Chapter 90 Tag Team Battle

Chapter 90 – Tag Team Battle

ASliverofSmoke was angry and speechless at the same time. However, DreamButterfly and SnowPhoenix stepped forth.

“Money Grubber, you snatched our pet egg. Hurry up and hand it over, or do you want us to go and get it ourselves?” DreamButterfly yelled.

“Then come and get it,” Fatty said lazily.

“Money Grubber, it isn’t going to be easy to take our things,” SnowPhoenix looked towards Fatty. “How about we make a bet?”

“Bet on what?”

“We’ll fight. If I win, then return the pet egg to us,” said SnowPhoenix.

“And if you lose?” Fatty chuckled and checked SnowPhoenix out.

“I won’t,” SnowPhoenix was very confident. She caressed her ice blue staff as her hair fluttered in a wind with what seemed to be a hint of cold air.

“Perhaps you will,” Fatty stepped forward. “How about this. If I lose, then I return the egg to you. If you lose, then help me do something.”

“Fine,” SnowPhoenix replied dully, then turned silent once more. She merely waved her staff and formed an icicle that shot towards Fatty.

Fatty chuckled, sidestepped it, then disappeared in stealth.

“I have heard a lot about Family Head HeadofGod who is the third ranking expert on the assassin rankings. This little lady is merely fifth on the hunter rankings. I would like to see the might of the third, Big Brother HeadofGod, please show me,” DreamButterfly slowly stepped forth and challenged HeadofGod when she saw SnowPhoenix begin her fight with Fatty.

“Since the beautiful DreamButterfly said so, then this one will naturally not refuse,” HeadofGod smiled, took a few steps back, then vanished.

“Wow, this is way too embarrassing. He’s actually using stealth when fighting with a beauty!”

“Yeah, he’s causing all men to lose face!”

“What’s wrong with that? If an assassin doesn’t use stealth, then how is he even an assassin?”

“Have you seen any assassin who doesn’t use stealth?”

An argument spread through the crowd. Some looked down on the two assassins who chose to stealth, while others agreed with what they did.

However, Fatty and HeadofGod disregarded them all. They merely walked around and waited for the perfect moment to strike.

Since it was two against two, DreamButterfly and SnowPhoenix looked at each other, then stood together. One cast Icy Fortress around them, while the other gripped her golden bow tightly and prepared to shoot.

“F*ck, this is cheating! Not only are they fighting with two hidden classes, they are actually working together now. This is just bullying!”

“Yeah, they look good, but why are they so shameless!”

Similar to their foes, DreamButterfly and SnowPhoenix disregarded the crowd’s chatter and merely waited for Fatty and HeadofGod to attack.

Although it was the two assassin’s first time teaming up, they did seem to know what the other was thinking. They each took a side and moved towards the two female players like a pincer formation.

Icy Fortress was like an upside-down bowl which covered the two female players. The pale blue ice seemed to glitter and radiate cold air, even cause snow to appear in its surroundings.

It was a three hundred and sixty degrees defensive skill that was the bane of an assassin’s existence. No matter which direction an attacker attacked from, they would have to break through the Icy Fortress first, unless the two players within chooses to walk out instead.

“Guild Master Smoke, what do you think about the two beauties’ chances of victory?” XuanYuanSword began to chat with ASliverofSmoke.

ASliverofSmoke was still annoyed that XuanYuanSword didn’t give him face earlier. He snorted, “A hundred percent.”

“Oh? Guild Master Smoke has that much faith in the two beauties’ strength?” XuanYuanSword was rather surprised.

“Heh, let’s talk about the rankings. DreamButterfly is ranked fifth on the hunter rankings, that’s no worse than HeadofGod’s third on the assassin rankings. What’s more, SnowPhoenix is ranked fourteen on the magus rankings, but what about Money Grubber? Tch, he’s just a lucky guy,” ASliverofSmoke said coldly. “In terms of class, although both Money Grubber and HeadofGod are assassins, which should counter mages and hunters, they are against two hidden class experts with the Mirage Archer and Ice Magus class. That means the class counter is minimalized. What’s more, both beauties are very experienced in fighting players. Based on that, what do you think?”

“I agree with you that the two beauties will win, but it won’t be easy,” XuanYuanSword replied after a ponder.

“Is that so? Then why don’t we make a bet on it,” ASliverofSmoke revealed a sinister smile.

“Bet on what?”

“If the two beauties win easily, then your Myriad Swords will be incorporated into my Sword Manor.”

“What!?” XuanYuanSword’s expression drastically changed. Then, he quickly calmed down. “And if I win?”

“Just like SnowPhoenix’s bet with Money Grubber. I’ll do something for you if you win,” ASliverofSmoke responded.

“Sure, deal!”

“Oh? I guess you are very confident in those two?”

“Heh, you are very confident in the two women as well, aren’t you?” XuanYuanSword said coldly. “Shut up for now. Let us see the results.”

Half an hour slowly passed by. During the thirty minutes, SnowPhoenix recasted Icy Fortress thrice, while DreamButterfly maintained her grip on her golden bow. She tried shooting a few times, but didn’t manage to hit their opponents, so she finally gave up and merely waited. On the other hand, Fatty and HeadofGod were nowhere to be seen.

“What the f*ck, are they going to fight or not? This is a complete waste of time!”

“Could they have ran away in fear?”

“Tsk, third ranking expert on the assassin rankings? So he’s just a pussy. He ran away before even fighting the two girls.”

The crowd began to grumble once more and that was especially true for the players in guilds, who yammered exceptionally loudly under the orders of their guild masters in an attempt to force the two out.

“Big Sister Dream, I think we’ll have to go out,” the two in Icy Fortress did not feel anxious at all after half an hour. They merely chatted casually.

“Mhmm, don’t recast Icy Fortress after the duration ends. Otherwise, they really won’t dare to attack,” DreamButterfly scanned their surroundings. Although they were being protected by Icy Fortress, she did not let down her guard at all. “But prepare to cast it any time. After all, HeadofGod isn’t the third ranking assassin for nothing.”

“Hehe, Big Sister Dream only mentioned HeadofGod, but what about that Money Grubber?” A flower bloomed on SnowPhoenix’s icy face like a snow lotus on top of a mountain of ice, causing the surrounding players to get very worked up.

“Him? If it wasn’t because I am wary of HeadofGod, I would have killed him already. He dared to take our stuff with his shitty skills? He’s just a guy asking for it,” DreamButterfly said in disdain.

As time ticked away, the players from the enemy guilds shouted loudly, but TheFugitive and the rest of God Familia remained calm.

Since they chose the rogue class, they understood that the most important thing was not levels nor equipment. Rather, it was patience. Only those with patience would be able to wait until that key moment and slay their opponent in one hit.

When Icy Fortress’s duration finally ended, SnowPhoenix did not recast it. She merely stepped forward at a three meters distance beside DreamButterfly.

“Brother Grubber, I guess they can’t stand it anymore,” HeadofGod’s chuckle sounded out in the team chat.

“They want to lure us out? Then we’ll give it to them,” Fatty said calmly, then decided to act with HeadofGod.

“Be careful, they’re coming,” DreamButterfly was very experienced. Although the two assassins walked softly, she could still sense that they moved.

Fatty approached from the left side behind the two female players, while HeadofGod approached from the right.

“Explosive Shot!” DreamButterfly called out as she launched an arrow.

“Icy Blizzard!” SnowPhoenix immediately used her strongest attack.

The explosive arrow exploded, sending dirt flying into the air. HeadofGod appeared to be flustered, while Icy Blizzard surrounded him.

HeadofGod tried his best to break through as the blizzard howled. However, he was unable to get out of the skill, causing his health to continue to drop.

“Nice!” the players from all the major guilds cheered, while God Familia and co. appeared to be rather indifferent about it.

“Brother XuanYuan, you’re going to lose,” a hint of a smile surfaced on ASliverofSmoke’s dark face.

“Don’t be so happy yet. There’s still one more,” XuanYuanSword said coldly.

“One more? Heh, let’s kill this one first,” DreamButterfly laughed.

Just as she was about to attack again, Fatty appeared.


A huge silver python appeared out of nowhere and coiled around DreamButterfly. Not only did it interrupt her skill, it also limited her movements.

“What skill is this!?” A bit of franticness could be seen from DreamButterfly’s face when she suddenly got snared.

“Shield of Ice…” SnowPhoenix maintained her calm and prepared to cast the single-target defensive spell to help DreamButterfly defend against Fatty's attacks.

However, Wheat was quicker. It had grown to the size of a wolfhound and leaped out, pushing SnowPhoenix against the ground. Meanwhile, a fiery leopard also pounced over beside Wheat.

The rat and the leopard begun to tear at SnowPhoenix.

Rooster Squawk, Acceleration, Combo, Reckless Blow, Steal, Auto-attacks.

Fatty used all the skills and attacks he could instantly. DreamButterfly’s health dropped down rapidly and reached a critical level very soon.


My second time casting Steal actually succeeded again!

I stole the City Construction Token from Phantom Messenger the first time. I wonder what I stole this time. Fatty had no time to take a look. He stuffed it into his bag, then kicked DreamButterfly, while he took out the Azure Feather Crossbow and shot her.


DreamButterfly flew out. Yet, before she landed, a ray of cold light shot out and wiped away her remaining health bar.

At the same time, Wheat finally squeaked then left as it couldn’t stand SnowPhoenix’s ice spells anymore.

“Hah, it’s my turn!” HeadofGod freed himself from the Icy Blizzard, then dashed towards SnowPhoenix.

“I surrender!” SnowPhoenix yelled.

“Guild Master Smoke, I guess I win,” XuanYuanSword smiled.

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