Chapter 97 Level 30

Chapter 97 – Level 30

Fatty ignored the Minotaur Chieftain, which wasn’t going to drop anything good. Mining in the end of the cave was his prime priority.

There were a dozen or so Snowsilver Grass there, which seemed to show that nobody had came over since the last time he was there. Fatty strolled over and casually harvested all the Snowsilver Grass. Although the area was still filled with a strange stench, Fatty decided to endure it for the ores.

Iron Ores.

Bronze Ores.

Silver Ores.

Gold Ores.

This really is a rich mining spot! I’m getting everything that’s actually difficult to get outside.

After a bit more than an hour of digging, the sounds of combat from outside the cave seemed to fade. Fatty didn’t know whether the Minotaur Chieftain was killed or if the players had already been sent back to town. However, that had nothing to do with Fatty. Although he did manage to mine out many valuable ores, including Darksteel Ores, none of them were what he wanted.

“Mystical Silver Ore, Mystical Silver Ore, where are you? Come and show Lord Fatty where you are,” Fatty muttered to himself and continued to dig. Even the ores that were valuable enough to make any other players crazy was nothing to Fatty without seeing what he wanted.

Are there are Mystical Silver Ores here? Fatty pondered as he swung his pickaxe over and over again. This place might be small, but it’s clearly a rich mining spot, so I should be able to mine a few advance ores here!

Just where would it be? Fatty knocked on various spots around the cavern, then suddenly noticed something. If I’m remembering it correctly, then Snowsilver Grass should have grown out from this exact spot both times.

He swung his pickaxe down.


A sparkly fist-sized ore jumped out.

It’s a Mystical Silver Ore! Fatty couldn’t help but gasp when he saw the name of the item.

You might be crafty, but Lord Fatty’s got you now!

He carefully put the ore away, then carefully aimed his pickaxe down and swung once more.

“Boss, since the Minotaur Chieftain is such a high leveled monster, it must have something great in its lair, right?” Outside the cave, one of the players in the guild, who just suffered heavy losses to kill the Minotaur Chieftain, couldn’t help but smile as he looked at the dark tunnel.

“Yeah, the Minotaur Chieftain only dropped a gold item just now, it must have something in its lair,” said a player with a monkey-like mouth.

“It’s a shame that a Guild Establishment Token didn’t drop, otherwise, we, the Black Wind Stronghold, would definitely become the greatest guild in Black Tortoise City,” the guild master said with a pity. When he saw how excited his subordinates where, he pointed forwards. “Let us go in!”

While the Minotaur Guards have already respawned, they were unable to stop the preying players, who tore all their enemies apart and barged in.

Yet, before they reached the end of the cave, they heard a series of clanging The guild master put his hand up, signaling all the players to stop in a military-like manner.

“Fourth, go in and take a look at where the noise in coming from.”

The player with a monkey-like mouth saluted, then went into stealth and slowly walked in.

As Mystical Silver Ores were getting dug out one after another, Fatty was smiling so hard that all his facial features were covered by his bright smile. He dug around the entire cavern and mined seven Mystical Silver Ore! Man, I didn’t expect Snowsilver Grass to actually grow on Mystical Silver Ores!

After the long period of mining, he also got nine Darksteel Ores and countless other lower ranked ores. Seeing his inventory nearly full, Fatty stood up in satisfaction, then prepared to recall.

“Guild Master, hurry up. Someone is mining here!” Fourth saw Fatty take out a recall scroll the moment he entered. He intelligently attacked Fatty. Although it didn’t deal any actual damage, it successfully put Fatty in combat and prevented him from using a recall scroll.

“Who dares to steal our things!?” The Black Wind Stronghold guild master was outraged. He immediately ordered his subordinates to disregard the Minotaur Guards and charge in.

“Brat, what did you get here? Put it back down and we’ll let you go. Otherwise, if you offend us, then there will be no place for you in Black Tortoise City!” Fourth felt a lot braver when his backing arrived.

“No place for me? Because of who? You?” Fatty laughed.

“You dare to laugh!?” the Black Wind Stronghold players were furious when they saw Fatty’s mocking smile.

“Get ‘em!”

“Rape ‘em!”

“Wait a moment,” the Black Wind Stronghold guild master stopped his subordinates from blabbering and stared at Fatty. “Who may you be? What did you get here?”

“It’s not important who I am. As for what I got here?” Fatty laughed. “Why should I tell you.”

“If you are a friend from one of the guilds, then we can have a good chat and let you leave after you hand the items over. Otherwise, heh,” the Black Wind Stronghold guild master waved his hand. A dozen players immediately rushed up and surrounded Fatty.

At that very moment, all the players heard a ring.


System Announcement: Congratulations to Purple Bell for reaching Level 30. Due to that, the servers will be shut down for an upgrade in 10 minutes. The maintenance will last 2 hours. Please log off in time to prevent unnecessary damage. The guild feature and teleportation portal from the various main cities to the Imperial City will be activated after maintenance.

A series of curses sounded out throughout the game servers. The system gave the players an extra hour to prepare for everything the last time it was going to undergo an upgrade, but only ten minutes was given this time. Thus many players who were fighting boss monsters couldn’t help but feel troubled.

Purple Bell’s already level 30! Although Fatty was slightly surprised, it was within his expectations. It was very normal for Purple Bell to be the first player to reach Level 30 with her insane farming speed.

The game was finally going to begin properly after the guild feature is activated. Players were just messing around previously and the most happened was a fight between a few hundred or a few thousand players. The largest battle had been the one fighting for the ownership of the mines in Black Tortoise City, where the various guilds in the city invested around a thousand members or so each, adding up to several tens of thousands. However, after a proper establishment of guilds and construction of guild bases, guild wars were going to reach the level of several hundred thousand people!

That’s because even those both were guild wars, one was between official establish guilds, while the others were just unofficial skirmishes. Furthermore, the guilds with their own bases would also provide invaluable resources for them.

As the announcement ended, Fatty smiled towards his foes, then disappeared.

I'm back.

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