Chapter 122: Your Deepest Fear

Volume 2

122 Your Deepest Fear

“I’ve waited a long time for the both of you.” Si Luo gestured to the armchair he was on.

I raised my brows. “Oh? How did you know we’d definitely come here? I just decided to come in here for a quick drink.”

Si Luo eyes creased in a smile. “A coincidence is also fate.”

He coughed again.

*Cough cough cough*

Though those white-robed sleeves of his concealed part of his face as he lifted a hand while coughing, it could not hide his pallor.

I started to pity this man in front of me. He was so beautiful, and this was not a look created through MF either. There was probably nobody else like him in the Split Zone. Why make him go through such pain?

Although I did not like soul splitters, I felt that Si Luo did not deserve to die, much less go through this experience of his life being slowly drained out.

“Is this a symptom of death that’s nearing?” Nie Zun smiled, sipping the drink in his wineglass.

Cold sweat formed on my forehead. Do you have to be so direct?

In my surprise, Si Luo smiled in response, and answered casually, “Yes.”

“A girl is currently being hunted in order to save you. Though I don’t like that girl very much, I still want to hear what you think about this.” Nie Zun placed his wineglass onto the coffee table.

I was secretly delighted that he was making so much conversation with a stranger, because I was at a loss for words right now.

Si Luo’s eyes sparkled like diamonds. “This problem would resolve itself if I die earlier.”

He did not sound sarcastic, and he said this with an extremely serious tone. He is saying that he should die, but he did not sound grieved.

I suddenly felt that he and Jiao S would be a great match.

There might be nothing in this world worthy of being his match, except for that unique aura that Jiao S had. It felt identical to Si Luo.

I could not place it, but no matter what it was, it was something that felt unique and dynamic.

I gave him a brilliant smile. “Si Luo, please stop Gaoqin Jiuye and Rong Jin, though I know they have your interests at heart. But both your life and Mi Fu’s are equally precious, no?”

Si Luo lifted his wineglass and took a sip of the blood-red liquid with his snow-white lips.

“You’re in love with Gaoqin Jiuye?” His voice remained cool and crisp, like the clear waters of a spring.

I almost lost my grip on the wineglass. Why did he say such a thing?

Without knowing it, I turned to look at Nie Zun, and I was met with those starry eyes of his.

Yes, wasn’t this pair of eyes the most beautiful ones in the Split Zone?

Si Luo stepped over the coffee table between us, and put his face right in front of mine. As he moved, his long, silvery-white hair fell across the coffee table, it was a beautiful sight.

He stared at me with those bright eyes. “Why then do your eyes look like they’re crying when his name is mentioned?”

I was stunned.

All of a sudden, a black hand appeared in front of me.

Nie Zun looked at Si Luo calmly. “There was another Gaoqin Jiuye she missed when she was alive. This is just her being stubborn, it’s not love.”

Si Luo laughed. It was dazzling.

He looked at Nie Zun with curiosity. “You think you’re the one she loves?”

For some reason, I really wanted to know the answer to this question. I stared at Nie Zun, waiting for a response.

Nie Zun’s eyes darkened, and his eyes filled with solitude, making my heart ache for him.

I was suddenly afraid of hearing what he had to say, so I stood up abruptly and said to Si Luo, “No matter what, please stop Gaoqin Jiuye, and trust that Jiao S and Huan Qing will definitely be able to find another way to save your life.”

There seemed to be a slight change in Si Luo’s crystalline eyes when I mentioned Jiao S. He was silent for a moment, before he finally looked up.

“What I want is not for her to find a way to save my life. I want her to leave me, I want her to stop doing things for me, and to stop thinking about anything that has to do with me.”

I smirked. “This isn’t the best method even if you can’t accept her feelings. What good would avoidance do you? Since you could see my eyes crying, why can’t you see that your eyes were wavering when you heard Jiao S being mentioned?”

Out of nowhere, I had the courage to speak to this extraordinary person in such a way.

Si Luo’s gaze was bedazzling as he looked straight into my eyes.

“If you’re that confident of being able to manage the situation, show me your tenacity.” Si Luo’s enchanting voice sounded in my ear, and I felt light-headed as I looked into his eyes.

Si Luo leaned back into his armchair, taking another sip of that blood-red liquid.

A sudden cough shook him, and that blood-red liquid dripped from the corner of his lips, down his pale neck, blooming into red flowers as it flowed onto his white robes. He did not seem to mind any of this.

“Come with me. Show me just how determined you are, and I’ll stop Gaoqin Jiuye.” He smiled casually.

“Where are we going?”

Without answering me, Si Luo looked towards Nie Zun. “May I borrow her for a few days?”

Nie Zun’s gaze was inscrutable. “Will you return her?”

Si Luo smiled. “Definitely.”

Nie Zun looked at me. “Go ahead.”

I was about to lose myself in his brilliant gaze.

But right now, I couldn’t be bothered about how pretty his eyes were or how beautiful Si Luo was! What did these people take me for?! Hey there, don’t treat me as if I don’t exist!

They were not about to give me any explanation even upon seeing how discontented I was. Si Luo simply finished his drink and stood up.

His white robes flared out with his movements, and I felt a little faint as that silver hair of his brushed past my eyes.

How can there exist such an enchanting individual?!

“Let’s go, Li Shen. Show me your determination.”

I looked at Si Luo, and a white fog surged in his eyes.

“Go, I’ll wait for you here.” Nie Zun was already standing, and he was gently pushing me towards Si Luo.

I looked at him in disbelief, finding him a little odd. He held my gaze, and something flashed through his eyes.

He planted a kiss above my left eye.

“Go ahead, Shen’er. There’re some things you have to make clear. I want to know what’s in your heart too.”

Nie Zun’s magnetic voice came from above my forehead. My left eye felt warm, as if it was crying for Nie Zun’s gentleness.

I suddenly felt like crying, and my left eye started to tear.

Only heaven knows how lonely I was.

A hand on my shoulder, he said, “Since you’ve chosen this path, don’t look back. You want to save all these lives in the Split Zone and free them, but I just want you to stay alive.

“Li Shen, even if you hate me for this, I still have to say it. The person who killed your lover is not your second personality. She is you, and you are her. Even if you turned into a devil, I will still protect you.”

Tears rolled down my cheeks. I was choking on my words as I looked up at him. “Why’re you saying all this…”

His eyes shone. “Because I’d be scared too if it was me.”

As he let go of the hand on my shoulder, Si Luo’s silver hair appeared between us.

Blood dripped from the blood-red crescent moon in between his brows, and I was once again taken in by those stunning eyes of his.

“Cage, open the seal---”

I heard Si Luo’s crisp voice.

I was forced to close my eyes as I suddenly felt unsteady. Pain shot through my heart, and it was as if my chest was impaled by a hand.

“Open your eyes, let me see what’s in your heart.”

I heard Si Luo’s enchanting voice in my head, as if he had now become a part of me. At this, I was forced to open my eyes.

I was blinded by a bright light, and I tried to shield my eyes from it.

As I adapted to the light, Si Luo’s voice continued. “Open your eyes.”

I finally opened my eyes fully, and what I saw made me shiver.

Someone was lying on the ground in front of me. His tightly-shut eyes and lips seemed to be describing the agony he was going through. He was in a pool of blood, and there was a knife in his chest.

I looked down, and I saw a blood red color on both my hands.

My hands turned icy, and I felt my knees weaken.


I fell onto my knees. I tried to reach out to that person in front me, but I did not dare look at my bloody hands.

There was nobody around except for layers of white fog surrounding the two of us. I looked around me in a panic. There was nothing.

The bottom of my feet felt wet, and I realized the blood had already reached me.


I screamed, but it felt as if I had no more voice.

I tasted blood in my throat, and the tip of my tongue started to hurt, but I did not pay attention to any of that. I simply stared at the person lying in front of me.

He was Gao Qi.

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