resembling the tail of a scorpion appeared on my left wrist!

It was engraved deeply in the flesh, looking quite translucent. Looking at it, it slowly combined with the flesh, and formed a palm-sized pattern embedded deep within my skin.

I stared at my arm, dumbfounded at what just happened. I felt a chill on my back, and with my hands, I reached backwards.

The bow was gone. Did the bow turn into this insignia on my arm?

“The Scorpion Ray… You actually conquered the fifth living weapon!”

Ta Lai no longer looked as calm as before, he seemed rather serious now.

“The fifth living weapon? Weren’t there only four living weapons here in the Split Zone?” I narrowed my eyes at him as I asked.

His usual expression returned with an elegant smile. “Well, this fifth living weapon is actually a failed product. How else do you think you’d be able to conquer it if you weren’t able to resonate with its soul? It’s a defective product, and it awakened at a crucial moment to protect you.”

I frowned slightly. I did not care about this. Nie Zun is all I cared about right now. And I did not really understand all that he said anyway.

As I looked towards Nie Zun again, he seemed to have changed.

His hair seemed to be moving, though there was no wind currently. That black windbreaker of his was also flapping about on its own.

A dark shadow appeared in that bright red eye of his, as if it could swallow that blood red anytime. A dark and evil aura began to surge in his right pupil.

“How could I hurt you…” Nie Zun spoke, his voice full of misery and self-loathe. I knew something was wrong in an instant, but I just did not know what to do.

Ta Lai squinted as he said, “Stop struggling and just rip her heart out!”

The jade stone ring on his right hand moved on its own after he finished speaking! Nie Zun raised Piercer again, prepared to attack!

I kept my eyes on Nie Zun, telling myself to stay calm and look for an opening. If Nie Zun could be controlled like this, there must be an opening somewhere!

But as Nie Zun swung Piercer, it did not simply produce a single violet blade!

More than ten dark purple blades of light flew out, looking like beautiful auroras, full of killing intent. All of them were flying straight at me.

Something was weird about Nie Zun’s gaze. A dark shadow was moving around in both his pupils, as if all the darkness in the world was being absorbed by them. A deathly aura started to surround him.

Though that aura felt weak now, I was sensitive enough to be able to feel it.

My instincts told me that I had to stop this change in him. I activated my MF to protect that wound on my abdomen so that it would not bleed so much, and with gritted teeth, I lifted my left hand high and gave it a strong wave!

Initially, I wanted to try it out, to see if it worked. Turns out that with a wave, the scorpion symbol on my left wrist produced a silvery white light. Like a treasure box which was finally being opened, silvery-white light engulfed my wrist and encircled my entire arm. As I moved my palm, bright white needles made of light flew towards Nie Zun!

My wrist continued producing that white light, which continued turning into needles of light. These needles separated into thin rays, one becoming two, then three. Before long, there were countless needle-like rays being produced!

No wonder this was called the Scorpion Ray. It was sharp just like a scorpion’s tail, and the rays were dazzling!

Bright light was produced as the needle-like rays met the violet blades in the air. Like a needle pricking through water, it slowly absorbed the violet blade, and the violet blades just disappeared right in front of me!

The rays which did not meet the violet blades were flying towards Nie Zun, all of them glowing with a chilly silvery-white!

I never expected the bow to be this powerful when resurrected, and my heart tightened. I dropped my arm in a panic, and looking at Nie Zun, I shouted, “Careful!”

Before I finished the word, Ta Lai’s expression darkened. He gave Nie Zun an order.

“Activate – dark insignia!”

After that, those black lines in Nie Zun’s bright red pupil started to expand within his eyeball!

“Go!” Nie Zun was almost roaring at me!

Shen Qi, which had been behind me all this time, seemed to sense something. He turned around and transformed into a black shadow, encasing Gaoqin Jiuye within!

The pale Gaoqin Jiuye tried to stand up, but he was rendered immobile by Shen Qi’s dark shadow!

On the other side, three giants were produced by Ta Lai. Jiao S had no problem fighting against them, but she had no time to spare for me or Nie Zun!

Squiggly black lines started to cover Nie Zun’s bright red eye, and these lines extended from the corner of his eye onto his temple, starting to grow all over his face like tendrils!

As he bit his lip, I saw his other eye tremble, as if he was being put through the worst torture ever!

“No!” I shouted in a panic. I could almost feel his pain just by looking at his eye!

The scars on his face were slowly being covered by those black tendrils, and his bright red eye was flashing with a demonic scarlet light under those black lines which resembled spider webs!

My brain felt like it was being scalded as I looked at that scarlet light!

“Ah!” I cried out loudly. Something seemed to be controlling me from the back of my mind, and I started to feel a massive pain spread throughout my body!

My left hand started to throb with pain, and the scorpion insignia on my wrist produced countless rays of light which flew towards Nie Zun!

The left side of Nie Zun’s face seemed to be covered entirely with the black tendrils now, and he suddenly moved at lightning speed! It was so fast that I almost could not follow his movements with my eye! All I could see was a black windbreaker flitting through the forest under the gray sky!

“Go.” Ta Lai instructed Nie Zun as he looked at me coldly.

The side of Nie Zun’s face which was covered with black tendrils was cold and devoid of any expression. On the other side of his face however, that starry eye of his still emanated warmth even though it looked like it was in agony.

Two different faces, two different expressions, two different individuals.

Just what did he do to Nie Zun? What had my Nie Zun become?!

Rage welled up in me, and my red hair and red dress started to fly around in my anger. I activated my MF on my right hand, and aiming it at Nie Zun, I made a grabbing motion in the air! A force of MF blasted Piercer, which was still in Nie Zun’s hands!

“Come back, Piercer!” I said in a chilly tone as I felt rage surge through me!

Under the influence of MF, Piercer looked like it came alive as it flew back into my hands looking like a dark purple water snake!

With a light tap of my feet, I swung out with my right hand! I then used my left hand to beautifully draw a circle around me!

The bright aurora combined with Piercer’s attack, and silvery-white light engulfed the violet blades as they flew towards Ta Lai!

Ta Lai unhurriedly moved that jade stone ring of his, controlling Nie Zun!

“Sss…” The black tendrils on Nie Zun’s face seemed to come alive, producing a horrifying ripping sound as it combined with the skin on Nie Zun’s face!

Nie Zun was now totally controlled like a puppet, and with that numb face devoid of expression, he moved over to Ta Lai, shielding him from my angry attack!

Subconsciously, I shook my head. I used a high amount of MF in that attack as I was just enraged. It would not be easy to take that attack head-on like this!

“Nie Zun!”

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