Chapter 98 Teleportation Requirement

Chapter 98 – Teleportation Requirement

The Black Wind Stronghold members thought Fatty ran away in stealth, but the truth was that Fatty just logged off. When they launched a series of attacks in the surroundings and didn’t find Fatty, they cursed loudly, then went back to log off as well.

As Fatty took off his helmet, he noticed that it was actually morning. He slapped his face. My schedule’s been terrible lately, I have to adjust it. At the very least, I can’t slack on my daily martial exercise.

After he washed up and went out, he noticed that there were more people than usual. I guess people are all coming out while the system is upgrading.

He walked over to the nearby park to conduct a bit of martial practice. Before getting hooked on the game, Fatty would go over there to practice every day, so he grew rather familiar with the old men who exercised there. When they saw Fatty finally arrive, some of them immediately walked up to ask him what caused him to not go there the previous few days.

Fatty could only chuckle awkwardly then begin his practice. His series of fist techniques was something he honed for more than a dozen years, they have practically become embedded into him. Every single move he did was mighty and fierce.

Two hours passed by very quickly. When Fatty returned home to done his VR helmet once more he noticed that the login page changed a little once again. This time, groups of players appeared on the screen and were fighting one another under the lead of their captains. These players all seemed to be very organized and disciplined, which only seemed to add to their might.

“Dear friend, thank you for your continued support of the game. I wish you a pleasant session. At the same time, please log off to rest once every eighteen hours to prevent unnecessary harm to your body.”

Fatty appeared in the game with a pleasant notification. The place where he appeared was at the Minotaur Chieftain’s cave. From the looks of it, the maintenance also led to the boss monster respawning. It was once again lying on the ground with its head resting on its axe.

Fatty did not alert the monster and walked out in stealth. He couldn’t help but chuckle after realizing something. I was just thinking about logging in to do the mission, but I forgot that I’m not yet Level 30, so I can’t use the portal to teleport to the Imperial Capital.

Oh well, I’ll keep farming, it’s not like I need to go anywhere else now. This is the best farming spot.

Fatty prepared his traps, summoned Wheat and kicked it out to lure monsters over. Wheat rushed over to a Minotaur and bit down.

Lure, fight, lure, fight. Fatty once again fell into the melancholic life of farming.



System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached Level 30.

After three days of hard work, Fatty finally reached Level 30. He let out a long sigh. Playing games should be fun, but what’s the fun in farming all the time?

Yet, even though he thought that, he did gain quite a lot from the farming. Aside from the few extra drops he got from killing the Minotaur Chieftain and the sheer number of items he got from the monsters he killed, a single weapon from one of the basic minotaurs was enough to make him overjoyed.

However, what was strange was that Fatty noticed the weapons stopped dropping after he farmed for quite a bit. He didn’t understand why that was but didn’t feel there was anything too terrible about it. At least other people wouldn’t be able to make gains like he did.

Fatty recalled back to the city, then ran over to the special portal to teleport to the Imperial Capital. Yet, when he reached there, he saw a group of people walk out with dropped faces and some of them were even cursing loudly.

Huh? What’s going on? “F*cking system, just teleporting requires some goddamn reputation!?” “F*ck this, who would even have so much reputation now?”

Wait a moment, teleportation costs reputation? What’s going on?

He immediately turned to the forums and found that it was filled with curses towards the devs. Although the teleportation portal to the Imperial Capital was activated, not only did players need to be Level 30 and have ten thousand Reputation to use it, each teleportation also costed a thousand Reputation.

Ten thousand Reputation? Fatty’s face dropped. He only had slightly more than five thousand, so he only reached half of the requirements and had only gotten so much because he would often kill boss monsters above his level. Other people probably only had two or three thousand Reputation at most!

Fatty slowly walked out of the area, then pondered about it before he sprinted towards the City Lord Manor.

Just like before, he easily walked in to see City Lord Lin Xi after paying the guards 100 gold coins. What the f*ck, he’s eating? And the great general Drucker’s just sitting on the side watching him!?

“My Lord, I came over again.”

“Say it. What is it?” Lin Xi picked up a towel and elegantly wiped his mouth.

“The portal from Black Tortoise City to the Imperial Capital has been activated, so I’m about to go over. I just came to ask whether there is some item or letter that you would need me to bring over?”

“Now that you mention it, I do have something to ask you to bring over for me. But… Are you sure that you can teleport over?” Lin Xi responded with a question.

Fatty immediately began to curse in his mind. You’re just a f*cking NPC, why the heck is your intelligence so high!? This is abuse! ABUSE, I’m telling you!

Yet, those were only things he could think but not put into words.

“Hehe, My Lord is truly perceptive, you managed to notice it. I immediately thought of teleportatingover to retrieve the Holy Spirit Stones needed to seal the crack in the mine when the portal was activated, but I don’t have enough Reputation. God only knows how long it would take for me to earn enough Reputation and when I finally manage to do so, the Holy Spirit Stones will probably not come into use any more. My Lord, this is very urgent, so please provide me with some aid.”

“It is great for you to think that, but are you sure you can get Holy Spirit Stone after going to the Imperial City?” asked Lin Xi.

“What do you mean?”

“The Imperial Capital is a place that is truly filled with various talents, countless experts are also there. What’s more, the Ancient Battlefield nearby is a place of shocking dangers with vengeful spirits who have resided there for over ten thousand years and murderous souls who refuse to move on. You most likely would not be able to get any Holy Spirit Stone even if you go there with your current strength.”

“My Lord, you are indeed correct. Please educate this one,” Fatty’s expression turned serious. Although Lin Xi was just a NPC, he was giving wise advice. What’s more, listening more was always good, especially when the speaker was the city lord.

“Preparation is not a waste of time, so go and get your class enhancement first. Going over after you do so should give you slightly better chances.”

“My Lord, thank you for your reminder. Allow me to take my leave and disturb you again in a few days.

Lin Xi smiled just as Fatty was about to leave. He threw a token out. Fatty caught it with both hands. The token felt very heavy and he could see a complex magical formation engraved on it.

“Take this. It will allow you to teleport to the Imperial Capital without costing you any Reputation after you get your class enhancement. Remember to return it after completing the mission.”

“Thank you, My Lord.” It’s not going to cost me any Reputation? That’s amazing!

Lin Xi chuckled after Fatty left. “I only came over to become the city lord because I was really bored. I didn’t expect to meet such an interesting fatty.”

“He is truly daring to try and gain benefits from the city lord manor!” ‘Drucker’ also laughed. “But isn’t it too much for you to straight out give him the right to teleport to the Imperial Capital?”

These two were actually… not NPCs!

“It’s nothing,” ‘Lin Xi’ waved his hand. He now sounded like an aged old man as opposed to a graceful middle aged man. “The reason there was such high restrictions on teleporting to the Imperial Capital was to ensure that the players stayed in the four main cities and protect them, but exceptions really do have to be made. What’s more, his mission is urgent and if he has to wait until he has ten thousand Reputation, the crack would have already turned into a gate. What’s more, we were just lending it to him. He has to return it after the mission.”

“You are indeed right,” ‘Drucker’ nodded with a smile.

“Alright, there’s nothing else in the city lord manor. Let us rally our troops and show off outside, then act like some domineering people,” ‘Lin Xi’ laughed. He strode out with ‘Drucker’ smiling wryly in tow.

Although Lin Xin suggested him to teleport after getting his class enhancement, Fatty decided to take a look at the Imperial Capital first after a bit of a reconsideration. After all, any lead he gets will only propel him further ahead. Perhaps, he would be able to gain some unbelievable benefits by going to the Imperial Capital before anyone else.

That made Fatty think of Bai Xiaosheng, the sect master of the All-Seeing Sect. He walked over to the Imperial Capital on foot and entered. He must be the only player there right now. Wow, he must have gotten a huge benefit out of it.

Fatty immediately felt more anxious as he thought about the potential gains. There was no time to waste, he immediately ran towards the teleportation portal.

When he finally reached there…

F*ck, why the heck is there so many people outside when nobody can teleport?

Everybody laughed when they saw him covered in sweat.

“Here’s another one. Haha, he’s here to get stuff from the Imperial Capital as well.”

“Bro, when you get there, tell the shitty emperor that I said hi and that I miss him.”

The crowd parted and made way for Fatty as they mocked and pitied him. Yet, Fatty stood up his chest held high and walked towards the special portal with a confident smile.

“The special teleportation portal will teleport you to the Imperial Capital. You need to be Level 30 and have ten thousand Reputation. A thousand Reputation and a thousand gold coins will be charged each time you teleport. You have not reached the Reputation requirement, but as you possess the Black Tortoise Special Teleportation Token, you can teleport by only spending gold coins. Would you like to proceed?”

What the f*ck, the forums didn’t mention anything about a thousand gold coins!

The crowd laughed loudly when they saw Fatty’s unnatural expression.

“Ahh, what a shame. I worked so hard to reach Level 30 so that I can take a look in the Imperial Capital, but teleporting requires me to get ten thousand Reputation? How am I supposed to get that!?” Fatty shouted.

“Haha, bro, stop whining. If it was easy, then everybody would have gone over already. We wouldn’t be watching the show here.”

“Haha,” Fatty suddenly laughed, then chose to teleport under the shocking gazes of the crowd.

“Teleportation initiated. Teleportation Token charges remaining: 9.”

A ray of white light shot up into the air as Fatty disappeared.

I'm back.

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