Chapter 125: Kill Her, Shen Qi!

Volume 2

125 Kill Her, Shen Qi!

I have never seen such an incensed and alarmed look on Gaoqin Jiuye.

“We didn’t do anything to him. I don’t know what’s happening either…” I muttered, stunned by Gaoqin Jiuye’s expression.

A storm was raging in Gaoqin Jiuye’s eyes, and shortly after, a dark shadow rushed out from behind him!

“Awrr---!” Seeing Si Luo’s prone, bloody form, Rong Jin called out in a woeful scream, and that dark shadow grew into a gigantic one!

“Li Shen, hand Mi Fu over now. We need to save Si Luo by engraving a split symbol on her!” Gaoqin Jiuye shouted in anger.

I panicked. I did not want Si Luo to die either! But there’s no way I can hand Mi Fu over!

Nie Zun answered, “No, we can’t hand Mi Fu over.”

Gaoqin Jiuye smirked. “You think you have a choice?”

Strong winds howled.

Gaoqin Jiuye flew some distance away and leaned Si Luo against a tree. Shen Qi was already in his hand when he turned back to face us!

Pointing the pitch-black Shen Qi towards the sky, he made his way towards me. He looked like a grim reaper drenched in the icy waters of death!

Rong Jin remained silent, but a hand stretched out from that dark shadow. With a quick wave, countless beasts appeared in the sky! There were lions, tigers, and various other abnormal animals like a cat-headed snake and an elephant with the head of a wolf! Their eyes were all blood-red, and their jaws were wide open!

This is bad! We were right in front of the Marketplace, and there were still many Western District residents around! Many residents who were out and about ran away screaming in fear as they saw the beasts appearing in the air!

Gaoqin Jiuye seemed to have sensed my worry, and with a menacing smile, he raised Shen Qi and slashed a graceful arc to his left!


A dark ray of light appeared. It was jet black but blinding!

“Ah!” “Ah!” “Ah!”

A few innocent bystanders were cut down some distance away by that dark ray!

He spoke in a frigid voice, “Those injured by Shen Qi might lose their consciousness for a few days. If it was serious, their MF might even be damaged. Though you can’t die here in the Split Zone, won’t it be a living hell for them if their MF is greatly damaged? Li Shen, do you want to hand Mi Fu over, or do you want me to kill every single one of your residents?”


I was incensed as I saw more and more residents falling onto the ground in pain. My red hair flew up into the air, flying amidst the rolling air currents!

“Gaoqin Jiuye, if you dare, you’ll have to fight me!” I drew my bow with gritted teeth, sending out 20 arrows!

Gaoqin Jiuye dodged them easily, keeping his steely eyes on me. “Let’s just see if I dare do it?!”

As Gaoqin Jiuye held Shen Qi, a deathly aura started to surround it! I instinctively knew that I had to stop him!

Without any further thoughts, I took Piercer in one hand, activated my MF on my feet and I pounced onto Gaoqin Jiuye in a second!

At the same moment, the beasts started going around tearing apart innocent residents!

There was a loud crack in the sky and a bright light appeared from the heavens above!

I was only inches from Gaoqin Jiuye’s face, and I could see the dark fog surging in his eyes. I raised Piercer high, and whipped it towards him!

“Piercer, stop him!” I shouted angrily!

Piercer’s violet light appeared! In that instant, I felt pain shoot through my palm all the way to my heart!

“Li Shen, put Piercer down now!” Nie Zun’s worried voice sounded from behind me!

I endured the pain and focused 20 MF onto my wrists, whipping Piercer with a speed that even Gaoqin Jiuye cannot dodge!

Gaoqin Jiuye’s eyes darkened. He could not dodge this, but he was not planning to! He drew something in the air with Shen Qi in his left hand, and countless explosions started sounding somewhere to his left!

He met Piercer’s attack with his right hand!


Piercer’s tremendous power slammed into his palm, together with a great force of MF!

“Pff!” Gaoqin Jiuye spat out a mouthful of blood as he met the attack!

He looked at me with hostility, and that flexible sword Shen Qi was now wrapped around my neck with a quick movement of his left hand!


That icy, razor-sharp sword cut into my neck, and blood started to gush out!

We were facing each other. His arm was broken by Piercer but he held it tightly, even though his arm was still in the process of healing!

Shen Qi was still around my neck. I activated my MF to protect my neck, preventing him from using Shen Qi to cut my head off!

Both of us spat out mouthfuls of blood! I stared at him with wide, open eyes while he held my gaze with an angry stare!

“Li Shen, I really hate you!” Gaoqin Jiuye released my neck, and used Shen Qi to attack something behind me!

There was a loud crash after he said, “Exterminate!”

I turned back, only to see one entire block of the Marketplace being demolished with countless air currents and a dazzling brightness from the sword!

As the block crumbled, countless bodies dropped out, as if they were mere puppets!

“No!” I screamed, only to see a blinding light reflected from that bright screen which previously landed in front of the Marketplace! Jie Pa was holding a long scroll, and as he said the sealing incantations, countless bright screens started to form a wall in front of the Marketplace!

Gaoqin Jiuye took me in a chokehold from behind!

I then saw dark fog surge in Nie Zun’s eyes. It felt more terrifying than the glint in Gaoqin Jiuye’s eyes! Nie Zun shot us a look which seemed to become a pressure that targeted the consciousness!

“Ah!” Gaoqin Jiuye shut his eyes as he called out!

I held my head in my hands!

Rong Jin’s shadow flitted towards Nie Zun. Nie Zun no longer had his gloves on, and he grabbed Rong Jin’s shadow forcefully, dragging him across the ground! Hellfire was burning in his eyes, and he was much more horrifying than Gaoqin Jiuye as he seemed to be engulfed in a dark light!

Gaoqin Jiuye forced his eyes open, and blood flowed from both his eyes as it was damaged by Nie Zun’s ability!

He let go of me suddenly, tearing off the splitting key hanging from his neck! This is bad!

Before I could stop him, he bent down and stuck the key into his left ankle, while I could only stare with wide eyes!

I heard the fabric over his ankle tear, and what I saw was the exact same scorpion symbol that was on my left ankle!

I shook my head in disbelief, and met Gaoqin Jiuye’s cold and menacing gaze!

He stared at me, saying, “Shatter--- Unlock the seal!”


As his split symbol produced a bright light, the air currents between us turned into tiny air needles which zipped through my body!

“Ah---!” I screamed in pain. I stared at Gaoqin Jiuye through bleeding eyes. Instead of escaping, I enunciated every word clearly, “You are, my... soul splitter?”

“That’s right! I was the one who captured you!” As he looked at me, there seemed to be agony in his eyes, as if he was talking about something anguishing!

But I know better, why would he be pained over this! He brought me nothing but pain!

“Why did you do that?!” Tears and blood flowed from my eyes. I held Piercer tightly, allowing that painful, icy chill to invade my heart!

“You even killed him, so why can’t I do that?” Gaoqin Jiuye’s eyes were misty, and he looked as if he was drowned in sorrow!


Who’s that?

You mean Gao Qi?

How are you related to Gao Qi?!

“Awwr---!” I heard Rong Jin call out!

“You, you, you, you! You’re really the devil! A deviiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllll!!!!!!!” Rong Jin’s screams continued behind me!

I turned back abruptly, only to see Nie Zun drenched in dark blood, a devilish glow surrounding him. There was an insatiable killing intent in his eyes, and he seized the neck of Rong Jin’s shadow tightly! He seemed to be merely holding onto a shadow, but that shadow was screaming in agony at this moment!

The beasts were no longer attacking the residents, they were charging towards him now! Giant claws started to materialize from the ground, closing in on him, as if about to tear him into pieces!

“Do you have the time to worry about others?” I heard Gaoqin Jiuye’s cold voice behind me before a giant wave and countless jet black air currents started flying in my direction!

“Hand Mi Fu over. If not, I’ll cripple you and you’ll not be able to use your MF ever again!” Though Gaoqin Jiuye said this without wavering, I saw a hint of sorrow and sympathy in his eyes!

Huh, I must be seeing things. I, Li Shen, must have been seeing things! Why would Gaoqin Jiuye feel sympathy for me!

“Kill me if you can!” I choked on a mouthful of blood.

He threw Shen Qi on the ground, scoffing. “Shen Qi, kill her!”

Shen Qi transformed into another Gaoqin Jiuye as it hit the ground! His entire body was jet black, and his eyes were a blood red!

This was the soul in the sword?!

No, it’s the devil in the sword!

Shen Qi placed both hands on the floor, and the ground started quaking violently!

Shen Qi’s bloody eyes were fixed on mine, and I felt pain shooting through my heart. Together with the icy pressure from Piercer, I began to feel like my consciousness was crumbling!

“Ah!” I screamed!

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