Chapter 141: An Octopus

Volume 3

141 An Octopus

Jiao S's hair touched the floor as she bent down, and I almost stepped on that long, black hair of hers as she bent down to look.

She stared with her dark pupils as she straightened up!


An air current formed into a slender air needle, stabbing the eye in that tiny hole!


The eyeball burst as the air needle passed through it, and a small stream of blood flowed out from that hole, dripping down the white wall and staining it red.

I shivered. This witch was really decisive in her actions! What else do I have to be scared of with her around? I bet demons and monsters did not even dare come close!

Jiao S cracked her neck, saying to me, “Let’s go and check out the situation beside.”

Si Luo and Gaoqin Jiuye were in the room on the other side. I took another look at that wall, and I swear if there was a hole in their room, I will be sticking my eyeball in to check if they were gay.

With a loud crash, Jiao S kicked open the door, causing many to stick their heads out to see what was happening. Jiao S already went in, and I was left standing outside awkwardly while everyone else thought I was the one who kicked the door.

Gaoqin Jiuye then opened the door and looked at me coldly. “What’re you doing when it’s already dark?”

I shot him a look, trying to signal that there was someone weird in this room.

Gaoqin Jiuye did not get me at all, and he banged the door close after giving me an irritated look!

Anger welled up in me, and I could hear Jiao S’s voice as I trembled with anger. “What monster dares trespass into my Eastern District?”

I went into the room quickly to take a look.

I was startled by the sight.

A giant octopus was on the window! Oh, no, it was an octopus man!

It was not exactly an octopus, but it had tentacles like one. The person had a twisted body, and he stuck to the window in an S-shape. He looked very spooky against the backdrop of the black night outside.

There were four tentacle-like limbs which stretched out from the two ends of his twisted body. They looked like arms and legs, and they were more than three meters long, stretching all the way to the walls on both ends. The ends of the tentacles looked like conical drills, and they were embedded into the walls. There was only one tentacle not in the wall. There was a bloody hole in the wall, and that was the exact hole we saw in our room.

That particular tentacle had something like a broken eyeball on its end, and the other tentacles were still drilling their way into the walls, as if they would go through anytime.

I shivered. An eyeball on a tentacle and it could still drill through walls? Just how strong was that eyeball? Probably nothing but Jiao S’s air needles could break it.

This scary thing, which was probably a man, had a kind of twisted expression on his soulless face, and he had this very long tongue with spikes all over it.

“What the heck is this?” Gaoqin Jiuye’s icy voice sounded behind me.

“You scared me!” I turned back and stared at him.

He raised his brows. “When were you ever afraid of these things, Li Shen. You’re so close to Jiao S, isn’t she and her S Clan even more frightening when they transform?”

That was quite the sarcastic remark on Jiao S…

Jiao S ignored Gaoqin Jiuye completely and kept her eyes on that octopus man on the window.

“Spit it out. Who are you?”

A creepy smile appeared on octopus man, wrinkling his already creased face into a ball. He did not respond after that creepy smile, but he went straight for Jiao S as he raised that tentacle with the eyeball previously broken by her.

A sharp gaze appeared on Jiao S’s eyes, and the air started crackling and freezing!

Numerous air needles formed behind her in that sheet of air she formed, and it flew towards that tentacled monster!

That tentacle which was going for Jiao S was extremely agile, dodging many of the air needles by twisting and turning. Not caring about the other air needles which stabbed into his body, he continued reaching forward with that tentacle towards Jiao S’s breasts.

Yes, her breasts!


At this point, there was a perverted, dirty smile on his face, and he produced a creepy laughter. A huge blob of saliva dripped from that twisted mouth of his, and it was dripping onto the floor!


I shivered involuntarily.

That tentacle was about to touch Jiao S’s breasts, and she was enraged. The air currents on her right instantly became a whirlpool, and she drew a sword from that whirlpool and hacked at that tentacle which was already in front of her face!

Jiao S’s sword was very sharp, and that tentacle was cut off as she swung her sword!

The cut-off tentacle was still going forward, and it was now coming for my head!

I backed away as I looked at that slimy thing, and pushed Gaoqin Jiuye in front of me!

Gaoqin Jiuye was stunned by my actions, but he could only stare at me with anger as he pushed that tentacle to a corner with a frozen air current!

I shrugged at him, indicating that there was no choice for me to do so, since I could not use Piercer at will, and I will not take it out if there were other options. Arrows cannot stop this thing either, so I could only use him as a human shield.

“Ka---!” it did not seem painful for the creature to have one of his tentacles cut off. As he produced more creepy laughter, he removed the other seven tentacles from the walls!

There were eyes on each and every one of these tentacles!

Damn! This is too disgusting!

Although people in the Split Zone, especially those from the Eastern District, liked to style themselves in pretty peculiar ways, it was still rare to see someone make themselves look this creepy!

More importantly, my gut was telling me this was not a look created through MF, it was how his body of consciousness originally looked like!

There was no time for me to think about all this as all the tentacles were going straight for the three of us!

As they reached out towards us, the eyes on their ends became a few times larger, and there were even more tiny tentacles which starting coming out of their pupils!

It was just like an eye of a devil which could endlessly produce tentacles, those tiny tentacles could reach out in all directions like a jellyfish, and they were coming towards us!

There is no way I will allow these horrid things to touch me!

Of course, I did not want Piercer to be in contact with these things either. It was not a matter of whether I dared to use Piercer or not, it was that I just did not want these things to be in contact with any part of me!

Thus, I grabbed Gaoqin Jiuye’s belt from behind!

Gaoqin Jiuye was in a pair of black pants, and his belt was that long, flexible sword, Shen Qi! I was so disgusted with that thing that I forgot his belt was Shen Qi, simply grabbing it at one go!

Gaoqin Jiuye did not expect that I would once again treat him like a shield, and that I would even grab his belt!

But he could not turn to stare at me this time, because there were three tentacles going straight for him!

I hid behind him and bent down, looking at those three tentacles like a timid rat, holding onto Shen Qi behind his waist. I was surprised that the sword did not cut into my hands. It was as if Shen Qi was sealed when not in use. There was no time for me to bother about such things now, and I kept muttering, “What’re you doing? Quick! Cut this disgusting thing down quickly!”

Gaoqin Jiuye let out an angry roar, and all that coldness turned into a rage. “How do I cut it when you’re holding onto Shen Qi!”

“Oh, sorry about that.” I let go of his ‘belt’ with an apologetic look.

It was too late, the tentacle already reached the top of his head.

I squatted as I tried to avoid it.

Gaoqin Jiuye was still turned towards me, and it made him even angrier as he saw me squat down without any intention of helping him. That anger made the air currents around him freeze at a much stronger and faster rate!

This room seemed to be a storage filled with huge blocks of ice right now. Jiao S and Gaoqin Jiuye activated their MF to freeze the air currents in the room, surrounding those tentacles with pieces of frozen air currents that looked like ice.

Jiao S backed away a couple of steps, and raising the sword in her hand, she swung it multiple times at that frozen tentacle in front of her, smashing it into smithereens!

Gaoqin Jiuye also took Shen Qi in hand, and it produced a beautiful black ray which smashed the tentacles!

I was marveling to myself about how intelligent a living weapon Shen Qi is. It seemed to be dead when worn at his waist, as if it could do no harm, but once it was in his hand, even if it didn’t come to life, it was instantly a killing machine!

Pieces of broken tentacles fell to the floor, but there seemed to be no agony on that octopus man’s wretched face, who has now lost his tentacles. He still had that filthy and greedy look, and the saliva continued dripping from the corners of his mouth onto the floor.

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