Chapter 121: The Stunning Beauty, Si Luo

Volume 2

121 The Stunning Beauty, Si Luo

I patiently explained our plan to Nie Zun.

With two gloved hands, Nie Zun pointed at his ears, smiling. “Have you forgotten that my five senses are more sensitive than ordinary people? I heard everything you said.”

Why did I spend so much time explaining this to you then? Why didn’t you just say so earlier?

Wait. This means that he also heard my discussion with Jiao S on whether he liked me or not??


I looked at Jiao S in embarrassment, while Jiao S went back to her usual indifferent expression.

Guan Nie looked at me with his squinty eyes. “Ugly girl, aren’t you touched that I traveled all the way here to help you.”

Are you sure you’re here to help me, you weakling???

I laughed in response.

“I’ve placed some people from the S Clan along the Eastern and Western district border, and before we met, I’ve actually discussed some things with your strategist, Jie Pa. Together with his intelligence network, we’ve placed informants all over the Western District. I’ll head for the Northern District with Huan Qing tomorrow morning, and I’ll leave Guan Nie with you since he’s good at illusions. The best way to hide somebody is to use illusion techniques, and I’ve asked him to stay by Mi Fu’s side.

“If you could prepare some empty rooms for them please, and Jie Pa will be using his barrier technique for extra security. After that’s done, you can head for the Southern District with Nie Zun. It’d be best if you guys happen to meet Si Luo on the way, and when you arrive at the Southern District, Gaoqin Jiuye and Rong Jin might already have undone the illusion and escaped. If so, please try to stall them for as long as possible.”

Jiao S told me about the plan and I nodded. “I’ll go with Nie Zun to pick some rooms that won’t be easily identified.”

Guan Nie glanced at me. “Ugly girl, are you touched that I’m here to help you?”

My face twitched. I really wanted to hit him.

After hiding Mi Fu, Ku Fei and Guan Nie, Jiao S left with Huan Qing. Jie Pa has been slogging his guts out settling matters in the Western District for me, and I sounded like a broken record as I kept reminding the Yuan siblings and Chou Yu to keep him safe.

“When do we leave for the Southern District?” As I was looking out of the window, Nie Zun walked over to my side. From the 13th floor window, people on the ground looked just like tiny ants.

“I’m wondering if I should go look for Zou An first. I don’t want to be so hasty now that I’m not able to use Piercer.”

Nie Zun smiled. “I’ll protect you.”

I turned to look at him, meeting his profound gaze.

“Are you scared of what’s going to happen next?” Nie Zun kept his eyes on me.

Am I scared? Why do you ask this?

“You’ve seen it too, many of them wish to leave. Since I’ve made my promise, I’ll not be afraid,” I said softly.

Nie Zun’s gaze was unreadable. “I’m not talking about this.

“I’m talking about what if Jiao S doesn’t come back in time, and if Gaoqin Jiuye and Rong Jin catch up. Are you afraid that you might have to go against Gaoqin Jiuye, and possibly fight him?”

He asked this with a serious tone.

I frowned. “Why do you care so much about me and Gaoqin Jiuye?”

“You’re the one who cares too much.”

“I don’t really care about that. I know very well that he isn’t Gao Qi.”

I thought Nie Zun would say something in response, but he did not. He went back to his usual, impassive self. I felt irritated with him, and shot him a fierce look.

“Let’s go to the Marketplace to find another weapon. I’ll need something to use in close-range combat now that I can’t use Piercer.”

With a smile, Nie Zun followed me out.

I was instantly drawn to Jie Pa’s bar when we arrived at the Marketplace. Jie Pa is way too busy to be here, and I had to make do with someone else mixing my cocktail. I really miss this. It’s been so long since I had a drink here.

I dragged Nie Zun with me into the bar, and we waited for our drinks as we sat in a corner.

“Are you trying to take advantage of me by dragging me into this remote corner, or are you trying to hide so that others won’t find out that their mighty District Commander is actually slacking off and drinking here?” Nie Zun teased mischievously.

Nothing good comes out of your mouth!

Not paying him any heed, I rested on the armchair and pointed at him, getting him to sit opposite me.

There were many of these armchairs placed facing each other in Jie Pa’s bar. We were right in a corner, and there was another seat behind me. We were in the most remote corner of the bar, and light was sparse. Seldom would there be people here, though there are times when couples in the Split Zone might get a little intimate.

I saw the bartender holding a glass of blood-red liquid.

“Oh, I don’t remember having seen this in Jie Pa’s bar?” I asked Nie Zun while pointing at the bartender who was walking towards us.

Nie Zun turned to look. “Neither have I. I think there’s such a drink, but I haven’t had it.”

Holding the wineglass, the bartender passed by me to reach the seat behind. Following the bartender's movement, I turned back to look. The back of the seat was so high that I could not see who sat there.

“There's actually somebody there? Who’d be drinking alone at the corner on a bright day like this,” I muttered to myself.

Nie Zun laughed. “What’s there to be curious about. There’re many kinds of people in the Split Zone.”

I looked back at Nie Zun, wanting to argue with him. But before I could do so, he shook his head and shot me a look.

I understood immediately. Nie Zun is very sensitive to MF, and that look probably meant that the individual in the corner was no ordinary passerby.

“No need to hide. I’ve come here to meet the both of you. How about we have a drink together?”

Nie Zun and I exchanged looks as we heard a voice coming from that corner. It sounded like it belonged to a man. It was a very crisp and clear voice.

Could it be Si Luo?

I signaled to Nie Zun and with drink in hand, we went over to the seat behind. I flipped the switch on the wall to turn the decorative light on as I passed the armchair, trying to get a clearer look at who it was.

I took a good look at the man as I stood opposite him.

A man in a white silk robe was leaning across the armchair lazily, holding a wineglass filled with blood-red liquid. His exquisite features were perfectly sculpted, and his long and shiny silver hair fell across his shoulders. There was a blood-red crescent moon between his brows, and he looked absolutely stunning.

His eyes were a silvery-white, a color that was almost two shades lighter than that of his hair. It was just like the heavy white fog atop a deep, quiet lake. It looked as if he was glowing through melting snow as he looked at me.

What was more amazing was that, even under the artificial lighting, he looked like he was shrouded in clouds with his white robes. It was like he was bathing in soft moonlight as he floated amidst the clouds.

I was sure the man was Si Luo. Nobody would be able to top such an aura and such beauty.

“Si Luo,” I said carefully.

Ripples of white fog formed in his eyes, and his pale lips turned upward in a beautiful angle, forming a stunning smile. “That’s me.”

I was dazed as I heard that crisp voice.

As I was still awestruck, Si Luo coughed twice, covering his face with the robe on his arm.

Although he looked like he was ill as he coughed, he still remained stunningly beautiful, reminding me of the Chinese idiom dong shi xiao pin. (T/n: The idiom describes how someone tried to be as beautiful as Xi Shi, one of the renowned four beauties in ancient China, by imitating her actions. One day, Xi Shi went around with knitted brows as she did not feel well. However, she still looked beautiful even when ill. In wanting to be as beautiful as her, someone imitated her sickly expression, but of course it was a failure.)

“You’re really the most beautiful person in the Split Zone.” Nie Zun actually praised him when he rarely even spoke to strangers.

Si Luo just smiled, and he did not say things like ‘you flatter me’ or ‘thanks’.

“Please sit.” It sounded like an invitation, but it also had an air of authority that made it difficult to go against, and his voice had such a quality that you would not want to go against.

Nie Zun and I sat opposite him. He looked at the both of us.

“Connected hearts and minds are fated to last.”

I was not quite able to understand what he meant, but Nie Zun responded. “Oh?”

Si Luo’s lips looked pale as he spoke, “Li Qing had foresight.”

I understood it now. It was to praise me. I smiled at him. “I hope you don’t mind that I haven’t visited the Southern District.”

Si Luo placed his wineglass onto the table and laid back into his seat, the blood-red crescent moon on his forehead flickering under the decorative light. “That’s great. I don’t like outsiders.”

His voice was clear and calm, and he had the autocratic aura of a solitary nobleman.

I kept marveling at him. For a man to be described as beautiful, he probably had to have some feminine qualities. Like Guan Nie, who was a pretty man, not womanly, but he had a sort of feminine quality to him.

Si Luo, on the other hand, was different. It was difficult to imagine a man so beautiful who seemed to not have any feminine qualities. Exceptional beauty and that kingly, domineering aura were both present in this man. It was dazzling.

I suddenly understood why that dashing man, Huan Qing and the sinister, conceited Gaoqin Jiuye were loyal to him. His aura was overwhelming, as if he was some kind of god.

There were no words to describe him. Si Luo simply cannot be described.

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