Chapter 115: The Poison-making Siblings

Volume 2

115 The Poison-making Siblings

I observed Yuan Shen and Yuan Qian as the both of them arrived in my room.

They were both in similar plaited shirts, and the older brother, Yuan Shen was a head taller than Yuan Qian, who wore her hair in a simple ponytail. Apart from their indifferent expressions – they look like they do not really care about anything, they looked just like any other pair of siblings in the real world.

“District Commander,” the siblings addressed me in a calm and composed manner.

I became rather curious about this pair of siblings.

“Sit,” I said as I looked at them.

They looked at each other, almost as if they did not expect me to say such a thing. Seeing that they did not move from their current positions, I simply shrugged, not minding it.

“I heard the both of you are experts at using poison?” Copying Nie Zun, I poured myself a glass of water to drink, trying to look natural and also make myself look a little friendlier.

“We just know a little bit,” older brother Yuan Shen answered.

I took a sip of water, and leaned casually against the wall with the glass in my hand, hitting it lightly with my fingers.

“How about you show me some skills?” I smiled at them.

Smiling faintly, younger sister Yuan Qian stepped forward. “You’ve already been poisoned, District Commander.”

“Oh?” I pretended to be surprised as I shook the glass in my hand. “Is it the water?”

Immediately after, I saw the hand holding the glass slowly turn gray, and it started to hurt a little.

“No, it was on the glass.” Yuan Qian pointed at my hand.

“Oh, what does it do?” I calmly placed the glass back onto the desk.

“District Commander, what would you do if I tell you that this poison will spread through your arm, and it will cause damage to your MF upon reaching your heart?” Yuan Qian asked without smiling. She looked at me seriously, as if talking about something important.

I smiled, shrugging. “Then I’ll do this.”

I swiftly took the under-utilized fruit knife from the desk, activated my MF in my right hand, and cleanly cut off my left arm.

Without blinking an eye, I looked at the broken arm on the floor and thought to myself, Poor arm of mine, you’ve been broken so many times recently. Sorry about that.

“Very decisive, District Commander. Why were you so indifferent before?” Yuan Shen spoke.

I looked at them squarely. “Firstly, I admit that I let the Western District residents down by how I acted before. I’ve apologized for that, and since the both of you have accepted my apology, I believe as Western District residents, you’ll still be loyal to me. Secondly, I know the both of you were very close to Li Qing, and I know you guys don’t like me. However, I hope to remind you that the current District Commander is me, whether you like it or not. Li Qing placed the Western District in my hands, and if the both of you are truly faithful to her, you should be loyal to me as well.”

I spoke with authority and made sure to keep my expression steadfast. Although this was not really how I wanted to present myself in front of others, I knew I had to have an air of dominance of a District Commander in order for me to continue on this path I chose.

The siblings looked surprised. They looked at each other for a long time before looking back at me.

A new arm had already started to grow, but I did not give it much heed, even though it was rather harrowing.

I smiled at them again. “What do you think, would you like to lend me your strength?”

Yuan Shen met Yuan Qian’s eyes, seemingly coming to a mutual decision through the exchange of gazes.

Yuan Qian spoke first, “We await your instructions, District Commander.”

After saying that, Yuan Qian finally broke into a smile for the first time after entering the room. She looked rather pure and innocent.

“Phew, why didn’t we come to an agreement earlier. I even had to cut my arm off. Stop being so formal, and quickly give me the antidote for my arm.” I heaved a sigh of relief, and went back to how I usually acted.

Yuan Shen looked a little stunned seeing the abrupt change in me, while Yuan Qian smiled, revealing her dimples, as she said, “The poison’s gone, I’ll help you reattach the arm.”

She picked up my arm on the floor and attached it back to where it belonged. Moving her nifty fingers, I felt a tingling of warmth as she put the parts together, and there was actually no pain when they fused.

“You’re really good at this,” I praised her as I nodded in slight awe.

“It’s not much, but we should be able to help fight against small fry.”

Yuan Qian seems rather lively, and it looks like she has a good sense of humor too. I guess she didn’t talk to me much because she really didn’t like me before this…

“What do you need us to do, District Commander?” Yuan Shen spoke steadily.

“Oh, it’s nothing much actually. I just need the both of you to stay here in the Western District to protect Jie Pa, that’s all. I trust you guys. Don’t call me District Commander please, just call me Ah Shen.” I waved my hand, signaling that they do not have to be that formal with me.

“Help Jie Pa?” Yuan Shen asked with raised brows.

“Yup, that’s right. I’ll be heading for the Southern District in a few days to find out more about that experiment. I’m sure you’ve heard the details from Jie Pa and you’ve also witnessed the scene. I need to get to the bottom of this. When I’m gone, I’ll be leaving everything in the Western District to Jie Pa, so I hope you’ll be able to stay by his side and protect him. Would the both of you be agreeable to this?”

Looking at how serious and sincere I sounded, Yuan Shen and Yuan Qian nodded without hesitation.

“As long as you’re willing to lead the Western District residents like Li Qing did, even if you’re not able to find a way to go back, we’ll still be willing to lend you our strength.” Yuan Qian smiled gently.

I sighed inwardly. The residents might not have asked for much, and they might have just wanted to lead simple and peaceful lives, but I was not able to provide them with the security they yearned for.

Why did I agree to take on the role of Western District Commander in the first place if I’ve failed in all this?

Either way, since I’m already the District Commander, it’s now my job to protect them.

“I promise to bring you peace. I hope you'll be able to help me.” I humbly lowered my head.

“Sure.” Yuan Qian put a hand on my shoulder, signaling her willingness to help.

I gave her a grateful smile.

Nie Zun’s mobile phone rang at this moment.

“You have visitors. News from Jie Pa’s informant at the district border,” said Nie Zun as he kept his phone.

I asked with curiosity, “Oh, guests? Who’d be visiting now considering the recent spate of events?”

Nie Zun smiled lazily. “I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to guess who these three are.”

“Stop it.” I rolled my eyes at him impatiently.

He yawned. “Huan Qing, Mi Fu and Ku Fei.”

I did not expect that.

“Why’d they be here? Has Huan Qing recovered? Oh right, it’s already been more than a month from that time. We really lost track of time during our training with Ta Lai. I guess his MF is recovered now.”

“It’s you who lost track of time. I knew exactly how many days had passed.” Nie Zun glanced at me.

I rolled my eyes inwardly. I shall not argue with you over this since the Yuan siblings are still here!

“Where’re they?”

“They said they wanted to look for you about something. Jie Pa directed them to the Residence, so they’d probably need a few hours.”

“Since they’re guests, we shouldn’t make them wait either. Let’s go meet them, it’ll save time.”

I looked back at the Yuan siblings. “I’ll leave the matters of the Residence to the both of you for now. Jie Pa might already be too overwhelmed looking after both the Marketplace and the Academy. I’ll need the both of you to look for more capable individuals to look after the Residence. Help me reassign the floor managers too. For those that seem unsuitable, it’s okay to replace them. I’ll be going ahead to meet our visitors. After I’m back, could I get the revised name list of the new Residence management?”

Yuan Qian looked shocked. “All, all this, you’re just leaving it to my brother and I?”

I smiled. “That’s right. I trust the both of you. I’ll be leaving all matters of the Residence to you guys.”

Yuan Qian looked at Yuan Shen for a moment, and then the both of them met my gaze with thankful eyes.

“Okay, stop looking at me like this. I’ll totally replace you guys if you don’t do a good job.” I blinked at them cheekily, and waved Nie Zun over. “Let’s go meet our three important visitors.”

Following which, I jumped out of the window. As soon as we hit the ground, Nie Zun asked with those starry eyes, “You trust those two that much?”

“I trust Jie Pa’s recommendation, and I have an accurate instinct about these things. I trust them.” I looked back up in the direction of the window we leapt out of.

“You have an accurate instinct? Why don’t I agree with that? Didn’t you always think I was a devil? How can that be accurate?” Nie Zun looked at me mischievously.

Glancing at him, I asked ostentatiously, “How is that inaccurate?”

Nie Zun smirked, and there were ripples in his eyes. “Seems like you’re back to your usual self now. That’s good.”

“Stop it. That contented expression looks as if you’re seeing someone of the next generation change for the better. I’m going to puke.” I waved my hands at him as I said this.

“Next generation? Yup, that’s right, dear daughter.” Nie Zun’s eyes creased with laughter.

I was momentarily speechless. Fine, I dug my own grave for this.

“Let’s go. We’ll talk while on the move. Isn’t running around in the Western District your favorite thing to do? Although it’s day now, it’s still nice to be able to run around.” He was gone with a light tap of his feet.

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