Chapter 95 Bai Xiaosheng’s Capability

Chapter 95 – Bai Xiaosheng’s Capability

Back in Black Tortoise City, everybody let out sighs of relief. Although nothing too huge had happened in Vermillion Bird City, they went through multiple fights with players, killed monsters and kill stole monsters. The continuous combat really wore them down.

“Fatty, we’re going to farm. Do you want to come?” HeadofGod asked after they walked out of the portal.

“Nah, I still have to finish the mission,” Fatty thought back to his “Sealing the Crack” mission. Although there was no time limit, it was definitely better to finish a mission the city lord gave out as soon as possible. If he comes to find me and I didn’t finish it… I’m sure that City Lord Lin Xi wouldn’t mind giving me a “little” punishment. What’s more, I also borrowed his name in the Fire Valley. He won’t let me off easily if he finds out!

Thus, Fatty separated from TheFugitive and God Familia. He went offline to eat, rest a bit and deal with some biological problems, then searched the mission items he needed on the forums.

Out of the required items, he had already harvested the Snowsilver Grass and could get a bottle of mid rank yao blood from Wheat. However, he didn’t have any clues about the other three.

Holy Spirit Stone – A magical stone storing light energy. It is very popular amongst light mages and is harmful towards dark monsters. It is very rare.

Fatty hunted the forums a while more, but he couldn’t find any useful news for the other items. I guess I’m going to have to buy more information from the All-Knowing Sect.

After a meal and a bit of exercise, he put on his gaming helmet and logged back into Eternal. As he looked at the passing people in front of him, he suddenly realized that it would be rather difficult to find an All-Knowing Sect member in the crowds. But I guess I’ll just contact the guy I met.

He entered Bai Xiaosheng093 as the recipient of his mail and sent a message, then very quickly received a reply which asked him to meet at the entrance of the bank at Black Tortoise City.

At the entrance to the bank…

“So Brother Money Grubber was the older brother of Pink Beauty, the number one beauty of Vermillion Bird City. I did not pay enough respect to you!” Bai Xiaosheng093 laughed.

“Haha, I guess I’m going to be famous because of my little sister now,” Fatty said in self-mockery. “I would like to know where I can harvest or buy Mystical Silver Ores, Holy Spirit Stones and Crimson Pearl Flowers.”

“Mystical Silver Ores, Holy Spirit Stones and Crimson Pearl Flower?” Bai Xiaosheng093 opened his eyes wide. “Those are all rare items, what do you want to know that for?”

“Do information vendors like you ask people what they buy information from you for?” Fatty asked slowly.

“Sorry, I misspoke,” Bai Xiaosheng093 apologized immediately as befitting for a professional businessman.

“Then stop wasting my time. Do you have info on them? Name your price,” said Fatty.

“I don’t have the exact location of where Mystical Silver Ores can be found, but a few should be produced near the Bat Cave every so often. You can try to buy some there. As for the Holy Spirit Stones. You will have to go to the Imperial City. There is an Ancient Battlefield there filled with items left behind from that war. You can occasionally find some Holy Spirit Stones up there. Finally, Crimson Pearl Flowers are the easiest to find. They can be found near Azure Dragon City and you would be able to buy some as long as you are willing to pay,” Bai Xiangsheng093 replied after a quick flip through his memo book.

“You’ve been to the Imperial City? I thought players can only teleport over after they reach Level 30?” Fatty exclaimed.

“How is that possible?” Bai Xiaosheng093 laughed wryly. “Sure, the game made it so that the portals between the four main cities and the Imperial City would only be activated when a player reaches Level 30, but you don’t have to use them to get there. If you don’t want to go through the portals, you can run over.”

“How much time is that going to take!?” Fatty took a deep breath.

“From the opening of the servers till now,” Bai Xiaosheng093 had a look of admiration on his face. “He began running in the direction of the Imperial City from the very start. He never stopped and overcame all obstacles in his path. He died countless times and he would have to start over every single time. And when he reached the Imperial City, he finally reached Level 25.”

“That person is someone from your guild as well?” Fatty admired such determination as well. It really was rare amongst people these days.

“Of course. He is Bai Xiaosheng, our guild master!” Bai Xiaosheng093 said proudly

“Amazing! No wonder the All-Seeing Sect managed to become the greatest business guild in game,” Fatty praised. “Did Sect Master Bai Xiaosheng find some Holy Spirit Stones?”

“Indeed,” Bai Xiaosheng093 nodded. “Our guild master was fortunate enough to pass by the Ancient Battlefield during his journey. He managed to pick up one by chance. Brother Grubber, if you would like to get a Holy Spirit Stone, then you should go and try your luck in the Ancient Battlefield. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the auction feature gets unlocked at Level 30 to try your luck.”

Ancient Battlefield? Fatty thought about it for a moment with a nod. Purple Bell is still the number one on the leaderboards and she is already Level 29, just a step away from Level 30. Once she reached Level 30, the system will probably get upgraded with all the new features, including the portal to the Imperial City.

“Alright, thanks. How much does all that information cost?” As Fatty thought to himself, he noticed that Bai Xiaosheng093 never mentioned the price.

“This information isn’t worth much, it’s free,” Bai Xiaosheng093 chuckled.

Free? Free stuff is always the most expensive. I don’t remember who said that, but I’m sure that’s true. Fatty immediately laughed when he heard Bai Xiaosheng093’s reply.

“What is it? Just say it directly.”

“Brother Grubber is truly a straightforward person,” Bai Xiaosheng raised his thumb with a praise. “It’s nothing much. Our sect master wishes to ask Brother Grubber for a favor after you reach Level 30, the price is a 50% discount on all the information you need in the future.”

“What can a puny rogue like me help with?” Fatty was speechless. Dude, I’ve never met with Bai Xiaosheng, and even if he’s like super informed and knows everything, he shouldn’t invest so much in me.

“Actually, Brother Grubber was not the only one invited. LittleLi’s Flying Dagger, the first ranking on the assassin rankings, LittleLi’s FlyingDagger; the third ranking HeadofGod; the nineteenth ranking TheFugitive; AbsoluteIndifference, the first ranking on the hero rankings; the third ranking ASliverofSmoke; the first ranking on the magus rankings, Purple Bell; and many other experts were all invited by our sect master,” Bai Xiaosheng093’s reply shocked Fatty.

“What the heck is your sect master trying to do? Does he want to plot a revolution to replace the emperor by inviting so many experts!?”

“Haha, Brother Grubber is sure funny. Although we are amazing as players, we can only rally a few tens of thousands of brothers to establish a guild and construct our own base, we won’t be able to be the Emperor. If we do so much as think about plotting a revolution, we would be turned into minced meat by the NPCs. Our sect master didn’t tell us exactly what it’s for, but I’m sure Brother Grubber will not be troubled by it,” Bai Xiaosheng093 smiled.

“Hmmm, fine. I’ll accept the invitation. You’ve gotten me rather curious about what your sect master is trying to do.”

“Then allow me to express our thanks in place of our sect master,” Bai Xiaosheng093 nodded slightly and sent Fatty a friend request. “You can contact me directly for any information you may need in the future.”

“Sure,” Fatty accepted the friend request, chatted a bit more with Bai Xiaosheng093, then left.

Although he managed to gain the news of the other items needed for the mission, most of it was worthless. But since Crimson Pearl Flowers can be found easily in Azure Dragon City, I’ll trouble Fierce Dragon TheTalent. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of my connections.

“Brother Fierce Dragon, long time no see. How have you been?” Fatty opened up with a simple greeting after calling through the communicator.

“Brother Grubber, you didn’t just call me for a casual chat, did you?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent was even blunter.

“It’s nothing special. I heard Crimson Pearl Flower can be found extensively near Azure Dragon City.”

“Extensively? Extensively? You actually said extensively!?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent choked. “Although Crimson Pearl Flowers are not lacking around here, there are nowhere enough to say that they can be found in large amounts over here. You might not have been in Azure Dragon City before, so you don’t understand the situation with Crimson Pearl Grass, but you know about Darksteel Ores, right? The yield is around that level.”

“Fine, alright. But I don’t care, I want ten Crimson Pearl Flowers. Don’t mind the price too much, just help me get them as quick as possible,” Fatty shrugged. He was rich now. Not only did he sell the City Construction Token for a lot of cash, he already has several tens of thousands of gold coins stored up now.

“Ten? Alright, I’ll ask around from you, then call you when I get some news,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent thought about it for a moment, then hung up.

After handling the issue of the Crimson Pearl Flowers, all that was left was the Mystical Silver Ores and Holy Spirit Stones. Mystical Silver Ores were found at the Bat Cave, which was also known as The Mine now, Fatty could go over there and try to buy some. Meanwhile, it seemed like he would have to wait to level to go to the Imperial City for the Holy Spirit Stones.

Just as Fatty was about to leave the city as he pondered, a squad of NPCs ran by, then stopped when they saw Fatty.

“Money Grubber!” Fatty turned around to look at who called his name.

It was no other than General Drucker, who led the NPC troops to reclaim the mine.

“Hey, General Drucker. Long time no see. I’ve been missing you a lot. What have you been up to recently?” Fatty walked over with a bright smile.

“Money Grubber, the city lord wants to see you. Come with me,” Drucker maintained his stiff expression and replied in a monotone voice.

“What? My Lord wants to see me?” Fatty was confused. I was just thinking about doing the mission and now Lin Xi sent someone to get me? This is too much of a coincidence!

When Fatty followed Drucker into the City Lord Manor, Fatty saw Lin Xi sitting in his chair reaching a state of the empire report. When Lin Xi saw Fatty, he put the report down with a very annoyed tone. “Money Grubber, your progress on the mission has been horrendous.”

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In the next chapter of Show Me the Money...

Bai Xiaosheng093: I don't have all the information you want, but I have some of it. In particular, Holy Spirit Stones are actually found on the Ancient Battlefield outside of the Imperial Capital.

Fatty: Imperial Capital!? How do you guys know about that? The teleportation portal hasn't been opened yet!

Bai Xiaosheng093: It is all thanks to our great leader. Although the teleportation portal has not yet opened, it is not the only way to the Imperial Capital.

Fatty: No, you can't mean!

Bai Xiaosheng093: Indeed, our great leader started to run towards the Imperial Capital since the servers opened up and finally managed to reach there by foot. Ahhh, that is how much our guild master is willing to give up to obtain information, he is truly a role model for us all!

Fatty: Or... an idiot. I mean... He must have wasted so much time that he could have used to make cash...


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