Chapter 88 I’m a Monster with a Dream!

Chapter 88 – I’m a Monster with a Dream!

The lava pool bubbled with heat, while the lava swirled around. If anyone fell in, then they would die without a trace.

Fatty thought about it for a long time as he looked at the strange lotus leaves and flower in the pool, then finally decided to risk it.

He tossed a boulder the size of a table into the pool. Soon after, it sank.

Then, Fatty tossed another boulder in, but it also sank.

Due to the lack of heat damage, Fatty wasn’t worried at all and slowly tossed boulders at the same spot over and over again. Then finally, after thirty something boulders, the boulder no longer sank and remained above the lava.

“Got ‘em!” Fatty snapped his fingers, found more boulders, then begun tossing at a further distance.

“Why is he still not coming out?” DreamButterfly asked in confusion outside.

“He must have died,” Merry Men’s guild master said casually.

“Should we go in and take a look?” SnowPhoenix suggested.

“Let’s wait a bit. Flame Ruler is too powerful of a monster, we’ll definitely die if we bump into it,” replied ASliverofSmoke.

After Fatty threw all the rocks and boulders he could pick up into the lava pool, it finally managed to create several footholds. He really was lucky that the lava pool wasn’t very deep even though it was very large.

The closest place on the shore near the fiery lotus was just slightly more than ten meters. Fatty was able to create six footholds in this area with a bit more than one meter in between each one on average. It was definitely enough for him to reach the lotus.

Fatty carefully put his foot on the first foothold and tapped it. Although it was a bit wobbly, Fatty was able to keep it stable. Then, he put his other foot on it as well. When he saw that the boulder didn’t slide into the lava, he let out a sigh of relief.

He raised his foot once again, then placed it on the second foothold. Like the previous one, although it was a bit wobbly, he was able to maintain his balance, so he put his second foot on there as well, then begun to make his way towards the third foothold.

“Haha, haha!” When Fatty reached the third foothold, a series of laughter sounded out in the air.

Crap, there’s no doubt. That voice is the Flame Ruler!

Even though he was in near the strange lotus, Fatty still felt a wave of heat surge forth, which caused him to nearly lose his balance and fall into the pool of lava.

“Hehe, little fatty, you better stand still, otherwise, I’ll be in for some roast pork,” a figure over two meters shouted loudly in front of Fatty. The figure was donned in a red armor, and had long red hair and an unclear expression.

Fatty tried his hardest to maintain his balance, then asked the figure calmly, “Flame Ruler?”

“Bingo, that’s right!” Flame Ruler snapped his fingers, causing a ball of fire to explode.

Fatty smiled wryly. I didn’t see any monsters here, so I didn’t expect the Flame Ruler to come out now. If he came out only slightly later, then I would have gotten it!

“Little fatty, so you like my treasure a lot,” said Flame Ruler.

“Very much,” Fatty nodded honestly. Since I’m going to die anyways, maybe I should see if I can get anything good before I die.

“Hehe, I won’t give it to you even though you like it,” Flame Ruler said.

Fatty wanted to kick Flame Ruler in the face. No? Then why the heck are you wasting your breath for?

“Little Fatty, you’re really daring, you actually dare to come here and steal from me even though you’re so low level. But you are also very lucky, I’ve seen quite a few people like you cause trouble in my turf these few days, but they were all killed by my subordinates before they got here,” Flame Ruler continued.

“Hehe, your subordinates are truly amazing,” Fatty flattered the monster.

“Of course, they are my subordinates. The subordinates of Flame Ruler are experts amongst experts, the greatest among the greatest, and tough guys that do it ten times per day!” Flame Ruler said proudly.

“Ahem,” Fatty nearly choked on his saliva. Seriously, this Flame Ruler’s AI is damn advanced! But why are the stuff it’s saying so… strange.

“Ahh, what a pitiful fatty. You actually got phthisis[1] at such a young age. I feel so bad for you,” Flame Ruler sighed.

F*ck this. Fatty cursed. He understood, the Flame Ruler was just messing with him.

“O great Flame Ruler, why are these lotus leaves and the lotus flower so strange? They are of completely opposite attributes, but why can they grow on a single plant?” Fatty changed the topic.

“Hehe, you’ve never seen something like this, right? This was something I crossbred after a hundred years of trial using Sunremanent Lotus and Profound Ice Lotus. It is an Icefire Lotus that holds both the attribute of ice and fire. How’s that, it’s a great name, right?” Flame Ruler said proudly.

Great name my ass. Fatty thought to himself, but didn’t dare to say it out loud.

“Alright now. Little fatty, I’m in a good mood today, so I talked a bit more with you. You can die now,” Just as Fatty was pondering how to get some benefits, Flame Ruler immediately changed his tone and was going to kill him.

“Wait, I’ve got a question,” Fatty yammered.

“What is it? Hurry up,” Flame Ruler replied impatiently.

“What effects does this Icefire Lotus have?”

“What effects? It has great effects!” A look of pride filled Flame Ruler’s face. “Did you know? I have a dream.”

“Dream? What dream?” Fatty asked.

“My dream is to leave this shitty place, then...” Flame Ruler clasped his hands in front of his chest with a dreamy look. “Then take a cold bath at the bottom of the East Ocean. Ahahaha. Little fatty, do you think that my dream is grand?”

Fatty nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood, while wobbling. You’re a fire monster, why the heck are you thinking about taking a bath in the East Ocean…

“Huh? What happened? Did you get shocked by my grand dream? Flame Ruler asked in confusion.

“Bro. Seriously, bro, your dream is way too grand,” Fatty gave the monster a thumbs-up.

“Of course. No matter what, I’m a monster with a dream!” Flame Emperor puffed up his chest. “if it wasn’t for Lord Vermillion Bird sealing me here, then I would already be traveling the world! Who would even want to stay in this shitty place for several hundred years?”

“What? You were sealed here by Lord Vermillion Bird?” Fatty exclaimed. Vermillion Bird? That’s one of the four guardian beats of the Chinese region! It is a super existence that is just below a super divine beast!

“I wasn’t really sealed,” Flame Ruler straightened his face. “Little fatty, you know too much, hurry up and die!”

“Bro, no. I’ve still got more questions!” Fatty waved his hand.

“Why the heck do you have so many questions?” Flame Ruler said impatiently. “Just go and die. Don’t make me do it myself.”

“Don’t! Big bro, we’ve still got a lot more things to talk about,” Fatty shouted.

“Hurry up. Since you called me big bro so earnestly, then I shall give you another chance,” Flame Ruler said proudly.

“Then, can you tell me if you have the skill book of the Basic Elemental Walk = Firewalk?” Fatty asked.

“What’s that? Basic Elemental Walk = Firewalk? I’ve never heard of it,” Flame Ruler replied. “My Firewalk is the greatest Elemental Walk in the world. Mm, of course, Lord Vermillion Bird’s doesn’t count. We can’t beat her, but Basic Elemental Walk? I’ve never been interested in something like that.”

Fatty felt rather conflicted when he heard that. He was happy because he no longer needed to try and kill this monster, but he was sad because he wasn’t sure where he was going to go and find the skill book.

“Big Bro, then when are you going to take a bath in the East Ocean? Take me too. Let me watch Big Bro’s unparalleled greatness,” Fatty tried to buy more time as he thought about how to escape.

“U-Uhm,” Flame Ruler suddenly felt a bit awkward as he whispered. “I can’t leave this place right now.”

Got it! Fatty’s eyes lit up. Could I actually get a mission here?”

“Big Bro, do you have some troubles? Don’t worry, tell little bro about it. Little bro will take care of it for you,” Fatty patted his chest, but nearly fell down due to the exaggerated movement.

“You?” Flame Ruler puffed out a spark from his nostril. “Stop kidding me, what can you do when I can’t do it?”

“Hey, don’t look down on me. I can enter the Black Tortoise City's City Lord Manor at will,” Fatty shamelessly turned entering twice into entering at will.

“Really?” Flame Ruler exclaimed. That Black Tortoise is on the same level as the Vermillion Bird. The city lord of Black Tortoise City has an almost unmatched power, he can disregard even some of the officials in the royal palace. If I can get acquainted with him, then…

“If you don’t believe me, then look, this is the mission his lordship issued me in person,” Fatty revealed the mission City Lord Lin Xi issued him, which turned him into a laborer.

“Haha, little bro, big bro really does have something that I would like to trouble you with.” Damn, monsters with higher intelligence aren’t a good thing, he is even more of a sleaze than me!

“Tell little bro anything you want. I will definitely solve it for you,” Fatty his chest. This time, he didn’t dare to move too much for fear of falling into the lava.

“Hehe, Little Bro, you know that Lord Vermillion Bird sealed me here so that I can rule over the fire monsters here. I’ve been working hard here for several hundred years, so my efforts are worth something, right? And even if they aren’t, I am like uhm… worn out, right? Or at least injured, right? Look, can you help Big Bro a bit and get me out of here? The Fire Valley is tiny, Big Bro’s already sick of his place, I’ve not interested in anything here anymore. So, how about helping Big Bro?” Flame Ruler smiled coyly.

“But… I’m not familiar with Lord Vermillion Bird,” Fatty frowned and frowned it like he was familiar with another guardian beast.

“No need to trouble her,” Flame Ruler shook his head. “Lord Vermillion Bird has many things to do, we should not trouble her. All you have to do is help me capture a fire monster at Level 60 or above. I can transfer the seal over to it, then leave this place. How about that? It’s not too hard, right?”

“It’s just a small thing,” Fatty shook his hand, then thought about the Fire Cloud King pet he has in his inventory. Even if I can’t capture anything, I can raise one!

“Yay, then let Big Bro thank you first,” Flame Ruler was overjoyed. “Ahh, my dream can finally come true. East Ocean, wait for me!”

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  1. Phthisis is another word for pulmonary tuberculosis.

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