Chapter 123: This Is All You Can See

Volume 2

123 This Is All You Can See

“Gao… Gao Qi…” My trembling hand was outstretched, trying to reach out to him.

A ghostly hand landed on my shoulder, and I felt a chilly air near my right ear. I tilted my head and saw someone looking over my shoulder.

I met a pair of eyes that seemed to shine with pale moonlight. Si Luo smiled at me. “This is what you’re afraid of?”

As if somebody had a tight grip on my throat, I could not speak. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I tried my best to summon my voice. “Si, Si Luo, save, save… save him…”

A strand of Si Luo’s silver hair landed on my neck. “No one can save him if he’s already dead in your heart…”

The corners of my eyes were now wet with hot tears.

Si Luo came closer to speak in my ear. “Relax, don’t push me away. Let me take a look at what else you have hidden in your heart…”

Haven’t you already seen it…

I felt helpless.

“No… That’s not enough…”

“Ah---!” As I tried to move closer to Gao Qi’s prone figure, I felt another stabbing pain in my heart. It felt as if the invisible hand which impaled me was putting more pressure on my heart. Blood started to drip from the corner of my lips. I could no longer move my heavy knees. They seemed to be weighed down with a thousand pounds.

“Don’t push me away…”

Strands of silvery-white hair started to wrap itself around my neck, and I could not escape Si Luo as his face was right beside me on my shoulder. I cried helplessly, staring at Gao Qi in front.

Gao Qi’s lips started moving.

I held my breath, and Si Luo’s hair stopped wrapping itself around my neck.

Gao Qi, who originally looked like he was in pain, opened his eyes slowly, and a smile appeared on his lips.

The stabbing pain in my heart stopped, but I could not breathe properly as I looked at Gao Qi while the blood from my hands dripped onto the floor.

Gao Qi sat up, looking at me. There was malice in his gentle eyes.

I widened my eyes slowly, keeping my eyes on him, not shifting my gaze.

Gao Qi attempted to wipe the blood from his face, but instead of being wiped off, the blood spread across his pale face, leaving dark red streaks behind.

The knife was still in his chest, and blood was still spilling from his wound.

His blood-stained lips then turned upwards.

My heart felt as if it had instantly turned into ice.

Such eyes, this gaze, it was wild and full of evil mischief. That smile on the corner of his lips was like a malicious chill.

My fingers twitched involuntarily as I did not know what to do.

This… isn’t Gao Qi…

Isn’t this… Gaoqin Jiuye?!

They were too similar, but too different at the same time!

My throat was suddenly free, and I spoke, “Gao… Gaoqin Jiuye…”

Gaoqin Jiuye was silent, but that frigid smile of his remained. His face looked almost like a graffiti wall painted with wild streaks of blood. After he finished wiping his face, he stood up slowly.


Stepping into blood, he walked towards me. His evil grin stretched from ear to ear, and as he walked, he plucked that knife out of his chest!


Fresh blood started pouring out from his chest.

I shut my eyes involuntarily as the blood splattered onto my face.

When I opened my eyes, he was on one knee, about a meter away from me.

He lifted the knife high above him.

I stared with wide eyes, as if I knew what was about to happen, but I remained motionless.

I started tearing again as the knife went straight for my heart. These tears seemed to be stained with blood, fogging up my vision with a sea of red.

It did not feel as painful as I expected it to be.

There was no pain because Nie Zun appeared out of nowhere, and his dark figure was kneeling in front of me now.

My face was almost flushed against Nie Zun’s back, and I was pushed back as he leaned back slightly.

All I could see was black. I then heard a sound as I lifted my head!

Nie Zun seemed to flinch.

I felt uneasy, and I tried my best to crawl over to Nie Zun’s side.

Nie Zun and Gaoqin Jiuye were both on one knee, facing each other. The knife which Gaoqin Jiuye attempted to stab me with was now embedded in Nie Zun’s chest.

Both of them turned to look at me. Gaoqin Jiuye’s evil grin was replaced with a face full of sorrow. Nie Zun smiled at me as if he was relieved, his eyes gentle and warm. Blood was pouring from his chest.

“No, no no no…” On all fours, I crawled over, trying to reach him.

The silver hairs around my neck caught it in a tight noose! Si Luo stopped me, appearing in front of my face. I was lost again in those unfathomable eyes of his.

“This isn’t enough…” He muttered, as the blood-red crescent on his forehead shone with a dazzling light. He slowly reached out a hand towards me in those white robes.

I wanted to avoid him, but my body just did not listen. I could only look on as his pale hand slowly reached into my heart. My heart was like soft tofu, he could do anything to it.

Pain shot through my heart again, and he looked gentle and sympathetic. His fingers have finally found my beating heart.

Badum, Badum!

Badum, Badum!

“I might just take your life if you don’t come out…”

He smiled gently at me.

The red in my eyes started spreading, fogging up my entire vision. Everything was coated in red, and Si Luo suddenly looked surprised.

I started to lose my grip on my senses. It was an unusual feeling. I was conscious, yet not fully aware. It was as if another soul was in me, trying to take control of my body, and I was being relegated to a quiet corner while she did that.

Everything looked blood-red.

The white fog was gone, and everything in this world was stained red. Involuntarily, I lifted a hand that was still stained with blood.

I grabbed Si Luo’s neck with it.

What is happening…

I saw a mix of emotions in Si Luo’s eyes. There was surprise, suspicion, and a strange look of expectation.

My lips moved on their own, and a lazy, empty voice came out.

“Are you… looking for me?”

Si Luo’s lips turned up into a smile.

“So it’s like this… It’s really like this…” He looked me up and down.

As if possessed, I lifted my other hand and started to strangle Si Luo with both hands. His silvery hair was still tight around my neck, and my bloody hands gripped his neck with force.

We were like this for a while, our eyes on each other.

The blood-red in my eyes then started floating into the air, becoming blood-red droplets which were moving towards him.

He smiled. “You’re too mischievous. It’s no wonder she’s having a hard time.”

I did not understand what he was talking about, and this feeling of not being in control of my body was horrible. I wanted to let go of his neck.

“But, you met me…” Si Luo flashed me a smile, lifting his hand to draw a circle on my forehead.

A strong, white light appeared, and I felt a burning sensation on my forehead.

My red hair grew long, and it started flying up into the air. By now, my fingernails had already embedded themselves into Si Luo’s icy skin.

“Hehe…” I actually laughed.

“You guys are really intransigent here… Always trying to peek at things not meant for you…” I heard a voice which kind of sounded like me.

As I tried to escape the invisible restraints, I was again dazed by a pain shooting through my heart.

A bright light engulfed us as countless pillars of light appeared and surrounded us!

The ever-confident Si Luo had a sudden look of disbelief.

My hair was flying in the air, looking like blood red air currents. A sea of red covered my vision.

My hands were no longer on Si Luo’s neck, they were simply hanging on my sides. My eyes fixed themselves on Si Luo’s moonlit eyes. He abruptly let go of the hand that was in my heart!

A bright light flashed through his stunning eyes! He wanted to bring his hand back, but I grabbed his arm before he could do so!

Five blood-red streaks appeared on his arm.

I kept my eyes on his.

He then went from looking surprised to being composed. He laughed softly, with a hint of bitterness. “That’s really a personality that cannot be controlled… It is unmatched…”

I did not get a single word he was saying. In my daze, I could see blood spilling from his mouth.

“I’ve failed…” Si Luo smiled beautifully.

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