Chapter 99 Imperial Capital

Chapter 99 – Imperial Capital

All the teleportation portals from the four main cities were within the city gates, while the portal in the Imperial Capital was stationed outside.

“Solemn”, “Generous”, “Classical”, “Majestic” and “Grand”.

Those were the first five words that popped up in Fatty’s mind as he set his gaze upon the Imperial Capital for the first time.

Compared to Black Tortoise City, it had far grander walls, wider and cleaner streets, as well as more majestic buildings, all of which pointed to its importance as the capital of the country.

Its wall spanned over several dozen kilometers and was about twenty-something meters tall. One could still see countless signs of battle from it which seemed to remind people of this ancient city’s history. Every single part of the city was dyed in glory, honor, warfare, battle and grew as the city did.

The city gate was around twenty-something meters wide with many NPCs going in and out.

This is the Imperial Capital? Fatty was dumbstruck as he looked at the Imperial Capital with his naked eyes. He could still remember the shock the huge city walls of Beijing gave him when he was a child. For some reason, now that he set his eyes upon an even grander city wall, he felt a sense of pride rise up in his heart. Even if this is a game, only our capital would be so majestic

When he stepped out of the portal and walked closer to the city wall, it was a whole different sight. Looking up at the towering city walls invoked a sense of awe into Fatty, who stood in its shadow.

“The Imperial Capital forbids random entries. Who are you? Do you have any identification to enter?” two rows of over a dozen soldiers each stood at the city gate.

One who looked like a captain called out when he saw Fatty standing in the shadow of the city walls.

“Identification?” Fatty thought of the teleportation token he had with him. “I am someone from Black Tortoise City. I am entering the Imperial capital to conduct business, will you please let me enter?”

“Black Tortoise City?” the captain looked at Fatty in surprise, then received the teleportation token for a closer inspection. “It really is a teleportation token handed out by the Black Tortoise City’s city lord manor. I didn’t expect someone to be able to come here so soon. Hero from Black Tortoise City, welcome. You are the first player to enter the Imperial Capital. I wish you a pleasant stay.”

With that, the soldier returned the token to Fatty and gave Fatty a salute with his soldiers.

“Thank you!” Fatty quickly returned the salute. As expected of people from the capital, they are truly respectful.

It was a whole different world through the city gate. Fatty saw a squad of patrolling soldiers in shining armor marching around. Even from afar, he could feel a murderous aura around them that far surpassed that of the Black Tortoise City’s guards.

Although there were many people on the streets, all of them were NPCs. The only players Fatty was aware of in the Imperial Capital were him and Bai Xiaosheng, and he was only able to arrive because City Lord Lin Xi gave him a teleportation token. On the other hand, Bai Xiaosheng was essentially an illegal immigrant, he was already very fortunate not to have been killed by the NPCs in the Imperial Capital. After all, the soldiers officially recognized Fatty as the first player to enter.

“Wow, as expected of the Imperial Capital, it is sure majestic. Now… What should I do? Do my mission first? But it’s pointless for me to go to the Ancient Battlefield if I don’t get my class enhancement first. Man, how did Bai Xiaosheng get his Holy Spirit Stone? Wait, is there even a Class Enhancement Hall here? Hopefully there is, so I don’t need to teleport back. Now… Where should I go to accept some more missions? I thought the first player here was supposed to get something nice?” Fatty muttered to himself as he strolled around on the street.

He asked many NPCs, then finally discovered the location of the Imperial Capital’s Class Enhancement Hall.

“Sir, I would like to get a class enhancement. What mission would I need to complete?” Fatty humbly asked the middle-aged rogue mentor of an average stature.

“Class enhancement?” the mentor looked at Fatty in surprised, then screamed. “This class enhancement only accepts the sixth class enhancement or above. For lower leveled class enhancements, please go to the various main cities instead.”

That’s insane! Fatty was shocked. This game is damn difficult and only accepting class enhancements for players Level 60 or above… When would players even reach that level?

Fatty sighed, then turned around to leave. However, the rogue mentor suddenly called out, “Wait. How did you get here? You already have ten thousand Reputation?”

Fatty maintained a courteous attitude despite his disappointment, “Sir, my Reputation has not yet reached ten thousand. I only managed to come here because the Black Tortoise City’s city lord gave me a teleportation token.”

“Teleportation token?” the rogue mentor’s eyes lit up. “Little fatty, how about you give me the teleportation token and I’ll give you your class enhancement?”

“No,” Fatty refused firmly. You’ve got to be kidding me. I can get my class enhancement elsewhere even if I can’t get it here, but if I give him the token, then I won’t be able to return for a very long time. I can’t do that when I still have so many important things to do in Black Tortoise City!

“What do you want for it? As long as I can do it, I will definitely fulfill your wish if you are willing to give me the teleportation token,” said the rogue mentor.

“Really?” Fatty smiled brightly. “I want a Legendary item. Even a Divine item is fine.”

The rogue mentor was completely speechless. “I-If I had a f*cking legendary item, then I could just gift it to an important official and become an official myself. That will give me the right to freely use the teleportation portals. Why would I need your puny teleportation token?”

Ugh, I guess gifting (bribery) is common everywhere. Even the grand Imperial Capital has a corrupted side to it.

The rogue mentor offered a few more conditions, but finally gave up when he saw how unwilling Fatty was. Thus, he stood still again, clearly indicating that it was time for Fatty to leave.

However, Fatty no longer wanted to leave. “Sir, do you need to do something? Although I can’t give you the teleportation token, this student can help you with whatever you need to complete.”

“You?” a hint of disdain flashed across the rogue mentor’s face. “Little fatty, go back to where you came from. This is not a place you should be.”

F*ck you, Lord Fatty goes where he pleases. Why didn’t you say that when you wanted the teleportation token? If I really gave it to you and can’t do anything here, then I would definitely fall in despair.

Yet, Fatty didn’t dare to say that. There was clearly a mission he could accept here, he did not want to let it slip out of his fingers.

“Oh esteemed mentor, you are underestimating me too much, although my level is low, but you should think about it for a moment. There are so many players in Black Tortoise City, why did the great city lord only give me a teleportation token? It’s clearly because I possess a strength worthy of it. Just tell me what business you need to handle. Even if it’s catching the woman cheating on you or capturing some criminals, I promise that I will complete it for you,” Fatty said shamelessly.

“Catch someone cheating on me? Ugh,” the rogue mentor didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “My strength reached a bottleneck recently so I need a herb that is necessary to refine a pill for my breakthrough. This herb can only be found near Azure Dragon City and it will only be effective for my pill if it was harvested for less than a day. Although I can find the herb in the Imperial Capital, most of it was brought in by others, so its long past the time limit.

“Don’t worry, I will be able to bring you the herb no matter what it is. Freshly harvest for less than a day? I can bring it to you when it's freshly harvested for less than an hour!” Fatty promised.

“That’ll be amazing!”


System Notification: You have accepted the mission “Dragon Revolution Herb.”

Mission Details: Harvest a Dragon Revolution Herb and hand it to Stephen, the rogue mentor within a day. Time limit: 7 days.

Dragon Revolution Grass? It has dragon in the name, so it’s definitely some amazing stuff. I must make use of this chance to get something good out of it. “My dearest mentor, Dragon Revolution Herbs are some of the rarest herbs in the world. So it’ll be insanely difficult for me to harvest it. So… can you give me just a little bit of help?”

Fatty rubbed his fingers.

“Hehe, little fatty, I won’t rip you off for helping me with this. You didn’t get your third class enhancement yet, right? You really came to the right place!” the rogue mentor patted Fatty’s shoulder. “After you complete the mission, I’ll give you your class enhancement and give you a bit of benefit as well.”

“Can’t you just give it to me now? If you give me my class enhancement right now, then it’ll help me in helping you finish the mission.”

“I can do that, but do consider it well,” said Stephen. “I can give you some extra benefits if you get your class enhancement after the mission. If you want it now, then you won’t get anything extra.”

“Oh, then I’ll wait till I finish the mission.” That’s a simple choice, I’m sure any normal person would make the same as me.

“Alright now, little fatty, go. I shall wait here for your good news,” Stephen turned silent once more.

After receiving that mission, Fatty wandered around in front of the other NPCs for a while in hopes of getting more missions, but the only one who even responded was a giggling mage girl who chatted a bit with him. All the other people merely ignored Fatty with a stern face.

“F*ck you all. You’re ignoring Lord Fatty? Watch Lord Fatty beat the crap out of you in the future,” Fatty left the class enhancement hall with curses. Now… should I do the Dragon Revolution Herb mission first? Or should I get some Holy Spirit Stones first?


Fatty suddenly heard an exclamation as he strolled on. He turned around and saw a player around forty-something years old staring at him.

Wait, a player!?

“You really are a player! Bro! Did you manage to get ten thousand Reputation?” the player exclaimed.

There was no doubt about who that was. Aside from Fatty, the only other player who reached the Imperial Capital was Bai Xiaosheng, the illegal immigrant.

I'm back.

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