Chapter 94 Thunderfire Power Bomb

Chapter 94 – Thunderfire Power Bomb

Fatty tossed out a pigeon egg sized jewel. It seemed like a ruby of excellent quality that shone bright red with what seemed to be red mist spiraling within. A hint of hot air seemed to rise out and form clouds around it.

This jewel was a Thunderfire Power Bomb that he got from Flame Ruler West. He only had seven of them and Fatty planned to use them against the advance boss monster in Greenery Mountains.

Wood attribute creatures are afraid of fire, and the Flame Ruler had said that although the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit was an advance boss monster, it only possessed a mediocre strength. The biggest problem with it was that it would drive the nearby wood monsters to help it in combat. Before the Flame Ruler was sealed, he had once fought the tree spirit and caused it to howl with a bit of fire. If it wasn’t due to the lack of grudges between them, the Flame Ruler would have just outright killed the tree spirit. When he heard that Fatty wanted to take down the monster, the Flame Ruler generously gave him seven Thunderfire Power Bombs formed from fire and lightning energy. It would explode with lightning and fire and was extremely effective against wood monsters.

Fatty naturally tried to get a bit more when he heard how amazing it was, but the Flame Ruler refused at all costs.

As Fatty chucked the bomb out, it flew in a beautiful arc and landed in front of the Horned Thundertiger.


The ground shook, the nearby players trembled. A heat wave shot out from a trap and spread through the surroundings. All the trees in a ten-odd meters radius cracked, then snapped.

A high-pitched wail sounded out from the trap, signaling that the Horned Thundertiger was terribly injured.

“Bro, what was that?” Qian Xiaoqian’s face was filled with shock when she finally stood up straight. The other people also had looks of disbelief on their faces. A small jewel actually killed a low ranked yao!?

The truth was that Fatty couldn’t believe it either. The Flame Ruler didn’t say that it was this powerful!

“Thunderfire Power Bomb. Hehe, they’re good stuff I got from the Flame Ruler,” Fatty had a smug on his face, then stuffed three into Qian Xiaoqian’s hands. “Keep it to protect yourself. Just chuck it at whoever you don’t like the looks of.”

“How could I…” Qian Xiaoqian tried to refuse frantically.

“I told you to keep it, so do it! No need to act courteously with your brother,” Fatty scolded.

“Ahh, that’s good stuff. It’s seriously good stuff,” HeadofGod walked over and glanced at the three fiery red Thunderfire Power Bombs in Qian Xiaoqian’s hands. He couldn’t help but ask. “Brother Grubber, do you have any more? Sell a few to your bro, aye?”

“Hehe, I’ve only got three more, so I can’t sell any to you,” Fatty smiled. “But… if you help me kill a monster, I don’t mind gifting them all to you.”

“Sure, what monster?” HeadofGod said excitedly. He cracked all the bones in his body as if he was going to lead God Familia to kill it immediately after Fatty named it.

“Camphor Tree Spirit, advanced boss, Greenery Mountains, Azure Dragon City,” Fatty spoke out the words one by one.

Advanced boss monster? HeadofGod’s expression stiffened.

“Say, Brother Grub, why are you always getting ideas about that thing? You holdin’ a grudge?” TheFugitive questioned.

“I got nothing against it, but it has something of mine there, so I have to get it back,” said Fatty. “Alright, let’s finish the Horned Thundertiger off.

The Thunderfire Power Bomb already left the monster on the brink of death. It’s glorious fur was completely burnt and its seemingly holy horn was cracked in half. The monster was struggling in the trap and was clearly about to die.

“Huh? The horn broke? But that’s my mission item,” Qian Xiaoqian called out.

“What should we do? Let’s go and kill another one?” Fatty asked.

“We can’t,” Qian Xiaoqian pouted. There aren’t any Horned Thundertigers there. I only got teleported over to where they are because of the mission. The Horned Thundertiger is merely a monster of the lowest level there, I spent so much effort to lure it out. We’ll just die if we go there now.”

“Don’t worry about it, try to turn in the horn. If it doesn’t work, then we try again. We’re able to kill a few of them since we have the THunderfire Power Bombs,” Fatty comforted her.

“Mm,” Qian Xiaoqian nodded, casted a few spells to kill the Horned Thundertiger, then picked up the horn and activated a special portal to try and turn in the mission.

Fatty wanted to follow, but when he noticed that only Qian Xiaoqian could teleport over, Fatty could only wait on the spot.

used Harvest a few times towards the corpse of the monster and got a few bones and a ruined pelt. In contrast, the drops were truly amazing.

The first was a purple staff with lightning coiled around it.

Thundershock Staff

Violet Item


Level Requirement: 50

Attack: 105 – 135

END: +10

INT: +15

Thunder Damage: +10%

The extra thunder damage was perfect for Qian Xiaoqian after she gets her class enhancement. However, the level was too high, so it might have to be put away in storage for quite a while.

Aside from the staff, there were also two very nice items.

Tiger Saber

Gold Item


Level Requirement: 50

Attack: 120 – 145

END: +15


Windshattering Spear

Gold Item


Level Requirement: 50

Attack: 115 – 140

END: +12

STR: +18

Aside from these, the rest were just some random drops.

“Not bad, there are three weapons!” TheFugitive picked the items up, then handed them to Fatty.

Fatty put the staff away, then passed the rest to HeadofGod.

“Fatty, what are you doing?” HeadofGod took a step back and refused it.

“Head, I’m not being courteous with you. I couldn’t have killed it without you guys. What’s more RightLeg also died for this. This is just compensation, so take it,” Fatty replied.

“No,” HeadofGod waved his hand. “We do actual business. You ended up wasting a Thunderfire Power Bomb to kill it. We didn’t actually do anything, so how can we accept it?”

With that, HeadofGod pushed Fatty’s hand back.

Fatty tried to convince him otherwise a few more times, but seeing that HeadofGod was not going to change his mind, Fatty could only put the items away and patted HeadofGod’s shoulders. “If there’s anything I can help with in the future, then make sure you tell me. I won’t hold back.”

“Hehe, Fatty, that’s good. That’s a much better deal than the two items,” HeadofGod laughed.

“Dude, hearing you call me Fatty sounds so much better than Brother Grubber or whatever else you call me,” Fatty also chuckled.

“Gentlemen, this lady is still here, don’t forget me,” RainbowWatcher giggled. “Fatty, can I call you that? About those two items…”

“Of course,” Fatty chuckled. “As for the two items, those are my spoils of the battle. If you want them, then pay for them.”

RainbowWatcher nearly choked. “But I don’t have any money.”

“Then don’t buy it,” Fatty was resolute.

RainbowWatcher rolled her eyes. I can’t let him continue speaking, he’s way too direct. Heh, it’s just two items, I’m going to ask our Vice Guild Master Pink Beauty.

At that moment, a portal appeared. Qian Xiaoqian returned as quickly as she appeared and with her arrival, everybody could notice the change in her.

Her fiery robe was now blue that seemed to sparkle with lightning. The staff in her hands also turned into one that seemed to sizzle with electricity, and the rings around it also sparkled with lightning.

“Bro, I managed to change class!” Qian Xiaoqian reported excitedly.

“Haha, very good. Come here and show me what skills you have,” Fatty was very happy to see the success.

“Thunder Arrow!” Qian Xiaoqian called out as she aimed towards a monster. An arrow formed from lightning shot out.

The monster immediately exploded, leaving nothing behind.

“Wow, what powerful damage! You managed to instakill a level twenty something monster!” A player on the side exclaimed.

Fatty was very calm in contrast. For him who has seen Purple Bell’s damage, he naturally felt like trulyl high damage was something else. Purple Bell even managed to one shot a Yin Yang Spelltwister, a monster equivalent to a boss monster!

“Bro how is it?” Qian Xiaoqian asked proudly.

“Mm, very good. You’ve got powerful attacks,” Fatty nodded and praised.

“Hehe, it was all thanks to you. Otherwise, I might not have been able to complete the mission and become a Thunder Magus,” Qian Xiaoqian giggled.

“That’s good,” Fatty rubbed his little sister’s head lovingly, then handed the Thundershock Staff to her, “This dropped from the Horned Thundertiger. Save it for the future.”

“Wow, it’s a violet item!” Qian Xiaoqian received it with a happy look on her face.

“Do you have any other missions? If not, then we’re going back to Black Tortoise City.”

“Huh? So quickly?” Qian Xiaoqian put the staff away. “You’re not going to stay for a while longer? I’ll take you around.”

“Yeah, Fatty, why go back so quickly? Farming in Vermillion Bird City is the same. What’s more, Little Sister Pink is here too, and we won’t get so tired with girls around,” TheFugitive spoke shamelessly once more.

This time, HeadofGod and the others yanked TheFugitive to the side and beat him up before Fatty could even move his feet.

“I’ve got a mission to do in Black Tortoise City, so I have to go back. Have fun here.”

“Mm, I’m doing great here. Big Sister RainbowWatcher is my senior sister. She’s very nice to me. What’s more, most of the players in our guild are students at my school. Since I’ve also got the hidden class of Thunder Magus now, nobody would bully me.”

“Good, that’s good,” Fatty turned to RainbowWatcher and chuckled the Tiger Saber and Windshattering Spear over. “Guild Master Rainbow, I’ll leave my little sister in your care.”

“No problem,” RainbowWatcher also revealed a flower-like smile after receiving the two gold items, even if they couldn’t be used immediately. “Don’t worry, nobody would be able to bully Little Sister Beauty.”

“That’s good. Alright then, bros, let’s go.”

With that, the thirteen rogues ripped apart a recall scroll each and teleported back to Black Tortoise City.

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