Chapter 103: The Rebirthing Technique

Volume 2

103 The Rebirthing Technique

“Ma!” I was crying in agony again. Gaoqin Jiuye grabbed me and activated his MF, bringing me out of the hospital.

“Let go of me!” My throat was hoarse from all that screaming.

“Li Shen!” Gaoqin Jiuye shook me as he stared at my tear-stricken face. “She cannot see you! If you don’t want her to be sad, go back to the Split Zone, find your soul splitter, and find a way to return! Crying won’t solve anything!”

Crying won’t solve anything…

But I still feel like crying!

I know that crying doesn’t solve anything, but I still want to cry!

I was crumbling, and my tears seemed to be stained with something red.

The world seemed to be going topsy-turvy, and I could hear nothing but Gaoqin Jiuye’s anxious shouting in my ear.


It’s Nie Zun’s voice… Where are you, Nie Zun…

Nie Zun, I want to cry…

The world is spinning, why is it spinning…

Why do the tears in my eyes look red…

I’m so dizzy…

I can’t hear Gaoqin Jiuye’s voice anymore…

So dizzy…

“Ah Shen, Ah Shen.”

A voice which sounded aged but steady appeared in my mind. It reverberated through my ear, travelling to my heart, and eventually sounded in my brain.

All I could see was a swirling, blood-red world.

So dizzy… The world is distorting, whirling, red, everything is red.

“Ah Shen, I’m Old Man Fan.”

Is it Grandpa Fan… Grandpa Fan…

Grandpa Fan you’re still alive, right…

Why is the world still spinning? Why is it getting redder? Is this blood? Did I kill somebody again?

“Ah Shen, listen to me.”

It really is Grandpa Fan’s voice… I want to ask him if he’s well, but why can’t I speak?

“Ah Shen, whatever you’ve seen here is a reflection of what you yearn for. This might or might not be the same as what is happening in the real world. Either way, I used this technique to show you what you really want at the bottom of your heart. Ah Shen, I could turn a blind eye to your previous apathy, but I can’t now. Split Zone No. 13 is about to be finished, and I’m really worried about you. I want you to escape from here.”

Split Zone is about to be finished… The only place where I can stay will be gone too…

“Ah Shen, amidst all the truth and lies, what is it that you really want? When would you be able to understand?”

What do I need to understand…? What’s the point of understanding…? Can I save Gao Qi’s life if I understand…?

Once I understand, will there be a place for me, and will there be no more solitude…?

“Ah Shen, this technique of mine is not a spacial transference technique, it’s a sealing technique. I sealed the Western District not to get rid of the Seven Demons, but to help you find yourself, and to accept her.”

“Ah Shen, double identity disorder is not something to be afraid of. Moreover, she’s not with you now. You can’t keep running away, you have to accept yourself. How can someone who can’t even come to terms with themselves protect others?”

Protect others…

“Anyway, Ah Shen, go back, back to the Split Zone. Don’t think too much about what’s happening here, this all belongs to you as it’s just a reflection of your heart’s desires. Because you have a second personality, you have powers that others don’t have. Don’t ostracize her. You’re in solitude because you shun her. Try accepting her, try to accept her.”

Try and accept her… The one who killed Gao Qi?

“Ah Shen, this is a dream. Everyone is dreaming. They might not want to wake up, but you have to wake up. Once you hear the sound of the flute, you’ll go back, and the Western District will be back to normal. I’ll seal the Seven Demons here forever. Don’t try and save me, I’ve already lived long enough. The Seven Demons are also not as simple as you think they are, without them, it is equivalent to You Ji having lost both her arms.”

No, what do you mean by you’ve already lived long enough? Don’t leave me!

But, why can’t I open my mouth to speak?!

“This is the rebirthing technique. As its name suggests, I hope it can provide you with a second chance at life. Go back, Ah Shen. Go save your friends, go to the Northern District, and find a way to leave the Split Zone. Stay brave and strong no matter what happens.”

What about you? Old Man Fan, what about you? What method can I use to save you?!

“Ah Shen, remember not to trust anyone too easily. Depend only on yourself, and accept your second personality. Accept her and find your way home.”

“Ah Shen, go back now.”

The blood red color slowly faded, and my heart dropped as I recovered from the dizziness. The sight in front of me started to regain its usual brightness.

It was day.

The Western District was back to normal. Opposite me stood You Ji and Gaoqin Jiuye. Jiao S, Ta Lai, Jie Pa and Nie Zun were near me.

We looked at one another.

There were now pedestrians to be seen and it was obvious that the Western District was restored.

“Thank you, District Commander! It’s all because of you that we could see our families, thank you for this great technique!”

“Yes, District Commander. Although they weren’t able to see me, I haven’t been this close to my family for years! It’s all thanks to you. We’ll definitely remain loyal to you, and we believe that you’ll be able to find a way to leave this place!”

A few of the residents saw me and started surrounding me.

I was confused.

What is happening??

Nie Zun stepped out, and explained to the residents with a friendly smile, “This is the District Commander’s technique. She felt sorry for not being very involved in Western District matters, and did this to make it up to everyone. We hope all of you can spread the news, and work together in finding a way to leave this place.”

“Alright, we’ll get going now.”

“What’s the situation now?” You Ji suddenly shouted.

“Get out of the Western District, traitor!” A resident passing by shouted and stared at her.

You Ji looked startled, and my expression was not pleasant either.

After a long moment, Jie Pa adjusted his glasses and sighed. “Seems like this is Old Man Fan’s technique. The spacial transference brought everyone to the crack in space, and Old Man Fan probably brought them to the places they wanted to go, allowing them to meet with their family and friends. Although the residents can see their family members once a year, after spending a long time here, they start to lose hope and also lose their will to return. Old Man Fan used this to rekindle a tiny flame of hope in everyone, and gave all the credit to you.”

“Are you kidding? Why didn’t I see my family?” You Ji shouted angrily.

Jie Pa looked at her coldly. “How should I know.”

No, that’s not right. Although what Jie Pa said made sense and can explain everything that’s happening now, I did hear Old Man Fan’s voice when I was still in a daze!

Old Man Fan said this isn’t spacial transference, it’s a sealing technique!

‘They might not wake up, but you have to wake up.’

I was reminded of Old Man Fan’s words.

Was everything a dream?

The Western District didn’t disappear?

But why would Rong Jin and Gaoqin Jiuye appear here? Everyone had been bewitched?

“Kakakaka, what an interesting technique.” As it was daytime, Rong Jin’s shadow appeared clearly on the ground.

“Old Man Fan’s body is still here,” said Jie Pa as he pointed at the stone statue.

I decided not to ponder too much about this. Since Grandpa Fan has already prepared all this for me, I shall not let him down!

I took Piercer in my right hand, feeling its chill through my MF.

Piercer, if you really have a soul, if you are a living weapon, open your eyes and take a look. Look at this woman who killed the one that created you! I thought to myself as I activated my MF, staring squarely at You Ji opposite.

You Ji might have sensed something amiss because of my gaze, and she looked at me oddly, as I held Piercer up high.

“You Ji, since the Western District has been restored, how about you tell me the location of Du Yue’s experimental grounds?” I gave her an unfeeling smile.

You Ji tossed her green hair. “What if I don’t tell you?”

I smirked, “Then you won’t be able to leave!”

Gaoqin Jiuye abruptly asked, “You Ji, was it you who sent someone to kill Ah Wen?”

You Ji paused for a moment before she replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Gaoqin Jiuye’s eyes narrowed, while You Ji turned to Ta Lai, asking, “I know you’ve been looking for Bian Ying. Du Yue is also looking for her. You know what would happen if Du Yue finds her before you do, right? How about we make a deal.”

Ta Lai’s elegant and refined smile remained this time as Bian Ying’s name was mentioned. Moving the jade stone ring on his finger, he said, “You Ji, I know you well even if others don’t. Work with you? I’m not that dumb.”

“Lala, I’m a little duckie~”

Gaoqin Jiuye’s expression turned grim as he took the call.

“Rong Jin, go back with me now,” Gaoqin Jiuye said coldly after hanging up.

I have never seen Gaoqin Jiuye with such an absolute, cold and piercing gaze.

The dark shadow quivered slightly as it produced a ghostly voice, “Seems like there’s a situation. Alright, hahahahahaha I’ll go with you. But Gaoqin Jiuye, don’t even think about playing tricks.”

Before the ghostly voice could finish, Gaoqin Jiuye was already hundreds of meters away from us.

The ghostly shadow wobbled, and Rong Jin disappeared from You Ji’s side.

Jiao S tightened her gaze. “There must be something happening at Si Luo’s side, or else those two wouldn’t have left so quickly.”

“Do you want to go and have a look?” I asked, concerned.

Jiao S shook her head stiffly. “They won’t let me follow. I’ll think of another way.”

I then realized You Ji made use of the opportunity in the slight chaos to back away from us.

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