Chapter 104: Du Yue, the Soul Splitter

Volume 2

104 Du Yue, the Soul Splitter

Without hesitation, I swung Piercer with my right hand!

Electric violet light flew towards You Ji!

“You Ji, don’t even think about leaving if you don’t tell us where Du Yue’s experimental grounds are!” I stared at her angrily.


The violet ray dazzled like lightning, and in her astonishment, it looked as if she could not dodge the attack in time!

“Roar!” Right above the violet electricity, a ball of fire appeared in mid-air!


We shielded our eyes and backed away. The sheer force of the collision pushed all of us back. Jiao S’s black hair flew wildly in the wind as she focused her MF to stifle the impact from the resulting explosion!

Although the powerful impact was countered, our feet left marks in the ground as the impact forcefully pushed us back!

Jiao S glanced at me. “What power!”

I remained silent and frowned as I felt a chill from where I held Piercer in my right hand.

This chill was not the kind of chill felt when touching something cold. It felt like a twisted, disgusting and terrible kind of chill that was gnawing at my heart.

My right hand shivered, but I forcefully suppressed the feeling.

I kept my eyes on Piercer. Was this its power? So it’s like this. Such great power can be harnessed as long as the MF is well-controlled.

Then again, where did that ball of fire come from?

After the smoke and dust settled, a handsome figure appeared opposite.

I thought the tall figure belonged to a man, but I did not expect to see such a delicate face!

The visitor was in a deep purple tight-fitting top, and her jacket that looked like it was made of fox fur ended at her waist. She was in a high-waisted pair of dark green pants and dark green high-cut boots. Her mulberry-colored hair was worn in a high ponytail, and she exuded both beauty and aloofness in her exquisite features, making it difficult to determine her character.

She was an extraordinarily tall woman, among one of the tallest I have ever seen. Those slender legs tightly wrapped in dark green could easily lead others into fantasies.

Her beautiful eyes seemed to be warm but cold at the same time, and her gaze was firm and clear. She stood diagonally in front of You Ji and behind her was a qilin which produced sparks from its mouth continuously! (T/n: The qilin is a four-legged mythical creature in Chinese legend.)

It was not accurate to call it a qilin, since it did not look quite like one either. It was a creature likely created by combining two different animals together. It had blood-red eyes and there was incessant firelight in its mouth!

The most eye-catching thing about this woman, however, was not her dressing or the monster behind her. It was her left arm!

Her left arm was empty, she had no arm, and there was no sleeve!

Not only did she not look weird without an arm, this look matched her aura perfectly. There was nothing unsightly about it!

“You are… Du Yue?” I asked, horrified.

This one-armed woman said in a crisp voice, “That’s right.”

I felt spooked. Although Huan Qing already told me about how frightening she was, I felt a different kind of fear when faced with her right now!

This fear of mine did not come from being afraid of her, nor was it because of her ferocious looks. This fear was a feeling of terror from a unique kind of aura that one instinctively knew did not belong in this world. The fear when one witnesses something never before seen!

Ta Lai stepped forward, positioning himself in front of us. I could not see his face, only his upright figure from the back.

“You found your way here.” Ta Lai sounded calm.

I was creeped out by the peculiar expression which formed on Du Yue’s delicate face. She looked as if she was high on drugs in that very moment!

Du Yue continued speaking with that expression, “How can I not be here when you’ve appeared. I hear you’re here to help a little girl who’s a newcomer to the Split Zone? Come on, let me meet her. You know I’ll make her life hell as long as it’s a woman who has a close relationship with you.”

She said this naturally and calmly, as if she was talking about the weather.

But I felt heat rising up within me, almost as if I just came out of the sauna.

You Ji, who was standing behind her, suddenly pinned her eyes on me, and formed a bizarre smile with her lips.

This smile angered me. Forgetting about the disturbing aura from that one-armed woman, I stepped forward.

“That little newcomer you’re talking about is me. Let me see how exactly you can make my life hell today!” I said frostily, without a second thought.

Du Yue looked at me for a brief moment, before shifting her gaze to Piercer, which was in my hand.

Her eyes shone brightly. “You really deserve to die!”

“Roar!” The fiery qilin charged towards me as soon as she said that.

I kept my gaze icy as I swung Piercer!



Ta Lai said loudly in a cold and solemn voice!

Du Yue stared with her beautiful eyes as she raised her only arm in the air!

With her raised arm, the fiery qilin promptly turned back and returned to her side!

The fireball which came out of its mouth collided with Piercer’s violet light once again!

“Du Yue, Gaoqin Jiuye left only moments before you arrived. If I remember right, it’s been a while since you last met, don’t you want to see him?” Ta Lai’s voice lost its usual serenity, and carried a hint of gloominess.

Du Yue’s frown deepened as she heard the words ‘Gaoqin Jiuye’.

“Du Yue, just what do you want?” Ta Lai sounded exasperated.

“I want Bian Ying dead,” Du Yue said calmly, without hesitation.

“I don’t care what you want, return Song Lu and Yu Liang to me!” I shouted at her, annoyed at how conceited she looked!

“Song Lu isn’t with me, and Yu Liang is currently in an experimental barrel in the Southern District. Do you want to visit him?” Du Yue remained composed as she spoke.

“You?!” I wanted to charge at her, but Jiao S held me back.

Jiao S’s looked at me with large, listless eyes, signalling that I should not act rashly.

I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down.

“You sacrificed so many lives in the Split Zone for all those experiments of yours, just to find a way to kill Bian Ying?” Ta Lai sounded pained.

Du Yue’s gaze was steady and composed. “That’s right. I just want her dead at all costs. If she doesn’t die, your heart will be with her forever. You will only look at me if she dies.”

No matter what she says, her tone remained the same. It was neither urgent nor anxious, and there was no change in pitch.

What a unique woman.

No wonder Gaoqin Jiuye favors her. Such a woman will always be able to attract the attention of others no matter where she is. Before her, I have only sensed such aura from Li Qing.

But Li Qing was different. She had an unrestrained, debonair feel.

“What is your goal now that you’ve arrived here?” Nie Zun, who was quiet all this while, abruptly spoke, a slight smile on his face.

Du Yue’s eyes fell on Nie Zun and for a fleeting moment, she looked surprised. But she regained her usual expression in an instant. “I’m here to see Ta Lai of course, and also, to bring You Ji back.”

You Ji spoke softly, “Du Yue, you’ve heard about what happened in the Western District from the little snakes I sent, right? The spacial transference is now undone, and what’s left is that stone statue.”

She pointed in the direction of Old Man Fan.

I widened my eyes, “Don’t even think about touching Old Man Fan!”

You Ji smiled mockingly. “I’ll have to defer to Du Yue on this.”

I shifted my gaze to Du Yue.

Du Yue looked at me and spoke calmly, “No need to stare at me. I have no interest in your Western District nor your friends. You’re not even worthy of my interest. The experimental ground in the Western District is on the 27th floor of the Residence, and I’m no longer using it. The screams of the Western District residents sound horrible, and I don’t like this place anymore. Your friends – the couple – seem slightly more interesting. I heard that you lost the girl, but no need to look for her, I’ll just find her and continue my experiment. As for that little girl, you can give up searching for her, I want her for sure.”

“Huh, what a maniac, are all soul splitters this haughty? No wonder Ta Lai doesn’t like you, if I were a man, I wouldn’t like you either!” I gave her a smug smile as I spoke, criticizing her with every word.

Don’t think that I, Li Shen, can be bullied!

As expected, a ruthless glare escaped her eyes after I spoke.

“You really want to die.”

Ta Lai spoke up abruptly, “Enough. If you take her life, don’t you even wish to see me again!”

Du Yue suddenly laughed, and her soft, red lips curved into a pretty angle. “Do you think you can threaten me? The more you want to protect her, the more I’d want to destroy her. But don’t you worry, I don’t have the time to play with a little girl now. I should concentrate my effort in killing your lover, Bian Ying, am I right?”

Her eyes were looking at Ta Lai with passionate emotion as she asked ‘Am I right?’.

This is a woman who went crazy for love…

I felt a sense of helplessness.

Why does this craziness make me discriminate it so, yet it felt so familiar?

Was I like this too, to Gao Qi…

How frightening was I…

My heart skipped a beat.

Nie Zun’s hand was on my shoulder, and I saw his starry eyes as I looked up.

I have not seen these eyes in a long time, and I felt a sense of nostalgia. I miss them even though they are so close.

“How about this, I’ll go back to the Northern District with you, and you promise that you’ll give up your experimental grounds in the Western District, and don’t let You Ji step one foot into the Western District in future.” What Ta Lai said sounded like a compromise.

Is he not confident to face off against Du Yue?

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