Chapter 9 Cloud Dragon Gang

Chapter 9 – Cloud Dragon Gang

Although less than a hundred hares had returned with the original herd, Fatty still had to spend over two hours clearing everything due to all the refreshes. However, that did allow him to reach level 5, and only a bit more experience was needed for him to reach level 6.

Star Fantasia had said outright in the advertisements that levelling up would be very difficult in the game. After a day of playing, Fatty saw that it really wasn’t just difficult. I’ve killed so many monsters above my level, and yet I haven’t even reached level 6.

“Alright, it’s right here,” Fatty ran over to the hill. Just like he had expected, there was a bowl-sized hole on the ground right amongst the grass. If he didn’t come over to check it out, he definitely would have missed it.

I wonder how many rabbits there are in here.

Fatty thought to himself, then took out Blacksmith’s Tool and began to dig.

Ahh, a tool is truly nice. He was able to dig a two meter deep hole with a diameter of over a meter right in front of the entrance to the hares’ nest. Then, he stuck some sharpened branches into it, creating a makeshift trap. Due to that, his Trap ability’s mastery level also increased by 1.

All of the starting packs contained a flint that could only be used ten times, so that it was more convenient for the players to start a fire in the wild.

Fatty went around to gather some dried grass from the surroundings, then started a fire.

As the fire burned, he began to fan the flames, directing all of the smoke into the rabbit hole. Not long later, a rabbit hurried out frantically, only to fall into the trap and were pierced by the sharpened branches, giving several tens of experience to Fatty.

Fan, fan, fan! Fatty fanned the flames excitedly. As more and more smoke was sent into the rabbit hole, many rabbits begun to hop out, only to fall straight into the trap, and get turned into another piece of meat on the ‘skewers’, while providing a hefty amount of EXP for Fatty.

Half an hour later, even though the entire hole should be filled with smoke, Fatty still did not see the Rabbit King.

What’s going on? Fatty looked around, then saw a sliver of smoke rise from afar. He facepalmed. Dammit, I forgot a rabbit always digs many holes!

Fatty packed up quickly, then ran towards where the smoke was. However, when he arrived, he saw that some people were already there. It was the group who had tailed him earlier. There were eight of them in total, with someone called Cloud Dragon Sail in the lead, as they surrounded a golden rabbit the size of a German Shepherd.

“Cloud Dragon Gang clearly owns the place. All of you other people leave quickly. Otherwise, the consequences are dire!”

Someone immediately came to block Fatty off when he ran over. Fatty had already used Appraisal on every single one of them. All of them were merely level 3 or 4. Cloud Dragon Sail was also merely level 5, clearly showing just how hard levelling up in Eternal really was.


I see, some players are blocking the boss off in the front, while Cloud Dragon Sail is attacking behind them. No wonder he’s levelling up at essentially my speed, so he got most of the EXP from the monster kills. The system used the percentage of damage output against the monster to determine the EXP distribution. Since the other players merely blocked off the monsters and let Cloud Dragon Sail attack, he would naturally gain most of the EXP. This method also allowed him to take on higher level bosses. No wonder, he’s level 5 already.

“Just passing through, you guys keep doing what you’re doing,” Fatty waved, then returned to the hill where he had come from.

“Tch, pussy,” the warrior spat onto the floor when he saw Fatty returned without saying anything else, then went back to help his team kill the boss.

However, Fatty did not actually give up.

1, 2, 3… Fatty laid down on the slope and counted with his chubby fingers.

100. “Alright, let’s go,” Fatty jumped up when he had reached 100, then walked over to where the boss was leisurely.

“What did you come here again for?” This time, the Cloud Dragon Gang was clearly more nervous.

Fatty took a look at the situation and chuckled silently to himself. Only three people in the gang remained, but the rabbit boss was still in good shape.

“Block it off. Block it off!” Due to all the players not losing focus for just a split second, the rabbit king hopped in front of Cloud Dragon Sail and bit down, causing a huge red -186 to rise up into the air.

He immediately screamed and chugged down a potion.

Kill. Fatty couldn’t be bothered to bullshit with them. He merely dashed over, and activated Chicken King’s Madness’s active ability, Rooster Squawk.

Since he had added all of his stat points from leveling up onto Dexterity, and had his attack and dexterity increased by 30% from the active ability, his speed had reached the limit of the Beginner Village zone. Before the enemy rogue had noticed what was going on, Fatty already stabbed him thrice, reducing him to a ray of white light back to the village.

Ai, my name’s red now.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have created the skill “Combo Attack”. Reputation +50.

“Oh? I created a new skill?”

Fatty took a look at his skill column.

Combo Attack


Cost: 5 Mana

Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Attacks an enemy consecutively.

Novice: 3 attacks. Each attack is weaker than the last.

Intermediate: 3-4 attacks. Each attack is weaker than the last.

Advance: 3-5 attacks. Each attack is weaker than the last.

Master: 4-6 attacks. Each attack is weaker than the last.

Grandmaster: 4-7 attacks. Each attack is weaker than the last.

“Haha, good stuff, good stuff.” Fatty chuckled, then avoided the enemy’s attack.

“Kill the bastard!” Fatty’s enemies were shocked to instantly lose a teammate, but they were clearly very accomplished in doing similar things, so the remaining two immediately gave up on the boss, attacking Fatty from his flank.

“Ohoho, I’m terrified,” Fatty pretended like he was scared, and patted his chubby chest and laughed. He skated on the ground, then rolled along one of his enemies, arriving at his back. He raised the dagger in his hand and stabbed thrice once again, causing another ray of white light to shine.

Now only, Cloud Dragon Sail is left. Seeing that he was a bit nervous, Fatty chuckled, then looked at the boss with a ‘charming look’ in an attempt to make the boss succumb to his will.

“Money Grubber, what do you mean by this? Do you want to steal our boss!?” Cloud Dragon Sail clearly found out Fatty’s name from the other two as he shouted. At that moment, he merely held a normal spear, which he bought from the system’s shop, and was dressed in beginner’s clothing. It was very clear that he wasn’t exactly doing all too well in the game.

“Tsk, f*ck you. We all know who stole whose boss. Lord Fatty doesn’t want to waste his breath. Either you can leave by yourself, or let Lord Fatty send you back for free,” Fatty waved the simple dagger in his hand. He had no other choice but to use that dagger, because the drop rate in Eternal was way too low. Even though Fatty had killed so many monsters above his level, he only had the basic weapon dropped by the rooster. After all, he couldn’t equip the dagger had he stolen from the blacksmith’s since it required him to be level 8.

“F*ck, you aren’t accepting a favor when given one. I’ll kill you right here,” Cloud Dragon Sail lifted his spear, and thrust the tip towards Fatty.

Fatty chuckled, then dodged the attack as easily as water flowed. He then took a few steps forward, and got right in front of Cloud Dragon Sail, before slashing up towards Cloud Dragon Sail’s throat with his dagger.

- 181.


It was clear that Cloud Dragon Sail did not expect Fatty’s attack to be so high as to nearly one shot him when Fatty was merely a rogue. The only reason he even survived was because he was a warrior. If he were any other class, he would have just died.

Seeing his HP bar drop like a brick once again, Cloud Dragon Sail’s eyes flashed with what was clearly a nervous light. He immediately brought out another pot to chug down, while he swept forward with his spear.

Zing. Fatty stopped the spear with his dagger. Hmmph, it dealt less than 10 damage.


Fatty slid his dagger along the spear, and into Cloud Dragon Sail’s hand.

Cloud Dragon Sail could only let go of the spear, allowing Fatty to take the chance and punch him on the stomach. As Cloud Dragon Sail bent over from the pain, Fatty kneed him backwards, sending him spinning into the air. Then, when he finally reached the ground, he had already died.

Another ray of white light shone, signaling the return of another player to the respawn spot.

“Tsk,” Fatty gave a middle finger to where Cloud Dragon Sail died.

Whenever a player died in battle with another player, their level would drop by 1. That means that when a level 8 player with a 70% full EXP gauge died, he would respawn at level 7 with a 70% EXP gauge. Thus, Cloud Dragon Sail’s death would only cause him to have to farm a lot more once again.

“Hey, darling, I’ve returned,” Fatty cleaned up the surroundings, leaving him and the rabbit king. Speaking of which, the rabbit king was also kind enough to actually wait until Fatty finished.

He used Appraisal on the rabbit king.

Golden Rabbit King

Level: 8

Attack: 54 – 65

Defense: 42

HP: 500

Skill: Rabbit Kick

Hot damn, a Level 8 boss. This is good!

Fatty picked up his dagger once again and charged over.

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