Chapter 87 Depths of the Fire Valley

Chapter 87 – Depths of the Fire Valley

Fatty calmed down quite a bit after entering the depths of the valley. At least I don’t have to be stared at the whole time.

As Fatty carefully hid behind a boulder, he took out the map he bought from Bai Xiaosheng093. The map had Vermillion Bird City at the center and marked the areas of monsters in a several thousand meters radius around where the powerful bosses were. Fire Valley was one of those locations.

The portion of the map covering Fire Valley indicated all the monsters that appeared. The level 25 Fire Golems, the level 28 Flame Pixies, the level 30 Flame Giants alongside the Fire Crows, Fire Clouds, Fire Snakes, Fire Leopards and the Fire Spirit levitating in the air that the All-Knowing Sect didn’t know the level of. There were many types of monsters and they were numerous as well. Fatty was currently on the outskirts of the deepest parts of the Fire Valley.

There was a blank section marked out in the deepest part of the Fire Valley on the map with the words “Flame Ruler; advanced boss. Could not approach. Stats and skills unknown,” written on it.

Fatty smacked his lips with a smile. Since I’m so close to there already, then no matter what, I go in and set taking a look at the Flame Ruler as my first priority.

Fatty slowly walked into the depths of the valley. Although the monsters were very high level, because not every one of them could see through stealth, Fatty was able to walk rather far in.

Meanwhile, the Merry Men and Red Flowers remained in the clearing. Both guild masters were outraged. They were in a very awkward position of having all their options be horrible ones.

Soon, ASliverofSmoke, DreamButterfly and SnowPhoenix finally arrived at the clearing along with over a hundred Sword Manor players. When they heard what was going on, they had no idea what to do either.

“What’s he called?” ASliverofSmoke asked sullenly. Everybody shook their heads. Since Fatty never attacked anyone, they didn’t even know what his actual ID was.

“Find it,” ASliverofSmoke said, then turned on his communicator and gave the same orders to his subordinates.

The other two guild masters also did the same.

Not long later, news finally came through, and this time, they actually had a lot of details on Fatty.

“Money Grubber, a player from Black Tortoise City. He’s a Level 26 Assassin and is on good terms with many guilds in his city. What’s more, he also has a good relationship with Fierce Dragon TheTalent, the guild master of Fierce Dragon Gang, the number one guild of Azure Dragon City. He once used Steal on the advanced boss Phantom Messenger, which resides in the fifth floor of Mass Graves, and took a City Construction Token, which was then sold for a hundred and one million RMB to Ice Rose Alliance.”

The expressions of all of them changed. While they were still fighting for a Guild Establishment Token, someone had actually found City Construction Token!

“What a shame that we didn’t know about that. Otherwise, I should have bought it no matter how much it cost,” ASliverofSmoke said regretfully.

ASliverofSmoke thought about it for a moment, then tapped his fingers and sent Fatty a mail.

Huh? ASliverofSmoke? Fatty thought about it for a while when he saw who the mail is from. How does ASliverofSmoke know my name? Could it be…? Fatty thought about the All-Knowing Sect.

He opened the message. It wasn’t a very special message, all it did was just stuff like how ASliverofSmoke has heard a lot about Brother Grubber and wanted to be friends. If Brother Grubber was willing to come out, then ASliverofHope will just put everything aside and treat Brother to a feast.

Tsk. Fatty immediately deleted it. He was just chasing after my ass and now he’s pretending that we’re bros? Those who are unaccountably solicitous are hiding evil intentions.

As Fatty got closer and closer to the very depths of the valley, his surroundings became even hotter, while his health had also begun to drop at a rate of a dozen HP per second. Due to the heat damage, Fatty could no longer remain in stealth, he could only chug down red potions as he quickly ran further.

When ASliverofSmoke saw Fatty appear several meters in front of him, a cold light flashed across his eyes. Since he didn’t reply, then we won’t ever be friends. Then there’s only one option left. Kill!

“Beauties, you going in?” ASliverofSmoke turned to DreamButterfly and SnowPhoenix.

“Haha, of course. Nobody takes my things and gets away with it,” DreamButterfly laughed coldly, then charged in.

SnowPhoenix didn’t reply and merely followed closely behind DreamButterfly. ASliverofSmoke nodded to his subordinates and signaled them to stand guard there before sprinting behind the two females.

“We’re going in too,” Merry Men’s guild master ordered, then ran into the depths of the valley.

Red Flowers’s guild master merely chuckled coldly. The depths of the valley was not a pleasant place, not only was it filled with high level monsters, there was also an advance boss inside. It was not something the current player base could handle. Since you guys are willing to seek death within, then I’ll wait outside and help you collect your corpses.

Fatty looked around. When he saw four people following him, he revealed a mocking smile. So relentless. Then mouthed a few words before turning back around and continued to journey forth.

“Come on in if you can.”

ASliverofSmoke, Merry Men’s guild master and the two female players were outraged when they interpreted what Fatty mouthed, causing them to chase after him with the quickest speed possible.

Once Fatty reached the very depths of Fire Valley, a heat wave surged forth, while the rate of health lost increased to forty something per second. Fatty chugged down even more potions, then finally saw his health bar slowly stabilize. However, he would end up dying within a few minutes when his red potions ran out…

When Fatty scrambled out of the very depths, his health lost slowed down. Fatty turned around and saw his pursuers were already less than a hundred meters away. SnowPhoenix casted Icy Fortress when she felt the danger from the heat, covering her and DreamButterfly. Meanwhile, both ASliverofSmoke and the Merry Men’s guild master were both warriors, they had high health, so they did not mind the health loss at all.

“Money Grubber, let’s see where you’re going to run now,” ASliverofSmoke called out.

Although Fatty didn’t health so the heat damage threatened him the most, it was not a critical threat. As long as he had enough red potions, he was still able to stay in there for a while. When he noticed the relentless ‘hunters’, he gave in and dove back into the depths of the valley.

The deeper he ventured in, the worse the heat damage was, in fact, it had increased to around sixty something health per second. Fatty only had around three hundred health. If this continues, I’ll die before those people do anything.

Fatty sprinted even deeper into the valley like a fugitive on the run. After seeing how strong Purple Bell’s, DreamButterfly’s and SnowPhoenix’s hidden classes were, he made up his mind. Even if it would cost him a level he would take a look at the area first and understand more about the Flame Ruler. That was a monster that was most likely to draw the Firewalk skill book. Thus, Fatty had to take a look at it no matter what.

ASliverofSmoke and the others hesitated for a moment, then slowed down when they saw Fatty start sprinting forward as if there was something important ahead.

“A bit more in would be the territory of the advanced boss monster Flame Ruler. We shouldn’t go in,” said ASliverofSmoke.

Flame Ruler was a household name for every single player in Vermillion Bird City. It was an advanced boss monster that surpassed normal monsters. The current player base stood no chance against it at all.

“Then we’ll wait here,” SnowPhoenix expanded Icy Fortress to cover the other two players as well, then waited at a place without many monsters.

The large red potions Fatty was using only restored 100 HP each, and now that he was losing nearly the same amount, Fatty only had a few seconds of time until he died from the heat.

The very depths of Fire Valley was rather large. It covered over an area of several hundred square meters, making it the size of a few soccer pitches. Fatty activated all movement speed enhancing skills he had, then saw a small pool in front of him. Lava seemed to boil inside the pool, while intense heat rose up from it. There was a fiery red lotus at the utmost center of the pool.

This is…?

When Fatty walked closer, he felt a coolness on his body. The damage per second dealt to him by the surroundings slowed down, then disappeared.

Fatty’s legs gave away as he collapsed onto the ground. After the sprint, not only did it cost him a lot of Vigor, his Hunger level was already at a critical level. If he doesn’t eat and rest, then he really would die of starvation.

Fatty made something easy to eat and replenished his vigor a bit before checking out his surroundings. The lava pool was rectangular in shape, around a hundred meters long and twenty to thirty meters wide. It seemed so hot that Fatty felt like he would turn into nothing but bones the moment he falls in.

Two green lotus leaves shimmering with a green light floated at the center of the pool. The light seemed to be the source of the coolness that Fatty felt. Meanwhile, a bowl-sized fiery red lotus bud sat on top of the leaves, waiting to bloom as it absorbed the hot air around it.

Man, there are truly all sorts of stuff in this world. The lotus is absorbing heat to grow, while the leaves is letting out a cool aura. Wow, this contradicting thing is truly amazing.

It definitely is valuable. Fatty immediately started to have ideas when he looked at the lotus. Since I’m here, I should not go back empty-handed. I really am going against everything I stand for if I don’t grab something here.

Fatty estimated the distance for a bit, then felt it was a bit troubling. The lotus was at the center of the pool, making it at quite a distance from the shore. If he wanted to actually pick the lotus up, then he would have to enter the lava pool.

Fatty took out a piece of meat and tossed it into the pool. The meat seemed to boil a bit, then sank. When it surfaced again, all that was left was the bones, which disappeared very quickly.

Wow. Fatty was surprised. But then again, this makes sense. It’s so hot outside already, so the pool should only be even hotter. Without those two strange leaves, then I would be dead already.

But I can’t go back empty handed when I am in such a mountain of treasure! Fatty walked around the pool for a while, then finally came up with an idea.

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Fatty: Deep breath Fatty, deep breath. You can do this...

Fatty: Oh my f*cking god, they are so damn relentless! Seriously, it shouldn't be such a big deal!

Fatty: Honestly, what the f*ck is wrong with them?

Fatty: ASliverofSmoke... Fine, that's it, he's f*cked, there's no way I'm letting him anywhere near Lil' Qian! That filthy relentless bastard!

Fatty: What the heck are those two guilds following me for as well? I didn't do anything!

Fatty: Well I'll be damned. I didn't see the Flame Ruler, but this really might just be worth it...


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