Chapter 143: A Deficit in MF

Volume 3

143 A Deficit in MF

Yu Liang burst out laughing as he heard me mention Song Lu. “Li Shen, you have the cheek to say that Song Lu is waiting for your rescue? It doesn’t matter that you didn’t look for me, I wouldn’t hate you even if I died, but how could you let them take Song Lu? They are such a cruel bunch. Song Lu already went through so much hardship when she was alive, how could you bear to let her go through so much pain again?!”

I zoomed in on what he said. “A bunch? Who are they? It’s Du Yue, right?”

Yu Liang’s face darkened. He raised a hand and said, “There’s no use talking about this. I’m going to rip your heart out today, to see for myself if you even care about Song Lu at all!”

After saying that, the fingers on his left hand started melting, bone and flesh blending together. His hand was gone and it was now a circular stump.


A tentacle came out of that circular stump, and like a loach which was being electrocuted, it wriggled non-stop. The tentacle seemed retractable, and it extended and retracted with a wave of his arm!

I was stunned by this scene which could only be seen in science fiction movies when we were alive. With my mouth hanging open, I saw his other hand going through the same transformation.

Jiao S seemed to hate these tentacle-like things even more than I did. She did not wait for Yu Liang to be ready for the battle, she just raised her sword and slashed it towards his elbow without hesitation!

The tentacle from Yu Liang’s arm sensed the danger from Jiao S’s sword, and before her sword could reach him, it shot forward, wrapping itself around Jiao S’s wrist with amazing speed!

I could see raging white fog surging in Jiao S’s eyes as her wrist was trapped by that slimy tentacle, and the air condensed in the entire room!

Gaoqin Jiuye was not slacking either. With a fast movement, he swung Shen Qi, but Yu Liang was even faster. The tentacle from his other hand wrapped itself around Gaoqin Jiuye’s wrist at lightning speed!

It seemed like I was the only one who just stood there in a daze…

The rage from Jiao S and Gaoqin Jiuye made the air in the room shake as white fog surged in their eyes!

But! There was a sudden calm before the great storm!

All the wild air currents in the room stopped in an instant!

It was as if everything went silent in the room, even the sound of breathing was absent!

I looked to my sides at Gaoqin Jiuye and Jiao S, and saw that they both had shocked expressions on their faces!

Yu Liang laughed coldly. “The slime on this tentacle can paralyze movement of the consciousness. No matter how great the value of your MF is, this is the price you have to pay for underestimating your opponent in battle. Sorry about this but I know the two of you have pretty strong abilities, so I had to attack and paralyze you guys first. It’ll be an easy job after this!”

I smirked. “Easy job? You think that I’m still the old Li Shen?”

I was already holding Piercer tight in my hands at this point.

Gaoqin Jiuye gave a malicious laugh. “Even if you don’t see her as much of an opponent, the person with the highest MF in the Spit Zone is now in the adjacent room. Do you think you have any chances of winning this fight?”

Yu Liang’s icy smile remained. “You think I’ll appear without preparation to face the four of you? If I’m right, the one in the adjacent room only has half of a split symbol left, right? The person who had a corresponding split symbol undid it and returned to the real world, and he hasn’t been able to find another body of consciousness. Have you forgotten what a soul splitter who’s left with half a split symbol most afraid of?”

As if recalling the world’s most horrific incident, Gaoqin Jiuye’s eyes sunk into the abyss of hopelessness.

“You’ve been here for quite a while now, why didn’t he come over? You think he’s just lazy?”

Gaoqin Jiuye could no longer bear to hear anymore, and with a sharp gaze, he used his MF to cut off that tentacle wrapping around his wrist with a moderately powerful air current. After which, he staggered towards the door.

I swung Piercer at this moment! Yu Liang quickly grew a new tentacle after the last one was cut off, and it entangled itself with Piercer!

Gaoqin Jiuye’s gaze seemed a little unfocused, probably because of the powerful effect of that paralyzing slime!

I looked at him anxiously, but I could not stop him from using the last of his energy to exit the room and look for Si Luo in the other room!

Jiao S was now seated on the ground, paralyzed, and her sword dropped to the floor with a clang! Her eyes were also beginning to lose focus!

“What drug did you use on them!” I said coldly. At the same time, I tried to use MF to stimulate Piercer, so that it will come alive.

Yu Liang gave me a cold look. “The name of this slime on the tentacle is ‘Intoxicate’, and it takes effect in just a few seconds. Everyone who gets into contact with it will lose their awareness and be unable to freely use their MF!”

I tightened my grip and used more than 20 MF on Piercer, trying to get it out of the restraint that was Yu Liang’s tentacle!

I felt a sudden chill in my palm!

I had a bad feeling!

Piercer glowed with a violet light, and a bone-chilling cold invaded every inch of my body!

Piercer is trying to take control of me!

I heard a cold, evil-sounding female voice in the back of my head say, “You think you’re worthy?”

I had no time to think about what these words meant. Using my left hand, I drew an arrow and stabbed my right arm with it!


Blood sprayed out, and the pain-inducing agent that was on the arrow attacked my senses!

The immense pain countered Piercer’s horrible chill, and I could move my wrist again!

Violet light appeared in a thunderous strike! There was no stopping the attack, and Yu Liang’s tentacle was being burnt!

Yu Liang did not rest, and the tentacle from his other hand let go of Jiao S!

As the tentacle let go, Jiao S collapsed onto the floor, and that tentacle was charging straight for me!

It was as fast as lightning, I could not dodge it!

In an instant, a sudden bright light engulfed the entire room!

My vision turned hazy, and it was no longer the scene in the room!



It was an ocean with roaring currents!

I thought of who it was almost immediately, and a figure appeared in the air.

Guan Nie was pale, and he looked almost translucent, as if it was extremely difficult for him to maintain this illusion.

I was standing on a rock, and Yu Liang was standing on a similar rock not far from me!

Si Luo was lying on a rock to my left with his eyes closed, and beside him was Gaoqin Jiuye, on all fours due to paralysis, who kept trying to wake Si Luo!

Jiao S was lying at my feet with a lost look and wide open eyes!

The floating Guan Nie’s sorrowful gaze landed on Gaoqin Jiuye’s figure. “I sensed that you were in danger and I rushed over. Even when I’m trying my best to help you and using so much of my MF, you still only look at him…”

His voice was soft and light, and it almost could not be heard amidst the roaring currents in the ocean, but I could hear it!

Yes, Guan Nie was in the Eastern District. He returned to the Eastern District after being wounded in that battle!

He probably already discovered that Gaoqin Jiuye arrived in the Eastern District, but instead of showing up, he just observed Gaoqin Jiuye from afar!

Gaoqin Jiuye seemed to have also heard Guan Nie’s voice, as he seemed to spend a great deal of effort to turn back and look at Guan Nie. There was immense guilt in his eyes, but his lips were arched in a way that did not show any regret!

This was his decision, and he would never regret this!

Guan Nie gave a beautiful and heart-breaking smile, endless sorrow reflected in his eyes.

Turbulent waves rocked the ocean!

Yu Liang’s tentacles were healed now and they were charging towards me!

Piercer was thrown to the side, and I lifted both hands as I focused my MF on them!

Making use of the illusion, I focused MF on my two hands and as I raised my arms, and the water from either side of the rock I was standing on rose to form two pillars!

I put my hands together, and the pillars of water slammed together, creating a complete screen of water in front of me, blocking Yu Liang’s tentacles which were coming toward me!

I gritted my teeth and used 10 more MF on my hands, and clasped my hands as if in prayer!

The screen of water receded, turning into a giant pillar of water which charged towards Yu Liang, throwing him back some distance!

He flew as the pillar of water hit him!

The rage in my eyes could no longer be hidden, and I focused all my MF on my hands!

The floating Guan Nie was still translucent, and his sorrowful eyes were still on Gaoqin Jiuye’s figure. He suddenly spat a mouthful of blood!


As the blood sprayed onto the ocean, it started to shake!

Not good! The illusion was about to be broken!

The water beneath my feet was still roaring, and the pillar of water I was controlling with my MF tilted to the side!

Yu Liang wanted to avoid my attack, but the rock beneath him was smashed by a wave of Guan Nie’s hand!

His other hand lifted towards the sky, as if he was attempting to join forces with me to defeat Yu Liang before the illusion broke!

Seawater rose up high as he raised his hand, and it crashed towards Yu Liang!

But Guan Nie’s gaze looked unsteady, and he spat out another mouthful of blood!

It was obvious that his MF was greatly damaged in the previous battle, and he was forcefully using his MF to maintain this illusion. Such a method puts extra pressure on MF, and it will just cause more damage to the consciousness!

I gritted my teeth and tried to activate the MF I had left. Before this attack ends, I would not be able to regain all that MF!

But as I was trying to focus all my MF, darkness blanketed my eyes, and it felt as if I was going to fall backwards!

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