Chapter 89 A Bunch of Red Names

Chapter 89 – A Bunch of Red Names

Fatty had a great conversation with Flame Ruler and from a bystander’s point of view, they were essentially at the final steps of becoming sworn brothers.

Both of them were rather reluctant to part. It was only because Flame Ruler couldn’t take it when Fatty asked for so many things from him that he sent he would send Fatty out.

“Give me a few more of those Fire Spirit Orbs. Those things are useless for you,” Fatty was still reluctant to part.

“No more, I’ve got nothing left,” Flame Ruler shook his hands and felt like just throwing Fatty out.

“What a shame,” Fatty glanced at the Icefire Lotus.

Flame Ruler immediately became very nervous, “That’s a necessity for me to adjust my constitution, so don’t even think about it.”

Fatty chuckled, “Big Bro, no need to be like that. Since that is so important for Big Bro, I will naturally not ask it of you. However, the skill book that lil’ bro mentioned…”

“Don’t worry, leave it to me,” Flame Ruler thumped his chest. “It’s just a Basic Elemental Walk, simple. You’ll see it when you finish my task.”

“Alright, then please wait for lil’ bro’s good news,” Fatty stopped after understanding that Flame Ruler really didn’t want to give anything away anymore. After all, everything he had would be gone if Flame Ruler got mad.

“Lil’ Bro, you aren’t comfortable here, right? I’ll send you out,” Flame Ruler said as he conjured up a Fire Cloud and brought them up into the air.

“Oh wow, Big Bro, what’s this? Give me one,” Fatty exclaimed when he ascended into the air and the valley became smaller in his eyes.

Flame Ruler twitched his eyebrows and said stiffly, “Big Bro only has one, so I can’t give it to you.”

“Ahh, what a shame,” Fatty looked around on the Fire Cloud in an attempt to find more things to ask for, then saw ASliverofSmoke and the rest of his pursuers still waiting outside the very depths of the valley.

“Wow, they really are relentless. They’re still waiting there.”

“Who are those? Your friends?” Flame Ruler also saw the players below.

“Hehe, yes they are,” Fatty nodded. “Big Bro, they must find it very difficult to run outside, how about sending back to town for free?”

“Hehe, understood,” Flame Ruler looked at Fatty meaningfully, then waved his hand. A huge ray of fire shot forth and towards Fatty’s pursuers.

Before ASliverofSmoke could realize what was going on, they were insta-killed and respawned back in Vermillion Bird City.

“Flame Ruler….” When ASliverofSmoke respawned back in town, he finally heard DreamButterfly’s cry…

Flame Ruler was actually completely indifferent after killing the players. Fatty couldn’t help but gasp. Thank god I got close with this guy, otherwise, I might even die to a sneeze.

Flame Ruler’s Fire Cloud was extremely quick and they very quickly brought Fatty to the edge of the Fire Valley.

“Lil’ Bro, Big Bro can’t leave this place, so I can only leave you here. Don’t forget about my needs after going out,” With that, Flame Ruler kicked Fatty off the cloud without hearing the response, then turned around and soared away.

“Flame Ruler, you little motherf*cking piece of shit…” If Fatty fall flat onto the ground from the twenty something meters height he was kicked off from, then he wouldn’t even have needed Flame Ruler to send him out of Fire Valley in the first place, he could have accomplished the same by jumping into the lava pool back in the depths of the valley.

Fortunately, although the exteriors are hot, there were some plantations there, even if the trees were much shorter. Fatty ended up landing on one of them, the crashed through its leaves and branches. When he finally reached the ground, he had less than 5% of his health remaining.

“Flame Ruler, f*ck you you son of a mother*cking bitch…” Fatty cursed loudly as he squatted on the ground and chugged down red potions, then finally stopped after fifteen minutes or so.

“Ahh, look at the fatty, he’s gone insane. What the heck is the use of cursing the Flame Ruler?”

“Mhmm, he definitely got stimulated by something.”

“He might have been trying to steal something in the valley, but then got raped in the ass by Flame Ruler.”

Fatty rolled his eyes and ignored them. Instead, he turned on his communicator and called TheFugitive.

“Dude, where did you go?” TheFugitive’s loud voice sounded out from the communicator. “We tried calling you, but the system notified us that you were in a special map, so a connection could not be made. What happened?”

“Ahh, let’s not talk about it for now. It was kind of a good thing,” Fatty took a look at his active mission board. “Where are you guys? I’ll go over.”

“What treasures did you get?” Fatty, TheFugitive, and all the God Familia members gathered together in a forest outside the west gate of Vermillion Bird City.

“Hehe, three violet items; eight gold items; fifteen silver items; two skill books, which are Meteor Shower and Flame Burst; as well as a bunch of other items,” HeadofGod couldn’t help but say proudly.

“F*ck, so much!?” Fatty was dumbstruck as well.

“Hey, how stingy could two Level 50 gold bosses be?” TheFugitive continued. “Out of them, one purple item, one gold item, four silver items and the Meteor Shower skill book was from the Fire Cloud King, the rest were from the Fire Demon.”

“I knew the best way the great rich was killing boss monsters!”

“It’s nothing to be envious about. We lost seven brothers to kill the Fire Demon. Losing a level each is pretty significant losses,” said HeadofGod.

“I’d rather use 10 levels to exchange for what the Fire Demon dropped,” Fatty immediately replied.

HeadofGod twitched his mouth. “What did you get in the valley?”

“Nothing much really, I did get a mission though,” Fatty opened his mission board and displayed his mission.

Flame Ruler West’s Dream I: Capture a level 60 fire monster and bring it to West the Flame Ruler to help it escape the Vermillion Bird’s seal and regain his freedom within 1 year. Failing to do so will cause you to be pursued by fire monsters under level 60 for 1 month.

“You’ll get chased around by all fire monsters under Level 60 for a month? That’s tough. Fatty, work hard,” TheFugitive and the God Familia members gasped.

“Now that your job is complete, where are you going?” asked Fatty.

“I want to go back to Black Tortoise City,” TheFugitive said in a troubled manner. “But my name is still red.”

“Ahh, which of us doesn’t have several hundred Sin Points?” LeftHandofGod twitched his mouth. “Let’s get rid of it together.”

The news of God Familia not only killing the Fire Demon, but also stole the drops of the Fire Cloud King, which was slain by Myriad Swords, in front of several guilds had already spread throughout Vermillion Bird City. Not only that, they also blamed Fatty for ASliverofSmoke and the others getting killed by Flame Ruler. Due to that, there was no way those guilds would accept this readily. They all sent out their guild members and claimed that they would kill all the culprits back to Level 0.

Since the major guilds were all working together, Fatty and co. would definitely be killed and end up dropping all their items if they were to just return to town like that.

However, there was a fiery red forest filled with low leveled monsters to the west of Vermillion Bird City, it was perfect for getting rid of their red name.

“Damn, red names!?” A group of players got rather excited when they saw the red names of the gang.

“Come ‘ere, c’mon, do it,” LeftHandofGod laughed.

“LeftHand, hide your name,” HeadofGod ordered.

“Why?” TheFugitive chuckled. “Didn’t those guilds say that they would kill us until we’re Level 0 again? We’ll wait here for them.”

“We came to get rich, not to fight. What’s more, those guilds may be our customers in the future. The customers are gods. How can we provoke our gods?” HeadofGod lectured.

“Brother Head is right,” Fatty had never even shown his name in the first place. He has always been such a person, never letting others know his name.

“What? They were so cocky? Are you sure that it was them?” ASliverofSmoke was outraged when he heard the news. So many guilds were searching for them, yet not only did they not hide, they were killing monsters in plain sight!

“Rally our people!” all of the guild masters were beyond furious. They’re too cocky! They’re literally slapping us in the face!

The various guilds rallied a total of over ten thousand players, who rushed out of Vermillion Bird City towards the west. This army made all the other players frantically move aside. Then, when those players saw just how much of a scene was being caused, they all followed the army, so when they reached the forest, there were actually over twenty thousand players!

“Oh look, they’re here. News sure travel fast,” Fatty looked at a distance and said plainly.

“Then what are we waiting for?” TheFugitive killed another normal monster.

“Ahh, they aren’t letting us live in peace, even though that’s what we desire…” HeadofGod shook his head, then went into stealth first.

The twelve other rogues waited for them to be out of combat, then all disappeared into stealth

“Stealth?” ASliverofSmoke laughed coldly. “Hunters, Scatter Shot!”

Only rogues possessed an ability to see through stealth, but the current player base was unable to learn that skill. Thus, the only way for them to break stealth was to attack.

Under the rain of arrows, the flustered forms of Fatty and the other rogues appeared.

“Wow, so many red names?” the crowd got a bit more excited. They couldn’t help but grip their weapons tightly. They really both loved and hated the red names.

“Money Grubber. Heh, run, why don’t you keep running?” ASliverofSmoke laughed coldly.

“Guild Master Smoke, what is this for? We didn’t take anything from you and you suffered no losses, why do you have to force us into a corner?” said HeadofGod.

“HeadofGod, this is between Money Grubber and I. F*ck off,” ASliveroSmoke shouted.

“ASliverofSmoke, don’t think that we’ll be afraid just because you have more people,” LeftHandofGod cursed. “Worst come to worst, we’ll just die once today. Then, we’ll just follow you around. Let’s see if the ninth on the hero rankings can escape our assassination.”

“Brother XuanYuan. God Familia stole your stuff, why aren’t you saying something?” Due to God Familia being the number one assassin familia, ASliverofSmoke naturally felt wary. Thus, he turned to XuanYuanSword, who was watching the scene unfold on the side, and tried to drag XuanYuanSword into it.

“Nothing there belongs to us even if they didn’t take anything, so why should I say anything?” XuanYuanSword said slowly. He was just there to watch the show, he didn’t even bring a singly Myriad Swords member with him.

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

Fatty: Bro, so that's why...

Flame Ruler: I see. Alright, you can have this it should be able to help you a lot.


Fatty: Bro... Your little brother is in poverty, can you...

Flame Ruler: I see. Even if you are someone who can enter the Black Tortoise City's City Lord Manor freely, you are still rather weak. Hmm... Then take this... And this.

Fatty: Bro, you're amazing!


Fatty: Bro... Look, my items are rather terrible, can you...?

Flame Ruler: Haha, of course. Take these. But... you'll have to level up a bit first.

Fatty: That's no problem. I'll work hard!


Fatty: Bro...

Flame Ruler: Little brother, I have nothing else to give you!

Fatty: But...

Flame Ruler: Don't you even dare think about the lotus. I need it!


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